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Aural Ecstasy #24

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By HurpDurp on 54 comments

Hurp here, I’ve got bad news and worse news. Which would you like to hear first?

I put at the BOTTOM of the post if you actually wanna read it. You really should.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the audios! This time we got a hypnosis file and lots of stuff involving sex. That’s pretty much it. No non-h stuff, sorry. :( (Why? Read the news at the bottom of the post to find out!)

Also, Happy Mother’s Day! At least one of these is incest involving your mom, so make sure you listen to it to show her your love!

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Aural Ecstasy #20

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By HurpDurp on 25 comments
Tags: mp3, succubus

HurpDurp here. Long time no-aww, fuck it. Sorry I haven’t posted the last two weeks. Oliver fired me for a week, then by the time he re-added me I didn’t have enough time to make a post for that week and last week I actually had no animes to post <_<

So, Merry Christmas or so. I had actually had something planned for Christmas, due to lack of support in my endeavor that fell through. I originally planned to somehow acquire 5 files to share here with everyone that have not graced the Internets with their (illegal) presence just yet… I was only able to get one (included in this post), the rest are ones I found on PD that I haven’t seen on any websites yet. So at least they’re kinda new! Right? …Right? D:

This time we got one script-less file, one hypnosis file (the not on the internet yet one!) and a non-h file with mimikaki. Also, this post HAS NO INCEST. I think that’s a first. Ever.

Also, apparently noscript isn’t working. So you’ll see the shit I have hidden for Google until Oliver sorts that out, sorry :(

This post contains the following: RJ063279 ( RE063279 ), RJ079992 ( RE079992 ), RJ097329 ( RE097329 ) , RJ113304 ( RE113304 ) and RJ123856 ( RJ123856 ).

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