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Quintuple Shots [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Sennen Soujou Aigis series, by Hirno

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Paizuri. So much better in hentai than in porn vids ^^

I picked this one for sharing, partly thanks to the OK drawings, but mostly because it contained one of the lamest excuses to start a sex scene (“There are no bows or arrows, but there is a penis!!” – whaaaaaaaaaaat?!? :lol: ), the mangaka only cared about giggles and not credibility ^^

The source: well, I’m not sure, it’s got a Tower Defence game (“Millennium War Aigis”), but also a manga.

Anyway, we’ve got a nice threesome with two identical women (name’s Nanaly) competing over which one will make the male MC cum the most, there’s not *that* much censorship, we’re in the “reasonably realistic” body type (lacking screentones to add volume, a pity, this), it’s eye candy enough, I hope :)
Thanks to Frontsex for this release! ^^

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