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Niji Iro Ao Ringo [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the My Little Pony: Frienship Is Magic series, by Inumimi Moeta

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

As always in such cases, when it's futa, I wonder if I should call it yuri or not

Applejack and Rainbow Dash going through a vanilla futanari phase. OK, that, I had not seen it coming O_o
But hey, why not? The drawings are average but don’t suck either, and it’s the merit of being highly original. Plus, there’s so little censorship it’s almost uncensored, which is nice.

So, if that caters to your tastes, enjoy! ^^
And thanks to Tiramisu, Altereggo, TJPR and Kirbydances, from Little White Butterflies :)

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