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Mama Tomo Harem chapter 2, + the chapters 1-2 in another Zip, [English], by Maimu-Maimu

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I know this is fiction and all, but it's still a bit frustrating, me, the third ejac, if I manage to have a third one, these are a few miserable droplets of clear water at best ^^;;

That’s probably the effect of summer, the volume of hentai releases is at a yearly low. I’m taking that as an opportunity to browse my old downloads folders for the things I liked and should have shared, but that I completely forgot about like an irresponsible dumbass. Such as the second chapter of Mama Tomo Harem: the chapter 1 was in 2017, the chapter 2 was 5 months ago, I don’t think I risk much in sharing it so “early” ;)

In case you forgot, this story is the tale of a young man whose life is crumbling because he can’t get over his phobia of women. The neighbourhood MILFs, moved, decide to lend a hand, because, you see, there’s a trick: if the women are seen as mothers, there is no phobia at all. Hence this admirable (although broken, when you think of it) keikaku: let’s have the young man have sex with every MILF around, until his fear of women is cured.
There was no need to cure him from a fear of MILFs so the whole therapy is pointless, but does it really matters, his mother complex is satisfied, while the MILFs enjoy a great sexual partner and feel better in their lives, that’s got to count ^___^

And in terms of art, it’s pretty nice MILF action even despite the annoying whiteout censorship. See for yourselves :)

It’s a Fated Circle release, many thanks! ^_^

By the same artist, called Maimu-Maimu and also Box Representation In A Cat, I also share Kokuritsu Hitozuma Gakuen (204 pictures), Kyouko Sensei To Boku No Himitsu (“Kyouko-sensei and My Secret”, 124 pictures), Delivery Mama – Midara No Ore No Gibo-san (90 pictures), The Teacher For Making Kids, Beast + You Can Not hentai and Mgirl.

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Ish x Mash x Eresh [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Kawaraya Honpo

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Pardon me? A... a "spine", you say? I'm sorry, I never heard of it. What is it, some kind of cooking ingredient? - Kawaraya Honpo

Kawaraya Honpo, one of the living gods of futanari hentai, is back! :D

Mash is a kind of service girl, one of the few servants who didn’t grow a dick, and she gladly does her job of relieving every futa girl around. It starts as McHentai, with a Mash x Ereshkigal x Ishtar threesome.
And then… I don’t know, we fall into near-vanilla, near-comedy, odd but far from unpleasant hentai. I may be alien to the arousal futanari gives to its fans, but I chuckled a few times and enjoyed seeing the flushed faces and proud breasts all along, it’s got to count ^^

I have the impression the mangaka’s Evangelion doujinshi were better, but I may also be biased because they were 100% vanilla and, with only two girls, the action was less messy and easier to follow. It’s still excellent futanari hentai, no doubts!
Enjoy if that’s your kink, guys! And thanks a lot to LzyAtoms, Telepon, SHapes, Readtheln, Ongokakashi and Mangafas1, from the E-Hentai Cove :)

My other shares by the same artist are also full-futanari, except for the first: Love Tutorial (223 pictures), Lovey Dovey, Sin-Lovey Dovey, Pokapoka Onedari Onsen, Oomisuka, A pack of 3 futa works (Princess And The Slave, Wokaerinasai, Woyasuminasai), Natsu No Omoide (“Summer Memories”), Kashidashichuu + Wokurimono, Flowers Breaking Through My Soul, and Tiero Il Piacere.

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Mitsuki-san No Bosei Ni Oshitsubusaresou Desu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the My Hero Academia series, by Echigoya Takeru

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Another MILF rides the dick

I still remember the explosion on twitter after we were introduced to Bakugo’s mother in My Hero Academia. So much quality MILF hentai, haaaa =) In that regard, I have a friendly suggestion for new lewds, Kalevala‘s frequent RTs are made of rare stuff that would deserve more exposure or that isn’t superpopular yet, check it out! ^^
And so, here’s a simple doujinshi, in which Midoriya meets Mitsuki Bakugo, the mother of his rival. Two pages later, he’s in her care at her home.

The drawings could have been better I felt, but I’m all for MILF hentai, it was good enough I felt, the drawing style “clicked” with me, and the female MC’s original idiosyncrasies were pretty well retained, I felt :)
This is a NaxusNL release, thank you! :jap:

Side note: I only realized now I have another work by this artist in my downloads folder, I’ll share it one of these days, with hope to trigger horrified reactions from the readers, you’ll understand :3
Update: aaaaaand there you go ^_^ →  Oku-sama Wa Ouji-sama.

