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Love Selection [English, 267 pictures, by Gunma Kisaragi] : the Complete volume, in much better Tank scans, with 3 uncensored chapters and 1 color chapter :)

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Gunma, I LUV you =)

Update ! : This has now been entirely decensored! Get that version here!

JC Ecchi [English, 256 pictures, Complete, with the chapters 1-2 in their Uncensored Tank version], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Shiwasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!! <3 <3 <3

Tissues : check. Lubricant : check. Caffeine refills : check. OK, you’re ready to go :lol:
OK, OK, I’m exxagerating, but still, HOLY FUCK A COMPLETE MANGA BY SHIWASU NO OKINA ! This is still something :D

(For MUCH more stuff, cf. The List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !)

Fast summary : the love for sex is blatantly obvious in every single page of this awesome manga, Shiwasu No Okina loves sex and loves people having sex :shock: Awesome faptastic drawings, anal, vaginal, oral, ravished expressions and only happy, extremely happy sex. Funny or extremely great scenarii, very original ideas… I’m in love :)

Update : the chapters 1 and 2 are now in a new version. They’re uncensored, and taken from the JC Ecchi tank :3

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Venus Rhapsody [English, 258 pictures, Complete and Uncensored version], by Shunjou Shuusuke

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Setebos The Hentai Bringer strikes back :twisted: – when you think he just returned from such awesome dope, it makes you wish he went more often on holidays, don’t you think, dear visitors ? ;) Thank you Setebos ^^

Update : and now, thanks to the great work of H9E, this is an UNCENSORED version :D

(For more works by Shunjou Shuusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

I’m very glad to share Venus Rhapsody, it’s one of these mangas you wish to see on everyone’s hard disk. It contains lots of mutual love declarations, of highly pleasurable sex mixed between students or adults (I’d say the ages go from 18 to 30) loving each other. And the drawings, the drawings !! Great female bodies and male bodies (that’s rarer), proud tits, generous hips, fully uncensored, lots of positions and places where the characters have sex, kyuuuute blushing faces… Just download it, OK ? :D

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Imouto Ikimasu [English, Sister-Incest], by Ponkotsu Works

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That’s a very short and very funny story, I like very much the humor here :)
First, the main char is a desperate boy who wants to rape his sister and is disappointed she’s asking for it, next that idiot passes out and ends being used by his sister, losing any hope to remember his first experience, and last he discovers he lives in a freak family anyway :D

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The Great Escape, by Miray Ozaki

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(Remember to view the updated list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules)

Miray Ozaki is one of my favorite drawers, really. Representing teens shining with so much lust, so easily taken by sexual frenzy, slaves to their desires to such an extent… And drawing them so greatly, wow. A side detail : women’s sexual parts are drawn very realistically, that’s rare. Just wow. Awesome mangaka.

Here’s one new manga I got very recently, The Great Escape. I have had its first chapter (under another name) for years, and now, I saw the complete set as a new manga, isn’t life great ? :)
Update : life is even greater now that I found the english-translated version of chapter #1, available here :twisted:

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Hounyuu Hyakkei [English], by Moe Kirara

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(Remember to view the updated list of all moe kirara’s works on Hentairules)

This is a hentai manga by Moe Kirara, the title is Hounyuu Kakkei. And the wonderful thing is THIS IS AN ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION !
Finally, we can all enjoy the amazing depth of hentai storylines *cough*

Big tits all around, wonderful lustful faces, I never get bored of Moe Kirara ^_^

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Glossary and explanation of the words

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Update : I moved everything on THAT other page of Hentairules :)

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