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Aural Hypnotic Ecstasy #2

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By HurpDurp on 84 comments

HurpDurp here.

Sorry about not posting an h-anime last week. I actually didn’t have anything to post. ┓(゚ペ;)┏

Also, I somehow ended up being a beta tester for Elder Scrolls Online, so I was kinda busy last weekend anyway. :V

This time everything is hypnoshit (well, kinda, you’ll see). Yhay! One of them has mimikaki, so there’s that too.

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Aural Ecstasy #21

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By HurpDurp on 15 comments

HurpDurp here! Happy New Year!

Almost didn’t have this post today. I keep getting locked out of my fucking account, and it’s annoying as all hell.

Only four files this time. Couldn’t decide what to post for the 5th, so I just gave up :V

This time we got one step-incest stamina endurance file, one hypnosis file, non-h file with mimikaki and an h-file with mimikaki!

Also, apparently Wordpress broke something for “editor accounts”, so any time any type of script is used, it’s phased out and displays as plain text. So you’ll see the shit I have hidden for Google until it gets fixed, sorry :(

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Aural Ecstasy #19

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By HurpDurp on 54 comments

HurpDurp here, and it’s time for a new audio post! Couple things:

First: My ears are fucking with me again. I’ve been unsuccessful in getting health care because Obama can’t do shit right ever, so my ear will probably end up exploding again before I can do anything about it. Hopefully I can still listen to stuff, I haven’t tried yet. We’ll see tonight. Also, my doctor won’t call me the fuck back about getting some medicine, no matter how many times I leave a damn message on her answering machine.

Second: it seems Wordpress updated how searching works and it’s completely broken this website. If you search “audio”, the first result will be a post from September instead of this. I have no idea when or how this will get fixed, so for the foreseeable future if you’re searching “audio” to find these posts, I suggest clicking on the category “hentai audio” of the first result to see whether or not you’re getting the most recent post or not. This goes for movies as well, as this actually effects everything on this website equally.

Finally: I bought both an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4. Jelly? Also, Xbone is better so far and Ryse is surprisingly good. Now for the impending rage in the comments, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh.

This time we got one hypnosis file (which is kind like a sequel to the last), a non-h file and some mimikaki.

This post contains the following: RJ062363 ( RE062363 ), RJ102215 ( RE102215 ), RJ104238 ( RE104238 ), RJ110910 ( RE110910 ), RJ113934 ( RE113934 ) and RJ114194 ( RE114194 ).

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