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Pack of 239 adult pictures, by the ero-artist Packge

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Pushing ecchi to the limit

I’m not sure where I saw a picture by this Indonesian ero-artist shared just a week ago, was it on /r/rule34/, or somewhere else, argh, my memory blows. Well, anyway, I dug out for more because that pic looked great, and there we are, a pack of pictures by the artist Packge :)

You won’t find hardcore hentai here, but instead a delicious and largely varied choice of girls (from the looks of it, original creations, not inspired by games or series) in adorably ecchi poses, with minimal outfits. Most of them have an hourglass figure and a nasty round butt, with a few fully clothed pics and a few monster girls, although in the end these are old pics and the quality falls.
I believe it’s worth a look, it’s delicious to browse =)

The usual bonus external links: Packge’s Deviantart, in which it is mentioned he (well, I suppose it’s a he?) takes commissions, Twitter for more recent pics not in my pack already, and Pixiv.

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Bat Communication [English], by Niwatori Gunsou

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Not too many monster parts: not bad :D

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATCHAN!

Here’s a nice and only slightly spooky share on this halloween day, the story of a young adult human with a demi-human, a monster girl if you will, a woman with a few bat traits such as: small wings, weird hands, ears, and hypnotism powers she uses to ensure she’s got a husband :D

It’s drawn well, with only little censorship, it’s more vanilla than drama oriented, I have zero complaints ^^
Thanks a lot to The Tsukuyomi, Samwais, Amalthea, Freudia, Katyusha, Lvl_0 and RO, from Team Koinaka! :)

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Delivery Hells – Here Comes Hell [English], a delightful piece of maximum WTF hentai, by Kemonono

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WHAT THE FUCK :shock: :D :lol:

This is hilarious, and extremely weird. I would have been tempted to challenge you guys, by writing it is simply impossible to fap to this release, but that would be underestimating the internet and its lurkers :D

Look, I don’t encourage you to download it to your hard disk. But at least, please, pretty please with sugar on top, try reading it, at least ^^

The story line, in short, is about a world in which human ingenuity for evil has even conquered hell and demons are now forced to work among humans; here we watch a male MC call for a demon prostitute, however he will be served with a she-goat-demon instead of the usual friendly slime demon. The female MC acts like a spoiled bitch, and yet ends up acting like a tsundere horny fresh teen ^^;;

This delightful unfappable piece of furry hentai has been brought to us by Midori, thanks for the scanlation :)

By Kemonono, I also share Groove Tube (195 pictures, Uncensored), Yellow Pop (231 pictures) and Muchi To Ha Zai 1-3.

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Ochita Mesubuta-tachi (“Fallen Bitches”) [English, 192 pictures], by Tendo Masae

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It doesn't show of course, but that image comes from the worse chapter in the book

Normal or magical girls, confronted to various sorts of rapists (human, partly human, monster, magical), are raped, however they feel so good in the end they end up completely mindbroken, period, next chapter begiiiiiins NOW. And so on.
I dislike this theme, it’s no surprise here, but at least I’ll have to be honest and pour some praise, while most of the art is average, there are pretty good moments taking the reader’s eye by surprise here and there. A beautiful face (that’s the best part in the manga, the numerous cute blushing faces), a quality ero position with, by chance, very little censorship… For this reason, I can’t call the manga “garbage” – I mean, I’ll have forgotten about it in two days, sure, but I can’t call it shit at least :D

I think I saw Doujin-Moe credit stamps, soooo, thanks to Doujin-Moe?

By the same artist, I also share Mahou Shoujo Ai (182 pictures).

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Yurushite Anata [English, 206 pictures, Uncensored Tank version!], by Kon-Kit

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- "Alfred?" - "Absolutely. TO THE FAPCAVE, MASTER BRUCE!!!" - "Hey, that was my line!"

Well, that was insanely hot, and also an insane emotional rollercoaster :D :shock: :roll: :woot:

Here is a complete tank by Kon-Kit, Yurushite Anata.
Depending on your tastes, you’ll adore some stories, and detest some others. There are lots of cheating and adultery behind an oblivious husband’s back (the Kaya-chan series continuing), weird WTF female sentai action, heroic fantasy gone wrong (or right, depends on your tastes ^^;;), happy sex with only a little bit of WTF, and lots, lots, lots of comedy. Enough to make me feel my head was going to explode :D

At least, graphically, I can say that was very good. The manga is fully uncensored (woohoo!! :kickass: ), the women are total babes with meaty bodies, hourglass figures and splendid breasts. Enjoy!! :D

I will highlight it, this is the third version of Yurushite Anata. What you have here is a new translation, using tank scans, and that were, additionally, fully decensored. Think that we went from this horror to perfect high resolution images without censorship, isn’t that nice? :woot:

We owe this splendid new version to Itsjustme!!!, Sands, Ranzu02, 4chan people, Monsterbot, Anonymous, and Gansta, from Kon-Kit Translations, thank you very much! ^_^
They’re specialized in Kon-Kit and take donations to offer more, if you guys are into it :)

I share MORE great stuff by Kon-Kit, cf. The list of his works!

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Different World Girl 1.5 [English], by Nikuman Umeew (AKA Miitoban)

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That image's size is 525px x 525 px. When I end up with the same height and width, I always feel this weird manic satisfaction ^^;;

This a short 13 pictures release, this is just a bonus to Different World Girl. If you don’t view it as a bonus, you might get disappointed, honest warning :)
And so? Well, Philia, the demon girl from Different World Girl has more sex with her male partner. That’s it, no pages wasted on more scenario or the like =)

Short or not, it was nice, as an hentai release of course, but in addition, for the pleasure to meet again characters to which I got attached, it was a warm surprise. Thanks to Dark Knight! :)

By the same artist, under the names Miitoban, Nikuma Umeew or Meetban, I also share Narikiri Mahou Shoujo BokosMitain Desu (“I Want To See It”), Ihara-chan Wa Futoppara, Jinrui Niha Hokentaiiku Ga Hituyoudesu (“Humanity Needs Health and Physical Education”)  and Different World Girl and its short sequel, the present share, Different World Girl 1.5.
There are two more Different World volumes, but I hesitate about sharing them, they didn’t impress me, so maybe I’ll wait for yet another volume to come, and bam! repack time.

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Oni To Wakamomo (“The Oni And The Young Peach”) [English], by Nemu

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Tits worth worshippping.
“Fufu~ ♥ Too bad~ I win again~ ♥ You should surrender yourself to my tits~”

That was adorable =) Oni To Wakamomo is taking place in an old mythical Japan in which humans and onis coexist peacefull, and we’re shown an oni-human couple in which, at long last, childhood friendship turns into a true lovers relationship :)

The censorship becomes annoying in the end, too many thick black bars, but apart from that, it’s full of sweet things. The female oni’s very large breasts, her dominating self-confident face, the frenzied paizuris, the happy ending… Haaa =)

Thanks a lot to NecroManCr for this one! ^_^

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