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Mononoke Acme [English, 208 pictures, Complete], by E-Musu Aki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 15 comments
Tags: Anal, karakishi
I must say I laughed super hard, at the youkai with her bowl of noodles :D

Mononoke Acme is a mix of faintly related stories, taking place in a world where female youkai interact (meaning : sex to replenish energy, okay ? :lol: ) with humans on a daily basis. We meet various girls, all of them very cute, with smooth bare pussies and breasts from small to average-size, who need, and receive, human “help” :D

Only two chapters aren’t related to the storyline, a weird pet story, and the wonderful bioroid chapter (Three times more sensitive ! With a three times longer and thicker dick ! Now, THAT’s a way to come back from death ! With an Orgazmo-like ending !).

The art is quite good, mostly oral and vaginal sex, with (too) rare anal bits. None of the stories are great shakes, save the epic bioroid chapter, but at least there are several comic relief moments , like on page 92, the flower gift, I laughed super hard ^^

I also offer a recompressed version, the Zip’s shrunk from 151 to 83 MB :3
Thanks a LOT to Raikoh and Makasu from Doujin-Moe, Kusanyagi, Watisit, and also Amaimono, Geromichi and Akano from Amai Little Thing ! :)

By E-Musu Aki, to this day, I also share Let’s Make Love Girl (203 pictures), Melty Body (200 pictures), Young Wife Liberation Zone (196 pictures), Torokeru Asobi (“Melty Play”) (223 pictures), An Immoral Sister, Virgin Alliance, Inaka Wa Suru Koto Ga Nai, the hilarious Tennen Ryoubo Tsukiko-san, Love Hip + Shiina’s Favoritism, Satogaeri and Togawa.

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