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Karuta Maniac [English], an Inu X Boku SS hentai doujinshi, by Loop The Loop

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

I’m sorry but the little I read about Inu x Boku SS on wikipedia (side note: you can also read it on Batoto – the mangaka died this year, so don’t expect to read new scanlated chapters, just saying) didn’t allow me to shed some light on this share, all I can saw is that some sort of either klutz or weird girl makes her way into a boy’s bed, and after some attempts of the boy to not manage to understand what the girl was pushing him into, they have great sex.

Were they in love ? No idea. Does it still provide excellent materials for whatever you might feel like doing in private, are the drawings great enough, is the censorship near-invisible enough ? Certainly :D
So, many thanks to SMDC, and enjoy! ;)

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