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Oshioki Suru Yo [English, 199 pictures], by Yagami Shuuichi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

At least the male MC got to fuck the girls, and didn't undergo any petrations ON him, it's a relief

It’s like watching a movie in a language you’ve only studied for a year or two: you understand what’s going on, but it’s impossible to experience immersion and share the character’s mood, at best you’re guessing their emotions. I felt estranged by this manga, basically, it was too alien for me to “feel” it.

Here is a soft femdom manga, in which four girls dominate a highschool boy (childhood friend, classmate). I call it “soft” femdom, as the practices aren’t brutal: orgasm denial, gentle (non-scarring, not leaving wounds) verbal abuse, dick manipulation (handjobbing, writing obscene words on it with a washable marker, plenty of footjobs), not taking “no” for an answer. And there’s always vaginal sex in the end, at least.
As for the male MC? A submissive masochistic nobody without a personality, willingly consenting to being dominated, unworthy of interest.

I apologize this description sounded cold, but that’s the best I can write to properly summarize something I felt absolutely no empathy or even arousal for :shock:
Still, the drawings look good, aren’t too censored (a few thin bars), so if you like thin non-busty girls and have a thing for handjobs and footjobs, help yourselves ;)

Release credits are for Biribiri, Job Truniht, Peganuss, Zathael, Axalon and PureEnergy. Thank you :)

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