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Mama Shotaimu Kyoudai Hen [English, 145 Pictures] by Pink-Noise and a Repack of the Series [English, 830 Pictures]

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Hey, Troops! DeltaOblivion’s here with something even I wasn’t expecting. Pink-Noise made a sequel to Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen: Mama Shotaimu Kyoudai Hen. However even though it’s a sequel, Shizue and her son, Shun are not the main characters of the story, but rather their neighbors: Yukawa Reiko and her twin sons, Mamoru and Makoto. For a single mother raising 2 boys that are at each others’ case is a handful; that is until one day as Reiko headed for work, she happens to notice both Shizue and Shun french kiss each other. That image burned into her mind from then to for days on end until…eh, why spoil it when you can see for yourselves how they started their threesome festival. I also updated the Complete Mama Shotaimu Hen Pack so pick that up if you are new to the series. Many gracious thanks to Amos Kandy for another Pink-Noise translation. Enjoy!

PS: Remember to cast your votes for Traps being here on HentaiRules and if it comes to pass, I’ll post a big full color share starring a Cute Vanilla Trap, a Chocolate Tsundere Trap and a Blueberry Pervert Trap you will all enjoy as the first one in a pack. I guarantee ya!

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Mama Shotaimu Kyoudai Hen: Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

Mama Shotaimu Hen Pack: Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen [English, 156 Pictures] by Pink-Noise and a Repack of the Complete Series [English, 685 Pictures]

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Hey Troops! DeltaOblivion here withe the final Mama Shotaimu Hen Chapter and a direct sequel to Mama Shotaimu Christmas Hen: Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen. Unlike the previous shares this one is by far the shortest but is still a cute one as it shows the daily life of Shizue and her son Shun; from day in and day out ever since their union after Christmas. And with this all 4 Mama Shotaimu Hen Chapters are translated and I’m posting a complete repack of the entire thing. Of course if you only want this chapter, there’s a separate set of links. Many thanks to amoskandy for his hard work in bringing these stories to us. Enjoy!

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Mama Shotaimu Christmas Hen

Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen

Mama Shotaimu Manatsu No Pool Hen

Mama Shotaimu Tropical Hen

24.35 MB, 156 Pictures

Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen: Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

219 MB, 830 Pictures

Mama Shotaimu Hen Complete Pack

Mama Shotaimu Manatsu no Pool Hen [English, 120 Pictures] by Pink-Noise

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Hiya Folks! DeltaOblivion here bringing you the 3rd entry in the Mama Shotaimu Hen Series: “Mama Shotaimu Manatsu no Pool Hen”. Truth be told I was hoping to share it when “At Home” was translated so I could do a repack of all the entries, but I can imagine that it would be torture if I did that since this one has been out out for a while. Unlike the other entries, this is the only one that’s full color. Which means more fun in my opinion. Just like always I’m including the textless images along with the translated story. A big Shout-out to amoskandy for another excellent work in translating it.

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26.7 MB, 120 Pictures

Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

Enjo Kosai [English, now fully Complete: 219 pictures], by Toguchi Masaya

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Mostly mother incest, sigh.

I’m glad I can share a tankoubon with you guys, but I cannot pretend this is THE kind of tank I dreamt of. Here comes Enjo Kusai, a tank whose main story line is weak and crappy, a love triangle between a loser boy (who also becomes open buffet for MILFs), his mother and the mother’s female friend. Following this are single chapters, with cheating, shibari and nurse play.
Nothing to merrily dance about, see ?
(Impossible not to buthurt people on the internet, sooo: if YOU like it, hey, cool, I’m merely expressing my personal feelings, etc.)

The art, at least, is better. Very huge breasts, long flowing hair, horny faces, not too much censorship, plump MILF bodies. If you only come for the MILFs and can focus on the art only, then not all hope is lost :D
Overall credits are for, Lord Of Evil, Desudesu, Grey Fox, Flammz, Xarathustra, thank you :)

By the same artist, I also share Wagamama Na Tarechichi.

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Enjo Kosai (chapters 1-3 + Prologue + Epilogue, apparently, that’s complete ?) [English, 142 pictures], by Toguchi Masaya

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Let's try to focus on what they are: hot MILFs, rather than who they are

– Update : there we are, that post is now obsolete.

You can find the COMPLETE Enjo Kosai manga, 219 pages long,
on THAT page of Hentairules! :)

Hahaoya Shikkaku Elite Oyako No M Buta Netorare Tenraku Jinsei [English, 479 pictures], by Hana Hook

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Facepalm time. Yay -_-

I’m mostly sharing it by request, also because I know it’s going to please a good number of people, and I like being nice. So, there you are, the episode before the gigantic NOPE known as Hahaoya Shikkaku Elite Oyako no M Buta Netorare Tenraku Jinsei Epilogue Oyako-hen (“An Elite Mother And Son’s Fall Into A Life As Masochist-Pigs – Epilogue: Mother And Daughter Chapter”).

I took the liberty of recompressing it for you, without a difference that would be visible to the naked eye, the zip’s size fell from 347 MB to 179 MB (169 MB smaller, woot !)
As for the story ? I view it, from my personal point of view, as despicable shite, women are viewed as sows, and men are either dominant alpha males for whom everything is granted, or submissive pieces of shit who must have their pride crushed even when they’re granted access to the sows’ orifices. Fucking sigh :facepalm:
Still – I know lots of you disagreed previously, but, hey, it’s my blog :D – I had to bow to the energy and dedication poured into this comic, no easy route was chosen, lots of efforts were made. I don’t like it, but I can reckon this is now low quality shit, this is high quality shit ;)
Credits for the release are for Rinruririn, Kusanyagi and Herzer, and this is following a suggestion by Gelleyenk that I’m sharing it :jap:

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Onegai AmaMama [English], by Kai Hiroyuki

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Facepalm times facepalm

I imagine the discussions around a bar table. – So, what’re you doing for a living ? Oh me ? Assistant manager for a clothes brand. – You ? Mangaka, I just sent my editor a chapter about a mother fucked by her son. – … … Oh, blimey, look at the time, it’s time we go home, goodbye :roll:
Allright, in this share, a college/highschool young man comes back home from training camp, and his mummy welcomes home with open labia.

Can’t say I’m a fan, but I know Kai Hiroyuki’s art is popular, so maybe a good number of you guys will like it :)
Credits are for Viacheslavovich, Nulltraman, Riviera, Laruffy and G33FreyCroix, from Laruffi Translations, thank you !

For much more, please see The list of Kai Hiroyuki’s works on HentaiRules

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