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Watashito Iikoto Shiyo? (“Will You Have Sex With Me?”) [English, 201 pictures], by Asagi Ryu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

The only chapter with a highschool girl, and she still looks like she's above 30 lol

This new Asagi Ryu tank is mostly about women in their thirties and forties, plus a highschool girl in the end. The manga is made of several stories, of small to average length. Every time, it’s an older woman (by a few years or by two decades) who becomes a man’s sex partner at first, until their relationship deepens, trust builds up, and now they’re romantic lovers for the long run.
Sometimes, it will be truly moving, which is nice :)

Graphically, there’s very little censorship, and the women are drawn Asagi Ryu style: slender, realistic, which includes traits that may not be popular, like slightly sagging breasts or a visible belly.

I don’t have the entire credits information, sorry. I know we can credit Anonymous and CrowKarasu; Junryuu; and Jhenier13 and Phazonmasher, but for some chapters, no idea, and there’s also been at least a bit of a re-edit (some images I knew fully whiteout-censored are now here with only thin bar censorship). If you know which credits info I’m missing, and you can share it in a comment, I’ll be grateful!
Still, thanks to all who contributed to this release! :jap:

By Asagi Ryuu, I also share Oneesan To Aishiacchaou (196 pictures), Loving An Older Woman (202 pictures), Shoujo Seiiki (208 pictures, cute teen yuri slice of life), Heavenly Garden Where The Maidens Bloom (“Otome Saku 1”: graphically the BEST yuri h-manga I have EVER read), Kuroyuri Shoujo Vampire (“Vampire Girl Black Lily”, 200 pictures), I Fell in Love For The First Time, Usui and a pack of 3 works (Distant Evening + Memories Of Her + To The Flower Garden).

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Orihime [English, 60 pages], by Asagi Ryu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

Mature feelings with mature women, in short ^^

This is a love triangle with a slice of life feeling and a peaceable air around it, without drama, between a young man, and two sisters, aged 43 and 30. The older sister is extraverted and proactive, with fair hair and glasses. The younger sister is extremely shy, and yet driven by a strong resolve. I hope these “mature” feelings won’t bore you!
The ending was great, with promise, responsibility… Haaa :)

Graphically, Asagi Ryu draws very polished hentai as always, with a good care for lots of hardly noticeable, and yet present, details. However, to be frank the art wasn’t as great as previously, with a few screwups here and there (my ultra-fave, a third leg on page 12). Also, omething extremely rare in hentai, the women’s bodies show signs of aging. The breasts that will sag a bit. Bones shapes showing through the skin in the upper-middle chest area and on the ribs. The belly skin that will make balloon a little. The hips whose shape shows.
I fear most of you will find it ugly, but in my eyes that was incredibly natural and realistic, and beautiful in itself.

Thanks a lot to Junryuu for this release! :jap:

–Update: excellent news, the present post has become obsolete!
You may find its contents in Watashito Iikoto Shiyo? :)

Dream Reality [English, 222 pictures], by Takasugi Kou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 16 comments

There are only so few good hentai artists doing MILFs, and Takasugi Kou might be the best of them. Enjoy, my dear fellow hentaiers ! =)

Here is a manga entirely dedicated to the glory of MILFs, independant women aged 40 and slightly more, having happy sex with mutual liking and respect with young men half their age. The stories are mostly uninteresting (there’s also one incest chapter), although occasionally providing welcome comedy and, rarely, beautiful literary flights about how some women may age while staying beautiful.
Dream Reality was brought to us by Tadanohito and all his kind donators, thank you very much ! :)

I’d say the best is the drawings : there’s little censorship, the black bars are thin enough and the genitalia are fully detailed, so we’re never deterred from getting the whole picture. To say it in a weirder way, it doesn’t break our willing suspension of disbelief, unlike other much-hated forms of censorship ! :twisted:
Side note, The women, when they reach ecstasy, will make dead serious faces, occasionally followed by a brief ahegao, that, that was troubling O_o

For MOAR, check The (long) list of Takasugi Kou’s works on Hentairules.

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Soothing Hot Spring Resort Omokage [English], by Kuroiwa Menou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 11 comments
There are mosaics, love, and the miracle of sex soothing the soul

This is one of the reasons I love hentai so much. Porn is made to masturbate, or at least raise sexual excitation. But not hentai !

With hentai, porn is just one side of things, as we keep the benefits of mangas : when an artist has inspiration and talent, we’ll be moved, thrilled, taken, we’ll be slightly different persons after reading. Maybe hentai mangas are even more than just mangas, as sex can be freely depicted, it sometimes allows more than usual all-ages mangas.

… Sorry for the long wall of text, again T_T – I just wanted to say, this share was much more than porn (fortunately, as the censorship was bad, darkened mosaics, too bad, when the woman was a shockingly awesome MILF), it showed happy sex with a form of love, and it also showed a certain form of poetry, and the magic of sex healing the wounds on an exhausted soul…

My gratitude, for this great release, goes to Saha and Blues, thank you ! :)
Fore MORE, cf. The list of ALL Kuroiwa Menou’s Works on Hentairules!

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