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Pack of 500 pictures by the Ero-Artist Neurodyne. Watch out, they’re not your usual erotic material ;)

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I actually burst out laughing when I saw that picture

I’ve gotten the recommendation to share this pack of artist pictures from an Hentairules regular (let’s call him Anon), and although it freaked me out at first, I reckon this is solid. Extremely weird. But there’s definitely an aesthetic sense, and technical skill in the making of those images. Not just porn, this is art.

Long story short, here is a pack of no less than 500 pictures by the ero-artist Neurodyne, most of them dealing with sci-fi aliens (the scary kind, not the “do me NOW” 99% human-looking Liara T’Soni type) or evil creatures, or somehow animalistic (furry?) female beings :D

I’ll let your tastes be the judge, but me I don’t regret sharing it, it’s a breeze of fresh (although spooky) wind :3

I’ll share some links, too, Neurodyne’s got (unsurprisingly ;) ) a Furaffinity page, a book for sale and a hell girls novel apparently. Plus, naturally, there’s a Patreon and (are they better than Patreon?) a GumRoad :)

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Sabbath Wa Houkago Chikashitsu De (“The Sabbath Happens After School In The Underground Room”) [English], by Horitomo

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You've gotta hand it to the mangaka: it's creative as fuck

Hats off, I didn’t think I’d read a story like that some day. The male MC is a disciplinary committee member at some highschool, and he uncovers the shocking secret in an underground room, an orgy hosted by (wtf? No, no wtf?) the schools satyr, a busty, horned (also, horny, but that he didn’t know yet), goat-legged, dark-skinned girl :shock:
At first reluctant, the boy is soon won over and enjoys the satyr pussy, before she grants him his guilty secret wish: to become a woman. Ad have intercourse with the male futa version of the satyr ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Graphically, I’m torn. The drawings are really pleasant, enjoyable, as original and fresh as the story. But the mangaka can’t draw hips for shit, seriously, on more than half of the pages the hips are a complete wreckage destroying my suspension of disbelief (here’s my favourite).
I’ll let you see for yourselves, enjoy! And many thanks to Espeon and Desudesu! ^^

By the same artist, I also share Mummy Maid and Watashi No Karada Shirimasenka (“Have You See My Body?”).

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Majin Zensen [English], by Miitoban

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Awww, that smile =)

No need to be into monster girls for this release, as long as heart-warming vanilla is your thing :)
In Majin Zenzen, a human and a demoness are in love and meet regularly between the front lines, to hell with the war between their two races, their feelings for each other are the real thing, it’s only a pity there aren’t more people ready to have an open heart.

You’ll get smiles, cuteness, the monster girl spook (a 3rd eye, a spiky tail, horns), and pretty good sex despite the annoying thick black bars. It’s just me of course, but at least for the touching ending, I would say it’s worth the read :)
Just a side note, I slightly retouched the images, for levels, to have blacks looking less dully grey.

Thanks to Constantly for this release! ^_^

By the same artist, under the names Miitoban, Nikuman Umeew or Meetban, I also share Narikiri Mahou Shoujo Bokos, Ihara-chan Wa Futoppara, Mitain Desu (“i Want To See It”), Jinrui Niha Hokentaiiku Ga Hituyoudesu (“Humanity Needs Health and Physical Education”) and Different World Girl plus its short sequel Different World Girl 1.5.
There are two more Different World volumes, but I hesitate about sharing them, they didn’t impress me, so maybe I’ll wait for yet another volume to come, and bam! repack time.

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Pack of 327 hentai pictures, by the ero-Artist Slugbox

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What kind of creature is that supposed to be?

This is THE pictures pack I would have wanted to share on April’s first, for my furry monday, if I had seen it in time. So, disgregard the calendar, I’m sharing it now :D
You’ll have plenty of furry (no shit Sherlock!), but also plenty of cute girls with, as always when I hand-pick stuff that I want to share, this undescribable impression I have that there’s a little something making it more than basic fap-and-forget porn; an impression this is a form of art, with inspiration, creativity, originality, making me feel the artist poured more than a bit of talent, of work, of himself/herself in the images…

Enjoy! ^^
For more Slugbox (honestly, I have no intentions to post updates with newer images), check Slugbox’s Deviantart profile, there’s a Patreon for the exclusive donors-only images (think: decensored, higher res, or not shared elsewhere, that kind of stuff), Twitter for random talking, and, special hugs for the sick fucks (AKA the furry fans :lol: ), this furaffinity page :)

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Yamahime No Mayu Mata (“The Mountain Princess’ Cocoon Once Again”) [English], by Nakamura Regura

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There’s always a first, here is an ADORABLE release, vanilla-packed, full of heart-warming WAFF. About the love between a human and, I don’t know how to call her, a insect girl. Humanoid for most of the parts, save for the antennae, the eyes, and the small appendages hidden behind her shoulder plates :shock:

I hope you can put this “monster girl” nature behind you, because the story is brimming with love, with beauty. There’s no actual scenario, the two characters, the insect girl and the human living with her, are just spending a moment of peace, reflecting on the difference in their lifespans and concluding it doesn’t mean anything, as their love is lived in the present, not in the past or in the future. The mutual care, the gentleness of the art, the quality of the sexual drawings (damn, that paizuri!!), all of that made for an exceptional read :)

Thanks a LOT to Sou and Aya for this release, I’m grateful! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Mami No Meguri.

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Slowly You Will Be Loved [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Splatoon game, by Celluloid Acme

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Does the male inkling ejaculate white-coloured ink?

I kinda wish I could travel back in time to speak to the 1997 version of myself who had just started downloading hentai, and tell him “you’ll be aroused by female squids, female battleships, by the reincarnated king Arthur, by some boys who became women, and on the occasion you’ll find a woman with a dick can be sexy.” Just to see his face. It would have been priceless.

Back to the present: two characters from the Octo Expansion, Splatoon 2’s DLC, have quality consensual sex. That’s all I understood frankly, and it was SUPER weird, with Marina as the female star, a tanned girl (inkling? Female squid?) with cute glasses, dark skin and a nice ass. Why not enjoy it, and I imagine the splatoon players will have an even finer time reading it ^^

I’ve always found it frustrating, I can’t play Splatoon with others. Everybody’s fine playing it, while me, let me with the joy-cons in hand during more than five minutes, and I have unbearable wrist pains, gyroscoping aiming simply doesn’t work with me :(

Thanks to Axalon, MrWayne, Time, Fog, Progste and CellTF! :jap:

(Remember to view the updated list of Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

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Uchiki Na Kanojo Wa Basilisk [English], by Matsunami Rumi

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Fact: lots of men wouldn't mind, as long as there's a consenting vagina they'd be OK :D

You have all already seen this old picture, right? In this share, once again, a snake-woman fails to petrify a young man.
But that would probably be because she only cares about mating with him, somehow ^^

I’m not sure in which box I should put this release. Monster girl: of course. Domination: clear as day. But other than that? Consensual sex: errrr, no, but I wouldn’t dare call it rape either… Mind break: I don’t think this tag would apply even despite the ending…
I’ll let you be the judge, enjoy, this looks surprisingly nice :D

By the same artist, in another style entirely, I also share Oshikaki Fiancée (175 pictures).

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