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Love Selection [English, now in a FULLY DECENSORED VERSION + decensored Color chapter bonus : 246 pictures], by Gunma Kisaragi

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Who had forgotten braids and glasses were fucking erotic ? I didn't :D

After selling my soul to Satan, I found how to keep this description short enough :

– (1) Previously, Love Selection was only partly decensored

– (2) And yet, I had already improved it, compiling the best sources for each and every chapter (better scans, better translation, decensored whenever possible), adding bonuses (like colorized alt. pages for a chapter)

– (3) Today’s new (and final ?) update, Palimpsest decensored the last 60 still censored pages, and adjusted the contrasts in 2 chapters. I joined in and levels-corrected the chapter 1.

Okay ? Get it ! :D
Gunma Kisaragi’s first tank is far from being as good as the following ones (art occasionally shaky, weird eyes, one loli chapter : warning), this is still GREAT dope =) And my great, GREAT thanks, for this new update, are for Palimpsest ! :)

(I share much more stuff by this genius, Cf The list of Gunma Kisaragi’s works)

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Love Selection [English, 267 pictures, by Gunma Kisaragi] : the Complete volume, in much better Tank scans, with 3 uncensored chapters and 1 color chapter :)

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Gunma, I LUV you =)

Update ! : This has now been entirely decensored! Get that version here!

The Great Escape, by Miray Ozaki

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(Remember to view the updated list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules)

Miray Ozaki is one of my favorite drawers, really. Representing teens shining with so much lust, so easily taken by sexual frenzy, slaves to their desires to such an extent… And drawing them so greatly, wow. A side detail : women’s sexual parts are drawn very realistically, that’s rare. Just wow. Awesome mangaka.

Here’s one new manga I got very recently, The Great Escape. I have had its first chapter (under another name) for years, and now, I saw the complete set as a new manga, isn’t life great ? :)
Update : life is even greater now that I found the english-translated version of chapter #1, available here :twisted:

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Hounyuu Hyakkei [English], by Moe Kirara

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(Remember to view the updated list of all moe kirara’s works on Hentairules)

This is a hentai manga by Moe Kirara, the title is Hounyuu Kakkei. And the wonderful thing is THIS IS AN ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION !
Finally, we can all enjoy the amazing depth of hentai storylines *cough*

Big tits all around, wonderful lustful faces, I never get bored of Moe Kirara ^_^

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