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Hitozuma Moto Doukyuusei Ni Namachuu (“Married Woman Creampied By A Former Classmate”) [English], by Hi-Per Pinch

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Allow me to reassure you, they give up on condoms afterwards

Immoral, hot, intense, deliciously crude… Niiiiiiice!! :twisted:

In this manga, a hot wife meets a highschool male friend during a class reunion, the discussion quickly becomes sexual, she mentions her husband is losing drive and interest and she still can’t get impregnated to have a baby, and a pair of pages later they’re at a hotel ^^;;
Forget morality, okay, it’s all about having worry-free intense sex, both anal and vaginal, frequently at the same time with the help of a dildo :)

The censorship hardly got in the way, and the drawings’ intensity went through the roof all along, I can’t complain :3
I hope you’ll love the read, thanks a lot to Friggo!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Service Time (Uncensored), NMB – Nudist Mud Beach, Nano Da Ze, a pack of 3 works (Asa Na Yuu Na Yarippa + Hentaito + Yukariko Kikuko 17), Ore No Serio Ga Konna Ni Untarakantara Naunau and a BIG pack of 10 works (0 Plus Minus 0 + Celebrating Serio + DoGU Family + Double Twin Tails + Eromero MIX + Iis interactive IN-NYO system + Makenrou + Nagato’s Keeper + Tondekke Hishou Kassou Tsubasa + Witherless Flower).

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Ibitsu Na Kankei (“Distorted Relationship”) ~ Manatsu No YariCir Rankou Gasshuku + After [English, 110 pictures, the series is Complete!], by Yasu

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Tying them by the ankles was the worst part to me, lol, it must become complicated to deal with ^^

Wow. It’s one of those “toxic” story lines in which corruption is contagious, manipulation and betrayal is normal, and in the end everybody’s lost trust in others, has become a nihilistic paranoiac hedonist. Way to go, yaaaaay.
I don’t mind if that’s your fetish, to each his own, etc., just don’t expect I’ll praise it as far as I am concerned.

I had shared the chapters 1-2 of Ibitsu Na Kankei four months ago, and today I share the rest, 3 additional chapters and an “after” bonus.

The story starts with a group of students in which the male MC finally discovers he’s almost the only one not included in the secret orgies happening in the back. Shall we throw a female childhood friend who feels too corrupted to reach out to him (to the great delight of the other orgy members), a falsely still pure other girl aiming at the male MC…
And the rest of the 110 pages is getting used to being used, betrayed, manipulated, and making the best of the free genitalia roaming around, until the predictable end.

Release credits are for Kyutani, HeLLs666, Kokokbeluk, Obscur1ty, B-DRAGED, Sereal, Lauraldy, Kaptivate, Koneko0133, Ibnu, and Awanama from DKKMD Translations (Di Kala Kita Membaca Doujin), thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Horoyoi 3P Sex Lesson ~ Yuujin Couple Koi No Tehodoki (“Tipsy Threesome Sex Lesson ~ Romance Training With A Friendly Couple”).

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Homestay [English, Uncensored and complete, 159 pictures], by Kusatsu Terunyo

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As annoying as it gets, it looks glorious

Racist, Japan? Hell yeah. Worse shit released later made me lower my standards, but, still I have little good to say of this Homestay series.

A quick summary, if you will, it’s about a black male teenager spending a year in Japan among a typical family. By “typical”, I mean the men are naive herbivores while the housewife is a total MILF who will love feeling guilty enjoying the huge BBC she’s offered. The family’s son has, also, a girl itching to become his girlfriend, but how much do you think she’ll resist against the call of black dick?
And chapter after chapter, it’s the same setup, the black male teen is welcomed warmly, shows a friendly open face to everyone, and cleverly brainwashes the two women ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The art isn’t ranting material, at least. Kusatsu Terunyo has skill and experience, and while I facepalm too hard to find myself able to fap, I must acknowledge it’s quite good as long as the theme is OK for you.

The drawings used to be disfigured by full whiteout censorship, and tonight, I saw a new decensored version has been released. You know what? That’s what convinved me to finally see Homestay to its end, before that, I had simply given up on reading or sharing its latest chapters, it was disgusting me.
So, yeah, thanks to Mr.x1, the Hennojin team, Kusanyagi and StarzDremer, and whoever else contributed too but whose credits mention I missed.

By the same artist, I also share Tengoro (167 pictures), Ane Haha (193 pictures), Sonotoki, Kanojo Wa (215 pictures.)

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Namaiki Imouto Orikou Daisakusen [English], by Fuji-han

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Tanned paizuri FTW!

