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The MOTION COMIC made from “Non-Stop Kenmochi Sensei”, by Jingrock

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments
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I propose something else, censor the pussy hair and leave the vagina in peace without censorship. Huh, what's grosser, after all, eh ?

So, yeah, between the hentai videos and the hentai comics, there are the hentai motion comics, colorized pages from the mangas, made to move, shake, vibrate, with control over the motion and with audios.
I’m not a total fan because of the sounds given to sex (to give you a comparison, the average japanese JAV squealing sounds hyper-realistic and aesthetically succesful, in comparison to motion comics) and because of the censorship, but, well, it’s still got a certain charm, maybe you’ll like it :)

I was already sharing the motion comic for Bloomer Mama (motion comicmanga), and now, here is the motion comic for Non-Stop Kenmochi Sensei ! (its hentai manga version can be read here.)

(ARGH. What category should I file this into ? Movies ? Mangas ? T__T)

(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

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Pack of two 3D Animated Hentai Motion Comics, by the hentai group Slave (artist Ebina Souichi)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 29 comments

Animated 3D hentai motion comics... Yeah, it exists ;)

We owe this share to a kind visitor called Michael, who recommended this one to me, and again, and who pinged me yet again after I had forgotten about it despite initial enthusiasm : thank you Michael ! ^^

This is something I had not see yet. I had see some 3D hentai still pictures. Some 3D hentai videos. Some motion comics.
But… a mix of the three ? A motion comic, in which the pictures are huge animated gifs, of 3D drawings ?!? O_o
And yet, that’s it.

With the art, some bits are creepy, some other bits are awesome, and in my eyes, the awesome wins by a landslide. OK I couldn’t fap to this, but I bow down to the talent and work it must have been, and it’s nice eye-candy :shock:

I gathered 2 works by the group Slave, with Ebina Souichi as main artist :
– Love Resort Comic Style, Momoka Chapter (it’s also got an official website, if you want to support the artist)
– Pony Tail Sensation
Based on happy white bikini sex with mutual liking, in duo (Love Resort) or in gangbang (Ponytail.)

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting

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COMPLETE pack, in a single archive, of ALL the works by Black Dog so far :-) [English, 2509 pictures]

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By HurpDurp on 91 comments

This is the only thing I ever think of when I think of Black Dog.


Time for an update to the defunct Black Dog megapack I made almost two years ago. Goddamn, I’ve been here awhile, haven’t I? (Even though I’ve been gone for like two months… Oh yeah, explanation at the end of the post.)

Update : updated with a shit ton of new stuff

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A torrent file that *might* trigger your interest

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 44 comments
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I may be wrong of course, but I suspect that this is something that could interest a few of you guys, a torrent containing ALL the translated works by Shiwasu No Okina – to this day – and the 3 motion comics made after one of his mangas, almost 2400 pictures, 1.1 GB : this way for the torrent, kthx.

Update : while datorrents.com is having server trouble, use that mirror :)

OK, I confess, I didn’t just stumble on it, I asked a pal to make me some promotion with a big torrent most likely bound to become popular :D
His upload speed sucks balls when it comes to torrents so it might take a while to gather enough seeders, the torrent is around 1.1 GB large, but you just have to be patient ;)

Update : to the persons that said “thanks”, I’ll tell my pal, you’re welcome. To the persons that said it’s too slow or dead (the torrent is alive, the public completion growed by 5% in 45 minutes, heck, we’re talking about a folder largen than 1 GB !) or that requested RS links, you’re damn ingrateful, that said without hard feelings.

Redirection page : Jingrock’s works on Hentairules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 7 comments

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Jingrock that I share on Hentairules.

Jingrock’s mangas always show happy sex between cheerful consenting characters (I deeply regret this should be considered as a useful precision, sigh), with great hungry faces on the women’s side, with casual sex (nothing extreme, not even anal), and no other particular fetish to mention. See for yourselves ;)

Here are the covers of the works by Jingrock shared on hentairules, and below them are the links to the gallery and download pages.

Free Image Hosting   english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Genshiken Motion Comic : Weather Report, by Black Dog

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments

black dog motion comic flash fullcolor animated doujin weather report

I am becoming addicted to motion comics, seeing the usually immobile and black and white girls of the hentai mangas go “live” and show themselves moving, moaning, fondled, fucked, that is something I can’t get tired of :D
Here is a new motion comic (you could call that a “flash animated doujin”) made after Weather Report, a hentai doujin by Black Dog, enjoy :) This motion comic is made after the Weather Report doujin.

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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