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Comfort Nuns [English], by Umekichi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments
Sex with nuns :)

Now that I think of it, it’s sort of natural that we don’t see many vanilla happy sex with love stories featuring nuns. I mean, if everything was working naturally and the proper way, nuns wouldn’t be subject to earthly desires, they’d ignore the needs of the flesh, right ?
Ergo, nuns must be hentai raped. Written like that, it makes sense :D

OK, OK, without bull, it’s a boring “hentai rape of nuns enjoying it a lot” story. Graphically, however, nuns are hot, and hot are the drawings too :roll:

By Umekichi, I also share Lustful Fencer Nanao, the Uncensored version of Sister Life, The Prized Masochist (50-60% hentai rape, it’s a full tank) and Sister Life (happy wincest).

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Pack of 3 works by the artist Jouji Mujoh [english 72 pictures]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
Nice Persona pic :)

Before I forget : Persona players, this highly embarrassing picture is for you :lol:

I think this pack will be more “consensual” (and popular, I write it with a few regrets, but stats will tell by tomorrow) than my previous Maidoll pack : it’s happy brainless sex, without complications, without love but at least with mostly mutual appreciation.
Haruhi and Asahina from Haruhi SOS Brigade are starring, as well as a Persona heroine (no idea who and which, I never played it when my life contained idle time, to my regret.)

The titles of these works are:
Nanika Kawara de Hirotta volumes 1-2
Otona Star

My thanks are for Raikoh, Cgrascal, Conan, Nameless Translator and Anonymous Scanner :)

For LOTS more, please see The list of Jouji Mujoh / Shinozuka Jouji’s works on Hentairules!

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Sperm Star [English, 198 pictures, Complete], by Drill Jiru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 15 comments
This is a hentai UFO

I don’t know how much Sperm Star will appeal to your erotic sensibility, but I believe this manga fully deserves room in everybody’s collection, I never saw an UFO (unidentified fappable object) like that before :D

Crazy sex battles, scary monsters making terribly down to earth remarks or behaving in an abnormally normal way, futanari action, rape but not rape, weird happy sex, an anti-charismatic heroine, even weirder secondary characters… It’s absolutely impossible to predict in advance what the next chapter will be like? I found myself laughing without seeing it coming….
OK, this manga is ODD, but I think it’s really worth the read, thanks a LOT to YQII for this :)

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Berry Ecstasy [English, 204 pictures], by Towa Oshima

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 23 comments
will you like the scenario ? I wonder

Berry Ecstasy isn’t the average lovey-dovey hentai manga – it is far more interesting, will you like it ?

This isn’t really happy sex, but not unhappy sex either… How to say… I usually like to say that sex is much better when this isn’t just the mere satisfaction of a physical need, but also a soul-to-soul connexion, right ?
Well, Berry Ecstasy deals with the kind of sex that has gone beyond the satisfaction of physical needs, however the soul-to-soul connexion turns into a 404 or 501 error, it fails to work correctly. Either because the partner’s mind is sealed to actual human feelings, either because of extreme narcissism.

It is VERY interesting, but I cannot tell if you’ll love it ! Thanks to 4dawgz for this manga, a real “adult” story with complex ingredients (and not just porn) is good from times to times  :)


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Hana’s Holiday Season 2 [English, 223 pictures], by Saigado

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 13 comments
Tags: Mediafire
Awesome Saigado =)

One year and seven months after I shared the first chapter of Hana’s Holiday Season 2, at long last, here is the COMPLETE and final volume of this serie, thank you VERY much to Tonigobe’s long-term patience, talent and dedication ^_^

Hana’s Holiday is a “slice of life”-type hentai manga, showing the sexual life of two office ladies. It’s easy sex without problems or second thoughts, it tells about sex bringing happiness and sometimes salvation to tired souls ;)

(Hana’s Holiday Season 1 is available here)

(I share MUCH more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The list of Saigado’s works on Hentairules…)

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Lets Play With Koikeda-san [English, Complete], by Tatsuya Mitamori

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 31 comments
Tags: Anal, Mediafire
Anal fans, rejoice :D

I don’t believe it. I REALLY don’t believe it :shock:

Unlike what everyone expected before, with the release of the 2 missing final chapters, the scenario has become INTERESTING, and there has been no gangrape of the heroine ! o_O :shock:

I don’t complain, to the contrary :) There are still tons of very hardcore and happy anal and vaginal sex, but as a bonus, the scenario was very well-imagined, mutual love is finally confirmed, we avoided the dark events we imagined last month, and you’re in for a ribs-shattering fit of surprise laughter at some time around the end :3 This is the final complete version, I owe a huge gratitude debt to Setebos, thanks a lot man :)

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Bosei Bonnou [English, 195 pictures, Complete], by Mustang R

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 7 comments
Shotacest, does the term exist ?

You see, I was not certain I was going to share this one : graphically, this is good (not my personal cup of tea, but I can perfectly see why lots of people are going to like it, it’s hardcore, mostly MILF with a bit of 20 yo girls, DPs in quantity), but the scenario, honestly…

No better way to say it : the scenario sucks. “Shotacest” is a boring topic, and the artist targetting his audience doesn’t care about us poor readers caring for a scenario :roll:

Still, my sincere thanks to Brolen, Setebos, Marte and Fayt, it’s nice of you guys, to bring us more hentai stuff :)

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