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Evangelion hentai doujin [English] : Ero Shuurai Rei’s Case, by Sage Joh

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments

Nice Rei Ayanami face

This Evangelion hentai doujin shows one of the best sides of Rei Ayanami I’ve seen in a long time, she appears to have emotions and she’s got a cute face. And the bonus : there is an accidentally funny scenario – I frankly doubt the artist wanted his doujin to be humorous, but the characters act in such a non-typical way this can only be seen as a parody. Imagine : Hikari Gendo (who has never been drawn more badly) playing the caring parent… teaching sex to his son, HAH ! :lol:

Update : and Asuka’s case is now available… BURN THE WITCH !

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Nyuubu Shitara Ore Igai Zenin Ero ROM Layer Datta, Papa Ijou Koibito Miman, Onaka Ippai Ooo Ga Tabetai, Sexual Pleasure Songstress, the excellent Absolutely Lewd Adults, Sex Shinai To Derarenai Nara Shikatanai Desu Ne, Macross.Zip, Ero Shuurai Asuka’s Case, Ota X Gal, Hatsutaiken Jeanne, and Shaburotto Dunois.

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