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Moshiaki Moshi Akiko-san Ga Yuuichi No Kakushiteta Kannou Shousetsu Wo Yondara (“What If Akiko-san Read The Erotic Novel Yuuichi Was Hiding”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kanon series, by Izumi Yayoi (circle Kirei Na Oneesan)

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One word. BRAIDS!!

I’ll be frank, if you want total dope Akiko-san action, please see with Mitarashi Kousei. The present share pales in comparison.
But, hey, it’s still good enough, featuring Kanon’s legendary MILF with an old-school drawing style (among its idiosyncrasies, an admirable number of anatomical fuckups ^^;;) that brought back memories :)

This has been released by Derp09, thank you! :jap:

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Akiko-San To issho Volume 20, + a repack of the volumes 1-20 of this great MILF series [English, 706 pictures], by Mitarashi Kousei

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You're the man, Yuuhei. The manly man.

This time, it’s not a reboot, but a sequel of the latest reboob :D
Just to clarify… First there were the volumes 1 to 15, marking the history of hentai with the best MILF series ever. Then came the volumes 16-17, with a reboot showing how Yuuhei and his aunt met as adults and became lovers (and ate Akiko-san’s legendary jam later). Then a new reboot with the volume 18. A long time ago, there was also Sweet Jam. A new reboot with the volume 19… And, today, the first threesome :D

As always in this fine, fine series, the drawings are very good, Akiko-san’s butt and breasts are amazing (DAT ASS! HGNNN!!), it’s excellent happy sex with love. This is something I cannot qualify properly, in this series, it has a heart-warming dimension… how to say… Akiko-san, before being a super-fuckable MILF, is a woman whose mere presence offers human warmth and soothes the soul – and you give her the dick as a form of “thank you”.
Oddly perhaps, I regret the addition of her daughter to the mix, I feel it somehow taints the pure vanilla nature of the series until then, but then again, who am I to object to fresh horny teen pussy.
My great, great gratitude, for this release, are for Desudesu and Niagatrats (everything till volume 17), Moroboshi Yuumei (volumes 18-19) and Vilis and Kusojijii from Hennojin (volume 20), thank you! :)

I hope you may enjoy it, and may MILF love never end :twisted:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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