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Mako Wa Sore O Gaman Dekinai [English], a Kill La Kill hentai doujinshi, by Project of Dr.Q

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

As the saying goes: THIS... IS... PUNISHMENT?!?

Errr… Maybe it will be less weird for those of you who have watched Kill La Kill?
Here, I can only say Makanshoku Mako meets Gamagoori Ira, is scolded by him, and she’s given great sex as punishment :roll:

The art is highly unusual, it felt like a comic more than a manga, which greatly suited the “who cares, it’s porn, let’s have fun” atmosphere…
That won’t remain a favorite, but it was a good discovery, still! I hope you may enjoy it, and my thanks are for the persons who scanlated, and to its scanner, Captcarisma! :jap:

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