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Huge set of 249 Uncensored CG pictures, with English-translated dialogues, by the Circle Anco

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Wow, it's old ^^

I have that impression that I’ve been seeing “Circle Anco” since forever here and there, when I occasionally browse CG picture sets.
Usually, I simply skip them, but this time that was a pack named as being uncensored and translated (and transalted by a certain “Q91”, thanks for this!), NOW it’s something I deem worth sharing :D

What we have here, are 249 pictures of women from popular anime and manga, having sex (not forced, they like it. Oral, vaginal, a few DPs and such.) The colouring is not very artistic (fuck shades, we may be in 16-million jpeg colors mode, but most of the skin usually looks monocolor) and the genitalia look kinda crude, but that’s part of the charm of the style, I guess, either you like it, or not.
I have little more to add: if you dig the art, enjoy! ^^

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Yome Ga Oo Ni Narimashite [English, 112 pictures], a DELICIOUS vanilla hentai doujinshi parodying the Naruto series, by Satomi

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That’s the kind of manga you read while cracking idiotic smiles all along, feeling extremely lucky noone is watching you enjoy so much something that is still, technically, porn ;)

In this share, Naruto and Hinata are married and near the age of 30, we’re just a few years before the Boruto side-story timeline. For some plot reason, Hinata temporarily loses all memory of what happened after her sixteenth birthday. Imagine how it must feel, to be at heart a teen in pure love with a promising male crush, and to find yourself married with him and mother of two children :D
There will be a LOT of blushing, a lot of, metaphorically, bridges building, a lot of confirmations…
It was ADORABLY cute :)

Mangas like this bring the best of hentai to me, I hope you too enjoyed it ^^ Thanks a LOT to doujin-moe for that one! :)

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Uzumaki Hinata No Dokuhaku [Englihs], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Naruto series, by Iichi ume (AKA Plum Factory)

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Aww =)

It’s possible the best legacy the Naruto series has left us is this trail of extreme vanilla mangas with adult Naruto and Hinata, living their daily marital life, being deeply in love, and having heart-warming sex.
The present share, showing Hinata pleasuring herself with Naruto while he is (mostly, but not always) asleep, is one of these mangas :)

I’ll be frank, the drawings are only average, but I think that’s OK. How to say… There was “soul” poured into the artwork, it may be odd to write it like that, but I think it has made a difference. Reading it felt great :)
Satan-sama from, TL Anon from and U.T.L. from, are behind this release: thank you! :jap:

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Attaka Uzumaki Volume 2 [English, Uncensored], a Naruto hentai doujinshi, by Nanashi (under the 774 House pen name), + a repack of the volumes 1-2

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I only have two other examples in mind. And yet, if we talk in terms of who’s breaking the world records… I think the most savagely brutal VANILLA ATOMIC BOMBS are based on the Hinata-Naruto couple. Has there been a better couple than them, for vanilla hentai ?
I also recommend those two other vanilla bombs: Naruto-kun No Ecchi and the previous volume of Attaka Uzumaki.

Ahem. Back to topic. Hinata and Naruto are newly married, deeply in love, have only recently discovered sex, and they both come back from annoyingly long missions. They’re going to go at it as soon as they’re back home, in the bathroom, in their bed, and all this time they’ll exchange words of love, of trust, they’ll smile to each other and strengthen the bond between their souls, their faces are so expressive, all along…
That was… magical. And totally arousing, just sayin’, you know, the drawings are good enough.

Credits, for this great share, are for Hecatom, TL Anon, and U.T.L., thank you so much ^_^

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Love Icha Nindou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Naruto series, by Tokie Hirohito

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“It makes my whole body feel like a pussy”. Riiiiiight.

Naruto’s lust knows no end, and this time Tsunade is his partner. She’s head over heels for him, accepting to have sex whenever he comes to her. Don’t expect a scenario or anything, it’s just lots of copulation, drawn in this “wet and sloppy” style I like so much and regret since the days we had lots of things by Yoshu Ohepe scanlated :D
Expect big boobs. Lots of fluids flying around. And a gradually more and more submissive Tsunade :twisted:
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! ^_^

By the same artist, known as Tokie Hirohito, circle Chrono Mail, I also share Pearl Rose (219 pictures), Re-Start (236 pictures), PSD – Panther To Seikou, Bitter Taste, Enshi, Courtship Vector 1-2, and The Struggle Of Rikka’s Inn.

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Naruto-kun No Ecchi [English], a really sweet hentai doujinshi parodying the Naruto series, by Oretto, under the name Ring Memo

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Haaaaaa =)
In a comment, 3 months ago, Kcz117 said it’s possible to get drunk on vanilla: I wouldn’t go that far, but I certainly get the idea ^___^

Here is an ADORABLE Naruto hentai doujinshi, in which Naruto and Hinata have sex, of course, but also in which communication is key, about exchanging about how you feel, what is important to you, what’s in for you and your partner, how much you care about each other…
There’s only a little to fap to, but the feels, THE FEELS! It’s heart-warming :)

We owe this very pleasant share to Satan-Sama, UTL and TL Anon, thank you very much! :jap:
Also, please, don’t miss Attaka Uzumaki, a TOTAL VANILLA ATTACK.

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Nisemono [English], a Naruto hentai doujinshi, by Pets

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Tsunade and Jiraiya are concerned that Naruto is still a virgin, and they instruct Shizune (Tsunade’s assistant, the one with a pig) to go and deflower him. She does as asked, after some comedy, first disguised as Sakura, and then the action continues with her under her real appearance.
Unlike almost all the Naruto hentai doujinshi that I’ve seen (save a rare precious exceptions), that one stays mostly true to the story, to the personalities of the characters, and even, to their body proportions. The only alteration would have been Naruto harboring “elder sister that I wouldn’t dislike fucking and falling in love with” feelings towards Shizune.

So, allright, the art is “only” okay, but it’s a cute storytelling (I mean it, it was heart-warming :) ), and we get to see Tsunade with Jiraiya, Naruto with Sakura, and Shizune with Naruto. It’s plenty already, enjoy! ^_^

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