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One-Hurricane volume 6 [English], + a repack of the volumes 1-2-3-4-5-6, a Onepunch-Man hentai doujinshi series, by Kiyosumi Hurricane

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

Oh, Fubuki, you are an adorable little schemer

We meet Fubuki at various moments in the Onepunch-man manga. For instance, here, there. Her elder sister, Tatsumaki, as for her, shines pretty nicely whenever she appears, the petite catastrophe with an ego the size of a skyscraper, huhu.

And now, let’s make it hentai :D
The One-Hurricane series in on a quality rollercoaster. The volume 1 displayed lightly comedic happy sex between Saitama (did I mention? The male hero, if you don’t know the series) and Tsubuki. Next, bam in our faces, follow two volumes of rape and mindbreak attempts, with a female villain hypnotizing Fubuki’s henchmen to break her. Next, great relief time, an hilarious comedy-driven volume 4 (respecting the humour style of the original series!!), with quality threesome sex and nice enough drawings. (We’re also proven comedy and hentai can take place simultaneously. Imagine Fukuki’s great breasts providing a paizuri, with her older sister using her telekinetic super ability to improve the operation… :3 )  The volume 5 is a mixed bag of sorts: Fubuki asks the genius teenager Emperor Child to brew her a love potion, he cooks an aphrodisiac (close enough, right?). Because hentai, they take their turns inhaling it by accident. First Fubuki forces him to do her ass, second he tentacle rapes her. Oooookay O_o…

And finally, today, here’s the freshly released volume 6, with the closer we got to vanilla, between Fubuki and Saitama. Enjoy! ^_^

Thanks a LOT to MintVoid for the chapters 1-4, Striborg and Nefarious from H-Konbini for the chapter 5, and Xxxddd for the volume 6 :)

By the same artist, I also share Gekihari Yon 4 and a pack of 2 works (made of Gekishin 3, a Shingeki No Kyojin hentai doujinshi, and the now obsolete single share of One-Hurricane volume 1.)

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Pack of 4 full-colour Color works [English], by Saiga Dou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

If that app existed, the world would fall into chaos :D

I gathered here four works by the eromangaka Saiga Dou. Namely:
Kareshi Mochi Gal O Netotte Haramase
Otto Ni Naisho De Kozukuri Takuhai Service Oshiharai Wa Teisou Hikikae
Saimin Appli De Sennou Hamedori
Zubunure Seifuku Musume Ni Biyaku O Nomasete Renzoku Nakadashi

Two times, they’re about girls with no self-preservation instinct falling to cellphone-induced hypnosis, once, about a girl enjoying adulterous sex with the delivery man, and, finally, about a girl given magically efficient aphrodisiacs.
But basically, in all cases, there’s this “easy domination” fetish, strongly tainted with impregnation fetish too.

As for the art, sure, there are ugly mosaics censorship, but even then, the drawings are very sweet on the eye. Not only are the girls great looking, there’s visible talent, in lots of little details, and in the colorization method too for the last two, Saimin Appli and Zubunure…. I made this pack with great confidence you will enjoy reading those scanlations :)
Doujin-Moe, Anonymous and Fated Circle are behind those releases, thank you! :jap:

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