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Sen-chan To Issho [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Gustav (AKA TelomereNA)

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It's an idea I frequently have, what if RPGs came in two versions, one "normal" version and one hentai version, in which everyone is having, in addition lots of sex? Imagine the impact on sales!

Resembling a nekomimi is enough to be turned crazy horny by catnip, isn’t it sweet? :3 I have no reason to complain when it brings us very good Granblue Fantasy hentai, with a Sen x Gran scene ^_^
There’s very pleasant art, the mangaka’s talent shines as of usual, giving us plenty of excellent bits all along :)

Just one thing, to warn you in case it’s important in your eyes, the images are badly low res (1280 px, which is weird, I searched around and the raws I found were larger, 1492 px O_o). It’s not *that* bad in my eyes (thanks to the strongly contrasted images, there’s lots of visual impact even if it’s low resolution), but I can’t decide for you, see for yourselves…

It’s been released by Freudia, Rokusanji, EcchiNeko, Katyusha, Nero, Lvl_0, Amalthea and The_Joy, from White Symphony and Team Koinaka, thank you dearly, all of you! :jap:

For MOAR Gustav/TelomereNA works, see Their list on Hentairules!

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Nakiris Oishiku Meshiagare [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Takurou

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At least, kudos for the Erina cosplay pages.

Ah, this is so frustrating! Just like in the previous volume, Nakiris Oishiku Itadakimasu, The girls are perfect, but the scenario stays on the same corruption track from before, with a dark sucky basis and a fugly male MC :gfy:
Usual disclaimer, if you love this stuff, hey stuff yourself full, it’s quality within that precise niche.

So, if you need a summary, it’s Alice and Erina Nakiri, the babes from Shokugeki No Soma (although I personally belong to Team Tadokoro, the braided maiden in the series), their will has been bent in favour of some obsessed scumbag, and they have sex. Alice is kinda tsundere, Erina is openly naughty and cosplays (main highlights: nekomimi maid, Kashima O_o). Sigh.

Thanks to whoever released it.
By the same artist, known as Mix Fry and also as Takuro Art Works (or add an “u” and make it “Takurou”), to this day, I also share Rika No Kenkyuushitsu ~ Chiteki na Rikei Onnano Seitai (206 pictures), a pack of 2 works (Ruizumu + Mikkusufurai HaruLala), Kore Ijou Wa Yurushite, Shibaranakute Mo YokunaiOagari Yo, Iinari Kirara no Saiminjutsu, Nakiris Oishiku Itadakimasu and its sequel the present share, and a pack of 3 works (Minamino + Nagi Kan + Ran Nana).

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Haru O Maneku Suzu (“Ringing In Spring”) [English], by Tokiwa Midori

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No worries, this is no waste, men have unlimited ammo in hentai. And look at the girl's adorable face! ^__^

Oh boy. That. Was. AWESOME!! :D :kickass:

We’ve got:
– Quality art, original, intense, well done in all regards, without too much censorship (black bars, we can deal with that)
– An original story, taking a break from how typical nekomimi hentai goes, bursting with gentle, touching mutual care, even after lust took over
– And icing on the hentai cake, an adorable, surprising, funny and heart-warming conclusion, I’m still giggling about it :)

I can’t recommend you enough to read Haru O Maneku Suzu, if you haven’t done it already :)

Release credits are for Dynellen, Yuzuru Katsuragi, RO, EcchiNeko (a fine nickname for a share such as this one!), Freudia, Constipat8, Canine (seriously, do those guys chose this share because it matched their nicknames or what?!?), Rotoscopic and Nero, from Team Koinaka, thank you very much!! ^__^

By the same artist, I also share Nepenthes.

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Rika No Kenkyuushitsu ~ Chiteki na Rikei Onnano Seitai [English, 206 pictures], by Takurou

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Honest warning: I took the ONLY picture in the WHOLE volume that didn't have HUGE censorship. See: no false promises ^^

Guys, this is thanks to Loplopsama that I’m sharing this manga :) I will quote him: “I just noticed this tank came out in the last couple of days and all parts of have been translated to magazine scans. I cleaned them up and uploaded it together with the tankobon pages that didn’t exist until now, namely feature pictures and a little bit of sketch work, and pull them together along with adjusting the levels a bit to match up.
The first part called Rika no Kenkyuushitsu aka Rika’s Laboratory was translated by Crystalium and the second half, The Sexy, Heart-Pounding Study, was done by the old The Lusty Ladies Project.

