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Pack of 333 adult pictures, by the ero-artist Cian Yo (or Cianyo)

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You may breathe: this isn't bowsette

I’m sharing here a pack of pictures I found, created by a skilled ero-artist called Cian-Yo, or Cianyo, or 千呦 :)
There’s a a certain aesthetic sense, and tons of talent, geared towards drawing ecchi or actually hentai shots of popular heroines from Overwatch, LoL or a few other iconic sources too. It’s splendid eye candy, I’m confident you should enjoy browsing them, at the very least ^^

A few relevant links if you want, the artist’s Patreon, Pixiv (I noticed at first glance a few pics not in the pack I share, deal with it lol), Facebook (wait, how can you have a Facebook page for porn?!?” I thought even linking to it meant instaban?!?) or DA.

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Hardstuck Bronze [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the League Of Legends game, by Kimmundo

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Noice, isn't it? :D

As I never played League of Legends, most if not all of the jokes flew far above my head, so forgive the bland description, please? Any information allowing to write a better summary will be welcome in the comments ;)
Hardstuck Bronze is a comedy hentai doujinshi parodying the League Of Legends game, in which a player (Sivir, in bunny girl outfit) is on a losing streak and ends up fucking with the game’s people, through her avatar. Another character, Riven I think I remember, joins the group sex. Because why not ^^;;

The drawings are intense, hardcore, dynamic, fully uncensored (me: :woot: ), enough to put many experienced hentai mangakas to shame, good job :shock:
Release credits are for a Patreon-based artist, Kimmundo (check his page maybe?) and his/her commissioner, Cruz01, thank you! ^^

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Get Caught [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the League Of Legends game, by Sieyarelow

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Weird, but nice ^^

I imagine some of you are playing League Of Legends ? I never played it myself, online games with a potential for being addictive are a maximum threat for me and I don’t dare play them anymore, they cost me two years of my life, which is enough already ^^;;
In this LoL parody, we watch Zac and Riven mating. No complications, it’s casual sex pleasing both parties, and I guess this is it, huhu.

Enjoy! And thanks to whoever it is that made and released the doujinshi :)

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JINX! Come On, Shoot Faster! [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying League Of Legends, by Turtle Fish Paint, A.K.A. Hirame Sensei

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I never played LOL (I strongly envy the perps having time for this, you bloody fuckers, I was like this once, playing MMORPGs and online FPS so much!), however judging by the artworks and cosplays I was exposed to, Jinx strikes me as the bitchy-est female character of the lot.
This share is… how to say… Like an ode in her glory :D

First, a horde of robots tries to rape her. This is her flawless victory. Then, the two police (?) women who caught her will feel her revenge. With a savage burn at the bottom of page 15, lol ^_________^

Visually, this is really hot, her eyes, her slim figure, her crazy blue hair (her eyes are crazy, now that I think of it, too)… Yum =)
To quote the friendly comment written by Zathael, this was translated by HerpaDerpMan for the Reddit /r/rule34lol community. No idea who colorized it though… thank you!
Oh, side note. Check this out :D

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