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Elves [English, Full Color], a splendid Lodoss Wars hentai doujinshi, by Okito Endo

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This is the Lodoss hentai doujinshi that I always wanted to exist. And read.

Maybe it will be different for you, but me, Lodoss filled my younger self’s imagination to the brim. Dragons, romance, elves, heroes, magic, courage, excellent visual art and amazing music (check this clip for instance, or its longer audio version)… I think my erotic fantasms about elves come from this, huhu.

In Okito Endo’s Elves, we watch as Pirotess (bold dark elf) and then Deedlit (more composed high elf) are having sex with Parm. Good happy sex, with not that many pages dedicated to sex, most of them were simply displaying astounding full color art, less as a parody than as an homage.

Another quality release by Doujin-Moe today, thank you :)
By the same artist, I also share a pack of 4 works (Elven Bride 1-3 + Dragon And + Kaiserin To Ikkakujuu) and Elven Bride 4-5.

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Records Of Lodoss Wars hentai doujinshi [English] : Light And Darlnell, by Leaz Koubou

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Dark Elf = insta-boner

The drawings are good, without being exceptional. The censorship is massive. There is no scenario, these are just drawings featuring two women having sex.
And so, why would I care about sharing it ?

Because these women are Deedlit and Pirotess, the incendiary female Elf and Dark Elf from Records Of Lodoss Wars !! :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Wari To H Na Sentaichou No Ichinichi, I Potcha, Shuffle Time and Millenium Magic.

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