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Moshiaki Moshi Akiko-san Ga Yuuichi No Kakushiteta Kannou Shousetsu Wo Yondara (“What If Akiko-san Read The Erotic Novel Yuuichi Was Hiding”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kanon series, by Izumi Yayoi (circle Kirei Na Oneesan)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

One word. BRAIDS!!

I’ll be frank, if you want total dope Akiko-san action, please see with Mitarashi Kousei. The present share pales in comparison.
But, hey, it’s still good enough, featuring Kanon’s legendary MILF with an old-school drawing style (among its idiosyncrasies, an admirable number of anatomical fuckups ^^;;) that brought back memories :)

This has been released by Derp09, thank you! :jap:

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Akiko-San To issho Volume 20, + a repack of the volumes 1-20 of this great MILF series [English, 706 pictures], by Mitarashi Kousei

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

You're the man, Yuuhei. The manly man.

This time, it’s not a reboot, but a sequel of the latest reboob :D
Just to clarify… First there were the volumes 1 to 15, marking the history of hentai with the best MILF series ever. Then came the volumes 16-17, with a reboot showing how Yuuhei and his aunt met as adults and became lovers (and ate Akiko-san’s legendary jam later). Then a new reboot with the volume 18. A long time ago, there was also Sweet Jam. A new reboot with the volume 19… And, today, the first threesome :D

As always in this fine, fine series, the drawings are very good, Akiko-san’s butt and breasts are amazing (DAT ASS! HGNNN!!), it’s excellent happy sex with love. This is something I cannot qualify properly, in this series, it has a heart-warming dimension… how to say… Akiko-san, before being a super-fuckable MILF, is a woman whose mere presence offers human warmth and soothes the soul – and you give her the dick as a form of “thank you”.
Oddly perhaps, I regret the addition of her daughter to the mix, I feel it somehow taints the pure vanilla nature of the series until then, but then again, who am I to object to fresh horny teen pussy.
My great, great gratitude, for this release, are for Desudesu and Niagatrats (everything till volume 17), Moroboshi Yuumei (volumes 18-19) and Vilis and Kusojijii from Hennojin (volume 20), thank you! :)

I hope you may enjoy it, and may MILF love never end :twisted:

–Update: I removed the links from this post, as it has become obsolete and I can’t keep on updating every older post when a new volume or a decensoring is released over the course of the years.
Today as I write it, the latest Akiko-san To Issho repack post is HERE, in there you’ll get everything, hopefully ;)

One last note, perhaps. I should have kept track of it volume by volume, along the years, but I didn’t, so unless you parse the past posts in which I shared each volume, you’ll have to trust my word about that.
I retouched the images in a large number of the Akiko-san volumes. It was my usual, levels, removing dusty pixel pollution, smoothening surfaces when needed. Sorry for the lack of modesty, but I believe it made a significant difference, brought a net improvement, most of those times.
In case you downloaded some of the past volumes elsewhere but the image quality breaks your immersion (you kinda resent they’re too bland and greyish, or the printing is bad and surfaces are spotty, etc…), it’s another reason to check my repack, chances are this issue will be gone ;)