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Kakutou Musume Yarimoku Goukon (“Casual Sex Party With Fighting Game Gals”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Street Fighter and King Of Fighters games, by Alice No Takarabako

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More Chun-Li, pls :D

Oh, bless you, Mizuryu Kei. That volume would totally deserve to become available for purchase in English.

Here’s a splendid, excellent, well drawn Street Fighter X KOF doujinshi, in which Chun-li, Mai and Cammy. Simply, they hook up with 3 young studs and have a pleasant evening.
There’s enough pages (36) to avoid jumping straight at sex, so we can watch the mood getting right, the casual sexual banter, the smiles of anticipation… it greatly helped getting a good mood for reading, in my eyes, those little details matter :)

It’s drawn very well, too, I’d say this is one of the best Street Fighter / KOF doujinshi I read, no less. There’s very little censorship, it’s vaginal sex, my only rant would be there’s too much focus on Mai and not enough on Chun-Li ^^
I hope you’ll find it to your tastes! And thanks a LOT to MegaFagget for the release! :jap:

For more, see The List of Alice No Takarabako’s Works on HentaiRules.

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19 Years Ago [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the King Of Fighters game series, by Dual Beat

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After all, if both parties agree, it's cool, no?

Athena and (yes, she’s also an idol) her manager are having a lot of sex, she loves being dominated by his endless stamina, until at last she openly admits she’s his personal cum dump.
… Sooo romantic, right? ^^;;
Who cares, they both love it and it’s drawn very, very well =)

Additionally, if you’ve got a spats fetish, + 1 million erojoules for you :twisted:

Biribiri, Axalon and Doujin-Moe are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Love And Game and Shake The Fake.

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Mai-chan To Nobetsumakunashi [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the King Of Fighters games, by Kiriyama Taichi

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I fear that image doesn't convey how good Mai was looking, it takes a few more pictures to get used to it...

Mai Shiranui doesn’t want to hear that she’s getting on years, she’s a proud woman in her early thirties. And what better way to have proof she’s still young and attractive, than to strut on the beach in a nanobikini, let three local hunks offer her to come and have fun, and then have nonstop sex all night long with them? :D

At first sight, the drawings lack impact and are badly censored (uncountable thin black bars). And yet, please, try to hang in there, after a few pages we’re “sucked in” the h-manga, and we can at last fully enjoy the original art style and enjoy the intense sex, the feeling of liberation when all pretence are let behind, even the colloquial speech helped this feeling of immersion sink in… Enjoy! ^_^

Release credits are for Slobber, B.R.R., Gamer325 and B7ZGZNGHMQ, thank you! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Nyotengu To Nobetsu Makunashi.

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Shiranui Mai Hikoushiki FC Event volumes 1-2 [English, UNCENSORED versions], a pair of King Of Fighters / Fatal Fury hentai doujinshi, by Motsu Ryouri

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Crude and efficient. Nicely done.

Now, that’s something I call simple to summarize :D Mai Shiranui organizes events for her fans to gangbang her, revelling in being their cum bucket and being verbally abused ^^
There are no complications, it’s all about happy sex and pleasuring each other. Mai provides superb deepthroat, her vagina and anus are free to use, the drawings are crude and explicit, and, well, this is it ^^

We owe this release to Belldandy100 (for the decensoring) and Doujin-Moe (for the scanlation), thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Taikutsu Na Warawa O Tanoshimaseyo, Dragon Queen’s volume 3, Dragon Queen’s volume 1, Dragon Queen’s Volume 2, Tou Juku Next and Kaku Musume 11.

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Free Candy + Free Paper [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying King Of Fighters, by Ono No Imoko

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It's cute, blue hair like that

It’s like the opposite of penis sizes. For hentai shares, the smaller it gets, the happier I am. I originally downloaded this doujinshi as a 278 MB archive; what I’m sharing here is 146 MB large (full-size images, very high res) and 8 MB (1600 px version). Not bad, eh ? SMALL DICKS ZIPS RULE! ^___^

Oh, and this share. Kula Diamond, one of the King Of Fighters female fighters, has sex with a bunch of men. Me, I’m calling it hentai rape, but the girl is presented as so totally dumb that she accepts to have sex after just a few sentences confusing her mind :roll: The drawings are fairly good, thick-white-bar-censored, but good, and the drawing choice, to make her petite and give her a childish face, it made the action look “less bad”, oddly O_o
Thanks to Xsidius, N04h and Super Shanko for this release! :jap:

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Lonesome Dummy [English], a hentai doujinshi parodying King Of Fighters, by Yukitaka

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Athena, from King Of Fighters, modelling in a competitive swimsuit, has an “after” session with her manager, once her photo shooting is done. First, delicious rubbing, between her flesh and the swimsuit’s fabric, with her breasts and her pussy (does it count as paizuri and sumata, if there’s swimsuit fabric ?), and then, at last, the vaginal sex :twisted:
I feared the swimsuit was just a trick to hide huge censorship, but to my surprise, there was hardly any censorship at all, only thin lines :shock: :woot:

Well, I don’t see much more to add, enjoy, and thanks to Doujin-Moe! ^_^

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Love And Game [English], a King Of Fighters hentai doujinshi, by Dual Beat

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Remember King Of Fighters ? Old, but good. Athena, one of the characters, is both a fighter, and an idol. In this share, her producer is “training” her for idol career, by (a) making her plumper and (b) fucking her senseless.
Why not, eh :roll:
At least, the drawings are real good. A plump idol, in bikini, having good sex, made of paizuri and powerful vaginal action… That looked nice, and there wasn’t too much censorship :)

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release!
By the same artist, I also share 19 years ago and Shake The Fake.

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