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Fire Woman [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Kimura Neito (circle Egonokatamari)

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A furry's dream, or is she too human-looking?

I can die in peace, I have finally read a doujinsh in which a woman masturbated so much she started setting a ship on fire.

In this Granblue Fantasy doujinshi, Yuel grows so frustrated to see other girls snatching Gran’s dick for the day before she can get a chance, that her lust grows out of control and her fiery masturbation sets their ship on fire. Heroically, Gran discards the risks and gives his body to calm Yuel.
Allright, my description might be lacking in the accuracy department, but do you get the idea? ^__^

It’s fine, fine sex, intense, drawn with skill and obvious liking for the characters, enjoy! :)
It’s a White Symphony release, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Wet Lips (199 pictures), South Dakota To Shota Shikikan and Watashi Wa Kore De Kazoku To Nakayoku Narimashita chapters 1-2.

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Mayoiga No Onee-san volume 3 [English], by Sigma-Arts (AKA Mikemono Yuu)

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If you look carefully enough, you can find the male MC hidden somewhere

The volumes 1-2 were relatively mysterious, playing not just on porn but on setting an atmosphere. Here, well, all background is forfeited, it’s just time for more quality sex, period, this time with (apparently) an ancient kitsune, the shota she serves (wtf, is that a brothel now?) likes women big and busty, so she becomes big and busty, and there we go~~~

You know me, I’m no fan of shotacon hentai (WHY? Who cares if they’re cute, how tf are you supposed to identify yourself with a shrimp? WHY is that even bloody generating sales? Ah, I give up, I know, some love it), but at least I can praise the girl, she’s so meaty, she’d be a wonder, and it’s not even *that* censored..
Thanks to Babaluum for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, known under the two pen names Mikemono Yuu and Sigma Arts, I also share Mayoiga No Onee-san volumes 1-2, Mayoiga no Onee-san OVA-ka Kinengou Monochro Hen, Mayoiga No Onee-san volume 4Himekawa-san Wa Chikamichi Shitai, Takao Onee-san To Nyuuko, a pack of 2 works (Committee’s Role Model + Cool and Carnivorous Girlfriend – “Cool Nikushokukei Kanojo”), Mizugi No Maryoku (“The Magic Of Swimsuit”), Takao Onee-san To Nyuukyo Kai, Onegai Gaeshi, Hypnosis App, Bokunchi No Senshichou and Ikaruga Inran Zoushi.

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Oshikake Youko-sama (“Assertive Fox Spirit”) [English], by Herio (circle name: Haraheridou)

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Her face! Her boobs! The expression on her face! There's only in hentai we've got this amazing combination of talent and skill to make anything fapworthy.

One grade above the kitsune, there is the female fox goddess. A youko who elects a promising and (still) pure young male as her partner.
We’ll have giggles, vanilla, warm and fuzzy feelings, and pretty decent sex :)

There’s a little detail I enjoyed a lot. The youko, she wears a choker-type necklace. HNNNG!!
Thanks a lot to Ingloo, from Scans For Humanity! ^_^

By the same artist, to this day, I also share BeaTRICKs, Yamisuki Pheromone, Kimi To Retry and Bea Ga Mizugi Ni Kigaetara.

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