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Gouwan Kaa-chan (“Iron Mother”) [English], by Kuroiwa Menou

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An entire release about porn, and I pick a non-hentai pic? Yeah, it was the most *beautiful* image, in my opinion, precisely because it showed it wasn't only about sex

It could have been yet another boring worthless mother incest, but as it comes from Kuroiwa Menou, praiseworthy effort is showing and the story is at least commendable, with interesting characters and an original drawing style.
In Iron Mother, a mother working as a construction worker, proud of her muscular body and tanned skin (or natively dark skin? I just realized, there are no tanlines at all), on a whim, deflowers her son. Kuroiwa Menou almost makes it look like vanilla, which is a feat, in my eyes.

This isn’t my kink, mothers or muscular bodies, but I’ll be honest and reckon this is very well done, for these niches, haha.
insanepraetor and Bluerose are the ones who released it, thank you! :)

Fore MORE, cf. The list of ALL Kuroiwa Menou’s Works on Hentairules!

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Pack of 572 adult pictures, by the ero-artist CuteSexyRobutts

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This is Tsuyu, from MHA/BNHA, right?

A friend (thank you Iz’!) sent me the link to this massive (572 pix!) pack of erotic illustrations, by an artist that likes women thick, with massive knockers, thin hips, frequently muscular, and on top of all blessed with godlike asses: CuteSexyRobutts :)
The images are a combination of soothing artistic beauty, deliberate eroticism, and crude pornography, so there’s stuff for everyone here, huhu.

I’ll let the boobs and asses sate your eyes, and just add one more thing: the link to CuteSexyRobutts‘ website, there is more :twisted:
(Also, the artist takes commissions if you want something specific, but has a long backlog to clear before taking new orders. But, hey, you can always check in the future.)

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Kinkyorirenai (“Abs-solutely Close-Range Love”) [English], by Mado

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The way the panels were built, cut and splitted, made it kinda hard for me to find a suitable big preview pic, it's a hurdle I only very rarely meet O_o

Oh, that was fucking SWEET! :woot:
And funny too ^^

We watch two youngsters, muscular boy and pettanko tomboy muscular girl finally taking a step beyond mere childhood friends. They’re both awkward, tsundere-ish, unprepared, totally in love… I kept on smiling and feeling warm and fuzzy inside while reading it ^_^
Many, many thanks, for this read, to Crystalium, Constipat8, Amalthea and Freudia, from Team Koinaka! :jap:

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Pack of 3 works [English, 122 pictures], by Blmanian

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That girl is a massive squirter, as you will discover, lol

I gathered here three works by Blmanian, they’re very good, each of them with their own tone. Those works are:
Kan Ochi, in which two judo practitioners turn their randori into a sex bout. I was impressed by the proper rendering of judo moves and the fine details like how the kimono folds go, frankly. The tone in that one: tsundere using domination to hide warm feelings, comedy and sexual prowess undo it.
Seishokusha No Sei, in which a teacher blackmails a student to have sex and “awakens” her to sex. She’s slim, pettanko, with tanlines, a maximum squirter, and she’s cute in a nanobikini, but the “blackmail is love, blackmail is life, it’s not wrong” tone got under my skin.
Takeshiryuu Shin Kenpou Gaiden Yurika Ikimasu 1-2, the best of the 3 works, and also the longest, it’s 3 “usual” chapters worth, starring the hentai version of Sakura, the Street Fighter girl with bloomers. Tsundere and vanilla mix up with comedy bits, there’s even a bit of a nice scenario, woot! ^_^

Graphically, it’s crude and yet very eye-pleasing art, I hope muscles aren’t a problem for you though ^^
We owe those releases to Fated Circle, commissioned by Garass, thank you very much! :)

By the same artist, I also share the awesome Buruman (216 pictures, Uncensored), and Beropi (“Tongue piercing”), Black Community Service, Sakura Motto H Mo Ganbaru, Sakura H Mo Ganbaru and Gyaru Katekyo Maji Mawaii.

