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Sweet Hearts [English, COMPLETE AND UNCENSORED TANK VERSION, 234 pictures], by Gunma Kisaragi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 31 comments

This, sir, is godly.

Oh, hentai bells, hentai bells, schlicking all the way… *cough* *sorry*
It’s not everyday I share such AWESOME hentai, I hope you’ll love it, guys, here is the TANK VERSION and COMPLETE English version of Sweet Hearts, by Gunma Kisaragi :)
The version I previously shared was based on the magazine scans, this time, it’s the tank scans, that means the picture quality is MUCH better and you can kiss the censorship goodbye, mostly :3

The contents of this manga : sweet teen girls. Lots of them. In school uniform. Sometimes in bloomers or swimsuit or in maid gear. A few young adult women too. Loving sex. And wanting as much sex as possible. Oh sweet hentai goodness, thank you Hentai God wherever you reside ! The girls look so candid, not seeing any problem with being total sex bombs and having sex if they feel like it, this “false” contradiction makes them even hotter.
Let’s mention the lack of censorship. There’s hardly any of it, only on some penetration shots, not all of them, and blowjobs or exposed pussies are darkened bar -free.
And the scenario ? Oops :lol: It’s no great shakes, mostly alibis for sex, and it’s kinda easy to hate the male heroes for being undecisive or not giving a fuck about anything, it’s possible to be frankly annoyed at sex being downgraded to being such casual stuff – but, well, fap’n’go, you know…

My extremely grateful thanks are for Sokarius (for Raikoh @ Doujin-Moe) who reedited everything save the last chapter, to apply the translations to the tank version, and of course, to the various translators : Amaimo and Amaimono, Kusanyagi, Yuribou, Crimson Leo, Lhytiss, Saha and Ryuutama. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone ^^

(I share much more stuff by this genius, Cf The list of Gunma Kisaragi’s works)

Update : and now it is fully UNCENSORED, thanks to H9E, woot ! :D

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Consolation [English], by Kase Daiki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments
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A woman in love possesses deadly weapons to cure a man from a self-destructing attitude. MAN, DAT ASS ! AND THOSE PROUD BREASTS !
Yoroshii, thank you SO much ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Kashima-chan to Suimin Ecchi, Foot Grand Order volumes 1-2-3-4, AshiColle 3 (as part of a large pack of other works by variou smangakas), AshiColle Sono volumes 4-5 and Cho Hatsu Apron

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