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Junyoku Kaihouku 4-Goushitsu [English], by Momofuki Rio

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I just realized, he ONLY gave her anal sex in this scene O_o

Last year, I shared the first part of this series, Jun Yoku Kai Hou Ku 1-Goushitsu, although the romanized spelling was not exactly the same. At last, some more of it (eventually, there will be a tank!) has been scanlated, woot! :woot:

Once again, we follow the same male hero, working as a photographer for an adult magazine. This time, he meets a female colleague for the first time, and you can already guess the rest. With a pleasant twist, the woman has the makings of a dominatrix, this will be soft femdom, with the male tied up for a while, given verbal abuse, but that’s as far as it went fortunately.

The art was pretty good, with strong contrasts enhancing the bodies’ aspect and tolerable censorship (2 or 3 semi-transparent bars per panel), however I felt the art was a bit too crude at times… Well, it’s your call =)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Bimajo No Sennou Settai, Jun Yoku Kai Hou Ku 1-Goushitsu, Natsu No Yu-Gi, Kazokunai No Carnival and Kahanshin No Otsukiai.

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Inazuma Milking [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Hugtto! PreCure series, by Digital Accel Works

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Sadly, the only paizuri of the volume

Those series milking an original series, I have long given up on keeping track of them. So, along the various Pretty Cure branching series, there’s now the Hugtto! Precure one. Sure, why not, more cute girls to throw into the hentai grinder :twisted:

This volume would be best summarized with the emoticon ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
AKA: nothing makes sense. Precure idols gladly take part in a porno shooting, a giant orgy, all but one are virgins but everything works perfectly at once, midway they begin lactating because ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ , and there you go, plenty of quality hardcore sex drawn with the Digital Accel Works seal of quality :)

I see no reason to rant, it was great, huhu.
It’s a Doujin-Moe release, thank you! :jap:

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Digital Accel Works shares)

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Hitozuma Life (“Married Woman Life”) [English, 214 pictures], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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Oh, the irony. The chapters with the worst scenarii having the best art.

This manga is made of strongly contrasted contents:
– approximately half of it are contents I already shared in the past, about women fucked hard and trained back into loving being just holes, either willingly and with pleasure, or against their will. It’s a stereotypical trope, selfish men, discardable husbands (apparently it’s important for some people’s erections to fantasize about impregnating wives behind husbands’ backs? I just don’t get it, eh), a long buried slutty nature catching up… At best it’s “only” awakening to enjoying to cheat on the husband.
– approximately half of it is is new to me, about fully consensual sex in various setups: a widowing coworker, a sister, a childhood friend, a mother, a fighting coach… It’s more than simply sating lust, you can tell there’s a bit of liking at least, and it can go as far as vanilla, tender love.
In all cases, though, there’s a strong impregnation fetish O_o

Quite ironically to me, the uglier the scenario (the first half of the manga), the better the art, while the more consensual chapters looked like they were older and drawn with less talent. Still, all in all, the art is fucking awesome, meaty women, glorious MILFs, beautiful faces, hardcore sex (mostly vaginal, a bit of DP and paizuri), bearable censorship, I’ve got no complaints in that regard.

Release credits are for Uno Uno, Herreis and Vilis, from Hennojin, and Tigoris Translates… and other people probably, but I don’t know who, sorry ^^;;

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji and Shinozuka Hiroshi (watch out: Hiroshi is a mistranslation from the past, and additionally, the similar-sounding Shinozuka Jouji – 醸二 – is a different mangaka.) Those works are, to this day: JK Bitch No Renai Soudan, Ore Ga Mita Koto No Nai Kanojo, One Time Gal Zenpen (in its full-color Uncensored version, while the still censored version of it now belongs in the Hitozuma Life tank), and the others exist in multiple versions… Delivery Sex: grayscale Uncensored version / full color Uncensored version, Oyako No Omoi: grayscale version / full-color Uncensored version, Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku: grayscale version / full-color Uncensored version.

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Oideyo! Kunoichi No Sato San ~ Gekitou! Shinobi Boutaoshi No Maki [English], by Ichiren Takushou

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And, erm, what are the requirements to become the harem master of a shinobi clan? :D

Okay, this kunoichi story doesn’t try to make sense, so it’s best to roll with it just like it comes ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
There’s a contest among female ninjas to decide which one is best suited to sexually please their young master, the 3 finalists apparently wring him dry, maybe this will end up in a draw… Until a fourth female ninja that he truly loves but was trapped elsewhere finally shows up on, and… and for the conclusion, however highly predictable it is, you’ll have to read it by yourself to know how it ends ;)

The drawings are rather OK, a bit messy but that’s unavoidable with group action after all, and the censorship remains bearable, “only” thick black bars (a few years ago I’d have called it a disgrace, but sadly, we get used to anything over time.)
Anonymous and Constantly are behind the scanlation, thank you! :)

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