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Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan [English, 502 pictures], by Kojima Miu

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Hard not to love MILFs :3

Five. Hundred. And. Two. Pages.
Packed full of MILF sex, plus a bit of young adult and a tiny bit of teen.
With a complex, rich, interesting scenario.
In which the sex is intense, drawn crudely with only very faint censorship.
… Nice :twisted:

The scenario? A male highschooler’s incestuous life with his sexy MILF of a mother thanks to nymphomycin, a drug that places its user in an hypnotically induced submission state… Well, that’s how it starts, anyway, it certainly doesn’t end there…
You know me, I’d love to write an entire novel and waste your time, but I feel my hands are tied, I must STFU because the scenario is long, evolves, multiple protagonists interact, and don’t even think it is linear as you’re in for a few surprises and changes of perspective ;)
I’ll just say, I’m glad I read Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan, for BOTH the art and the story :)

Just in case: it’s almost entirely happy sex, with rare bits of forced sex, strong domination, and occasional netorare vibes during hallucinations.

This long and interesting manga has been released by Fated Circle, thanks a lot!! :jap:

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Saimin Nouryoku De Midara Na Pakohame Seikatsu (“Obscene Hypnosis Ability ~ Fucking The Female Bully Begging For Sex”) [English, Full colour], by Sawayaka Samehada

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That looks like a nice fantasy to nurture, if a person of the opposite sex takes pleasure turning your life into shit, brainwashing her into desperately begging for your dick.
Here, in this share, apparently it’s a gift from God, so if the Powers above give their greenlight, it’s allright, yes? ^^

I’ll let you see for yourselves. Thanks to Dfomaster! :jap:

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Henshin Sange [English], by Otoo

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At least her eyebrows gave her a funny face. A bit of relief in a pond of meh.

Here’s another instance of your typical stereotypical “smartphone hypnotism” story, a girl doesn’t realize she’s under control except when in the presence of her “master” and then the implanted slutty side of her is allowed to resurface, etcetera.

You’ll get crazy blowjob faces and strong ahegaos, with suggestions of mindbreak in the end (the girl accepting her face, blah blah blah.)
I can’t say I’m a fan, but I reckon the drawing style ought to please a number of you guys, it’s very graphic, with only faint censorship. It’s your call, as always :)

Release credits are for Selloutbro, Snail and the commissioner Manga, thank you! :jap:

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Zecchou Yokkyuu [English, 207 pictures], by Mikami Cannon

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Glorious. Literature and sex, reunited.

A. We. Some.
Here is the freshly released complete Zecchou Yokkyuu tankoubon, full of interesting stories and characters, and drawn with great skill.

The manga is made of single unrelated chapters, with varying tones, I can’t say it’s purely this or that.
Most of it is fully consensual happy sex, a bit of it toys with the borders of cheating (with the official partner’s approval as he or she is watching and discovering a new kink, newborn jealousy fueling the flames of sex), there’s also a bit of “consented, but particular conditions apply” situations (leading to the only occurence of sad sex, an idol climbing the stairs to success).
And then there’s the exception, the single bad chapter, in which a scumbag male MC is full of shit and, oh the IMMENSE satisfaction, gets a cumslap he fully deserved (you’ll understand when you reach that point :twisted: )

Most of the characters, both boys and girls, are funny oddballs, none of them are perfect (oh, far from it) but they have their own qualities and (usually) face their flaws with courage (I don’t want to be too specific, but ultra hats off for the end of the last chapter :lol: ). I’ll add the drawings are very, very good, and the censorship stays to a strict minimum, rare thin bars, I can deal with it ^_^

I hope the tank will be to your taste, my dear pervs, enjoy! :)
And thanks a whole lot to Tigoris, Tanz, JBK and Noraneko, may a hole open under their feet and transport them into the hentai universe, they’ll have deserved it ^^

By the same artist, I also share the AMAZING Orgasmic Body (192 pictures), Zecchou Yokkyuu (207 pictures), Otona No Jikan, I Love You, and A pack of 5 works (Aroma Blend + Cherry Blossoms & Sake & Love + Reminiscence + Room 203’s Love Story + Tama From Third Street.)

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PTD-Ero2 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Charlotte series, by Tatsuhiko

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Keeping the panties on all along. That mangaka deserves a hug.

I really should have created a “fugly male” tag for my posts, I realize, far too late, that this is an actual genre in hentai, hot girls with super ugly males (I don’t have the courage to go back to 2013, when I started adding tags to posts myself, and re-check every post to make them right).

In this share, a fugly sweaty fat man has a useful power, hypnosis, but it’s too limited to allow him to have sex with girls, he can only hypnotize them for a few seconds.
Here comes the female MC: highschool body and looks, cute, long twintails, and for some reason she’s determined to make him a better person, even if it means (not even a spoiler: she wouldn’t hate it TBH, etc) she’ll allow him to do lewd things to her body ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Well, there you are. A super cute girl (man, highschool uniform all the way! Even keeping her panties on, just pushing them away, yay!!), a disgusting male, pretty great sex over a good number of pages (59 pages, it leaves room for plenty of sexxing), with bearable censorship once the action began, it’s quite allright =)

It’s been released by CrowKarasu, many thanks! :jap:

By the same artist, known as PTD and Tatsuhiko, I also share PTD-ERO1 and KTOK 4.

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Saimin Shinsatsu (“Hypnotic Treatment”) [English, 179 pictures], by Kinntarou

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Shitty men, high quality women. Pity, but still hot ^^

Here is a complete hentai tankoubon, full with hardcore sex, and with only very moderate amounts of censorship on the images, one or two translucid bars at a time, it’s not much at all :)

… And with that, I’ve depleted every compliment I could give, the rest would be bitching and whining because the manga doesn’t suit my tastes ^^;;
So, yeah, save the last almost vanilla chapter, the rest is entirely about men with sadistic tendencies successfully humiliating, dominating, blackmailing, forcing women to submit, until they’re happy to be fuckholes. The first third of the volume is about a doctor with a gift for hypnotism, and the rest is made of single chapters not varying much though, ending kinda the same :roll:
If you’re into that niche, this is quality material, in my opinion.

Thanks to Desudesu and whoever commissioned him for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, Kinntarou, circle Nanakorobi Yaoki, I also share Musashi-Ryu Seikyouiku, Female Fighter Gangbang Round, Nikuyoku Chikan Sharyou, I Want Yukarin To Devour Me, Delicious Head Maid and Tobikkiri No Senkan VS Senkan.

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Bimajo No Sennou Settai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Momofuki Rio

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I suddenly wonder, is it good, or bad, for the skin?

What the fuck? This is supposed to be a doujinshi parodying Girls Und Panzer, featuring Shimada Shiyo and Shiho Nishizumi, but the hentai version is NOTHING alike the hentai share, at this point, why even call it a doujinshi, it’d better be an original work :shock:
Ah well, sorry I disgress. So, those two yound ladies have to sexually relieve important sponsors, and oink! they’re hypnotized to be private sluts, meat holes, call it however you like :facepalm:

The drawings are crude, excessive, degrading, but I must praise the intensity of the scenes even despite the relatively small number of pictures with penetrative sex (the #1 highlight, really, was the humiliation), if you’re into this kind of things (women treated like garbage and enjoying it), I believe this is the good stuff.
Thanks to N04h for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Jun Yoku Kai Hou Ku 1-Goushitsu, Natsu No Yu-Gi, Kazokunai No Carnival and Kahanshin No Otsukiai.

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