Look at that depressing figure: over the last 3 months, I’ve only shared four wincest hentai works. Including the present release.
There were times, several years ago, I could share a wincest release every new day, O hentai, you sadden me. Now the hype is netorare and before that, shota T___T

Ahem. So, yeah, for today’s first share, I am fucking GLAD to share some nice juicy wincest :twisted:
Featuring a sister almost turned delinquant, treating her big bro like a servant, until he has had enough and blackmails her (with the lamest, empty, silly threat I’ve seen in years :lol: ), and during the follow-up sex she finally remembers she loves her big bro etcetera ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The drawings are generous, excessive, enthusiastic, it was like hentai caffeine, I quite liked them. Yes: there was thick black bar censorship, but my focus was much more on the sister’s glorious meaty body, her strongly contrasted tanlines, her delicious dark caramel skin, her flushed face all along… YUM!! :twisted:

It’s been released by Nisor, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Heroine Refle.

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Urete… Hoshii (“Want To… Become Mature”) [English, 161 pictures], by Fujisawa Tatsurou

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The manga was a disappointment, but some panels were done in an interesting way, from times to times

Well… okay. I clearly am not enthusiastic, but I can’t say I am disgusted either. It’s simply so average it’s uninteresting, I apologize if it’s sounding weird written like that or if that makes me look ungrateful to the scanlators who poured lots of work in this release :shock:

So. In Urete… Hoshii, housewives are dicked and love it, in short, one woman, one chapter. Most of the time these are mother and son chapters, but there’s also: a son in law, a foreign exchange student, the daugher’s childhood friend, the husband’s father, and a nephew.

If the sex had been drawn with more talent it wouldn’t have looked so boring, after all there’s even anal in several chapters. I guess it’s a matter of tastes.
In terms of censorship, half the manga has only a thin opaque rectangle, while the second half is small mosaics – it’s weird.
Talking of weird, a few chapters have a strong WTF factor, the male characters have XXXXXXXL dongs you’d rather expect to see in cheap western porn comics, the worst of the worst (or the best of the best, if you want to laugh a little :lol: ) was the bottom of page 78, that was Alien-level.

See for yourselves, I guess? Thanks to Tkhang and Boosharwo for the release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kaa-san Asa Made Daku Yo (171 pictures.)

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Tonde Hi Ni Iru (“A Moth To Flame”) [English], by Etuzan Jakusui

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Wow, those are beautiful legs

We’re watching a damnably hot MILF with her nephew, they’re casual sexfriends and only him and his good dick can sate her lust. I’ll spare you the details, just read the manga for them :D

On the one hand, there is relatively annoying censorship made of multiple black bars. On the other hand, the expressions of “focused attention on pleasure” in which the woman grits her teeth with an earnest expression are superb, realistic and well done, and her body is splendid too, meaty (not quite plump yet, but clearly there’s no risk to hurt yourself on her hip bones during missionary), to which I’ll add she’s got beautiful tanned skin with tanlines :3

Read and see, read and see, guys ^^
Thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Axalon, MrWayne, CellTF and Jak9464, I’m grateful :)

By the same artist, Etuzan Jakusui, circles Hayo-Cinema and Buppa Studio, I also share Tobashi Sensei Wa Kyou Mo Button O TobasuHitozuma Nanpa NTR Onsen Ryokousaki De Nakayoku Tanetsuke Saremashita and Onozomi No Ketsumatsu.

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Juseigaku Ryokou (“School Trip”) [English], by Marui Maru

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Ora ora :3


We’ve still got the adorably thick teen girls with dream hips, bubbly butts and cute smiling faces, the shota has been replaced with a sturdy well-built adult, and the scenario is based on… erm… something… particular? Oh, hentai you never cease to surprise me: for some reason, it’s a school trip to a vacation resort in which the girls will receive masturbation courses, vaginal tutoring and impregnation training at the hands of the skilled tutor, the male MC ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

And that male MC is no scumbag, no sir. He’s crying tears of joy when he witnesses the friendship between his students, he’s dedicated dick and soul to his educational mission, the interests of his female students come first and foremost, teaching them right is his life. Sooo… it’s all cool, after all ^______^

In terms of art, we get the Marui Maru package (meaning: godlike art unless you like scrawny flatboards), there’s also a dark-skinned girl (not fully gyaru, but close enough), and the censorship is quite tame: this is the good stuff, enjoy, my pervy friends :D

We owe this release to Cube, Rasengan81 and Dynellen, thank you so much!!

For more butts, Cf. The list of ALL Marui Maru’s works on Hentairules!

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