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Nao To Ecchi chapter 1 [English], by Kikurage-Ya

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The boobs: I must go. My people need me.

I like what I’m finding here :D In Nao To Ecchi, it seems we’re headed towards a route in which a young man has caught the attention of two sisters, a highschool classmate and a 3 years older fully adult and more mature-looking sister. You can guess as well as me what may follow. In this chapter 1, the elder sister takes the lead :3

The drawings suffer from the black censorship bars, but I don’t think that’s a real obstacle when the mangaka is Kikurage-Ya, as lots of talent is poured in something other than genitalia. The breasts, the facial expressions, the “games of light” in the background… All in all, yeah, I think it’s worth a read, enjoy! ^_^
Many thanks, for this promising one, to Noraneko, CellTF and JBK! :jap:

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Ookami-san No Oshigoto (“A Wolf’s Job”) chapters 1-4 [English, the story is now COMPLETE], by Majoccoid

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Diabetes incoming, vanilla overload :D
Here comes, my dear fellow hentaiers, a really sweet piece of hentai, four chapters long. This is the story of a wolf deity taking human shape, a common practice in that area of fictional Japan, and falling in love with a human. Let us add a rival (a human highschool girl taking advantage of the MC’s temporary weakness – down with a fever), a drama, and a happy unfolding of the drama, with an absolutely SWEET conclusion =)

The drawings are very good, however I’m not sure the hot bodies (from pettanko to busty & meaty) will make up for the whiteout censorship, I’m warning you just in case.
The Tsuuyaku is behind this release, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share [email protected], Dakitsuke Nuigurumer, Konogoe Wa Todokanai, Love Me Tendeloin, Evil Scream and Boku Wo No Inari-sama.

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Oshikaki Fiancée [English, 175 pictures], by Matsunami Rumi

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I wrote a bad review of this manga, but at least it features a meganekko!

The chapter 1 doesn’t dispel the reader’s willing suspension of disbelief (*). It nukes it with nuclear force, Tzar Bomba style, a merciless slaughter in place of a dispelling. The unimpressed male hero has a woman thrown into his face, parents agreeing on an arranged marriage, and the woman had never seen his face but is already in love and horny. I’d like to say the chapter 2 brings back a feeling of believability, and to some extent it does, the second girl thrown into his face was a childhood friend (whom he never saw in 4 years but whatever.) :facepalm:

I know, I’m writing yet another wall of text, but, you know, for me, it really matters. When the story doesn’t go full WTF or full comedy (and then “everything goes”), I enjoy things less when plausability is thrown down the gutter. You know what, I hope you’re not in that case, as it’s making enjoying hentai more difficult :-/
So, yeah, I didn’t enjoy the manga very much. Sorry!

Graphically, at least, it was OK. No hardcore detailed drawings (white-death-censored, art trying to avoid having to be show censored areas), but good enough :3 Credits are for Lazarus LP and CovertOpBoobs, from LazarusH, commissioned by, thank you ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Uchiki Na Kanojo Wa Basilisk.

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