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Secret Plot Deep Shinsouban [English, 196 pictures], a high-resolution and high-quality re-edit of the goold old Secret Plot manga, by NewMen

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No, this isn't an arm. This is a dick, YOU SICK PERVERTED FUCK!! :D

After Secret Plot Shinsouban, here comes now the English version of Secret Plot Deep Shinsouban, the high resolution and high quality reprint of the very old hentai classic, the image resolution went from 700 px to 2133 px, it’s a whole new world :)
I suspect the original Japanese publication was quite older than my 2008 old share (see its total nineties spirit, rightly inspired from Masamune Shirow’s works that flooded Europe and USA in that decade).

Looking back to the earlier times of hentai, we had so little to make do with, we took everything as a masterpiece. Objectively, Secret Plot + Deep is mostly about two unruly female teachers abusing their authority to have steamy hot sex with dominated students they treat with lack of consideration, in the present Deep volume we even have three chapters with a crossdressing boy awakened to anal sex by women (dildos and fingers.) The surprisingly cute vanilla conclusion, and the constent pepperspray of sharp comedy bits doesn’t fully make up for it, in my eyes.
But, eh, it’s still a fine classic, the kind of must-have to place in my collection :D

Thanks a LOT to ShadowRFox for the reedit of the Secret Plot volumes, good job :)
By the same artist, I also share Secret Plot Shinsouban and Etc.

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Koko Wa Bitch Gai (“Here Is A Bitch Street”) [English, 192 pictures], by Aoyama Akira

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At least, I can say the scenario didn't follow the usual route :)

Let’s start with two quotations:
« A district of lewdness and immorality where all the slutty bitches of the world gather! People call it Bitch Street! »
« It’s almost like another world where common sense simply doesn’t exist! »

Now, let us place a young male genius, wanting to purchase a bitch so that he wouldn’t feel alone anymore, isolated because of his young age and intellectual prowess.
Things won’t take place like he – or I – would have been expecting. He’ll be raped (not that he disliked it though), over and over, and the girls will fight over who will become his official cum dump. This doesn’t put him on a pedestal, he’s hardly more than a handy walking dick in their eyes :shock:

Graphically, it’s very impressing, the insane amount of double pages, the endless dialogues, the hardly censored hardcore sex (huge breasts, vaginal time mostly, hair, very explicit), however the ahegaos and the WTF scenario somehow killed all libido manifestations in me. And for you? I’ll let you decide ;)
Thanks to Saha and Omega999 for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Secret Signature (190 pictures.)

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Monzetsu Taigatame ~ Count 3 de Ikasete Ageru (“Faint in Agony Bodylock ~ I’ll make you cum on the count of 3”) [English, 247 pictures], by Yoshimura Tatsumaki

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Isn't she cute, after all, under those muscles? :)

Well. That’s what I call an hentai UFO. But a good UFO, hehe :D

Sorry for the small number of shares since I got back, I had – and still have, urgh – lots of things on which to catch up. But I’m getting back to preparing shares at least… it’s weird, it’s taking time of course, to prepare shares, but I feel so much better when I can share what I like, that I am in a much better mood for the whole next day, I guess it’s a win-win in terms of productivity ^^;;

The male hero in this share in a non-standard harem situation. He’s small but virile, and doesn’t trust women because of a past betrayal. Around him: female wrestlers, tall, muscular, violent women. And, for some reason, he will have to pretend to be a female wrestler too, and have lots of fighting and sex with these women.
On the one hand: there is violence against both genders, domination, and you got to be tolerant to muscle and looots of meat.
But on the other hand: this never becomes femdom, and I found myself, to my great surprise, actually LIKING the story and the variety of female characters. They were loveable, original… Let’s add the successful additional of a small romance, woot!

Graphically: tons of paizuri and vaginal sex, a bit of anal and footjob, mostly one-on-one action with bits of threesome or group time. Muscles, meat, very little censorship, rare ahegaos. Good stuff all in all.

That was weird, but it’s one of those mangas I’m damn glad I could read, in the end. I hope you may enjoy reading it too! ^_^
Thanks a LOT to Drozetta, Brolen, Dynellen, Svines85 from BEC Scans and Salar! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Hime-sama No Sakusei Skill, a pack of 4 works (Mochihada chapters 1-2-3-8-9 + Now What + Puppet Master + Tokuresen Taboubi) and And The Day Broke.

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