So: THANK YOU LOPLOP! :D :woot: :kickass:

And now I have very little to write, hehehe. I’ll add JB Random also gets his share of the credits, and mention the manga is made of two halves. First it’s about a highly erotic and crazy science girl, giving weird meds to her male assistant, with the predictable sexual aftereffects. The second half is about a young man about to enter college, in a romantic sexual triangle between two sisters, one pettanko loli-looking (supposedly older than him :roll: ) and a busty babe working as a model. The first half was inventive and rich with comedic relief, the second half was kinda boring and had poorer image quality – but it was still pretty decent =)
You’ll have “normal” sex, nekomimi, bunny girl, cosplay, for mostly vaginal action. The censorship is huge, though, mostly whiteout, sorry about that!

By the same artist, known as Mix Fry and also as Takuro Art Works (or add an “u” and make it “Takurou”), to this day, I also share a pack of 2 works (Ruizumu + Mikkusufurai HaruLala), Kore Ijou Wa Yurushite, Oagari Yo, Shibaranakute Mo YokunaiIinari Kirara no Saiminjutsu, Nakiris Oishiku Itadakimasu, its sequel Nakiris Oishiku Meshiagare and a pack of 3 works (Minamino + Nagi Kan + Ran Nana).

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Siren – Kyousei Saimin Keitai [English, 198 pictures], by Yokoyama Naoki

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After all, everyone must have had lots of fun with the fantasm idea of hypnotizing women, right? (and fuck whoever is an angel enough to never have nurtured those fantasies.)

To summarize the manga in one sentence: men obtain ways to control women, enjoy the ton of sex it brings them, but they end up corrupted by this new power, happy twisted ending. We have hypnotism, black magic, possession, and the stereotypical variations on WTF phone apps. In the second half, the male MC doesn’t become corrupted, he is a corrupt shit from the beginning, using a phone app to hypnotize girls, making them perfect idols and proud cum dumps.

And then, the oddity, the two last chapters (pp 156-195) are made of vanilla hentai, happy sex with love and all O_o

I couldn’t really love the stories, but somehow, just like it’s fun to wreck your city in Sim City, there’s a certain dark charm about it, I wouldn’t judge the manga too harshly. And, graphically, it’s FUCKING GOOD! Well drawn girls, with extra-minimal censorship, just a small thin bar here and there, yess!! :twisted:

We owe that one to Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Carol – Saint Bell, Zettai Fukujuu Ousama Game to Rin-chan Now, French Kiss chapter 6 (which made me appreciate gender bender, to my great surprise O_o), Wifes, Yokoyama Naoki Ni Yoru Yokoyama Nao No Eroi Hon and Yokoyama Naoki also drew 2 bonus pictures in Eternal Love.

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Halloween Wonderland [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live! series, by Akki

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Cute, right? ^_^

This is improbable yuri upon a foundation of even more improbable yuri. How could I not like it? :twisted:

In this share, one of the Love Live! idols, Hanayo Koizumi, is accidentally transported into a parallel universe, in which she finds the same band of girls making her idols group, her own alter-ego having switched place with her actually. The differences would be this is a fantasy world, under shiny magical-looking illuminations, and the girls have become animal-like, with fluffy ears (cat, dog, fox, rabbit, other rodents) and a tail. A true tail. In the real world the girls are in need of a butt plug (yeah.), while here the vacant space is already occupied.
What do you think these fantasy girls will do? Cute group orgy for the win! \o/

Thanks to whoever is behind this release!

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Isekai No Mahoutsukai (“Mage From Another World”) [English, 203 pictures], by Simon

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This might be my favorite image in the whole volume...

Well, isn’t that nice, a full tank, with a full-volume (okay, save the last chapter) scenario, and based on vanilla if you will? :D
(In more details, the story revolves around female mages who need to replenish their mana supply with some lucky male MC’s semen. I’ll reckon this isn’t crazy original, but it does the job ^^)

Served with Simon’s GREAT drawing skill, there are lots of quality sex (from oral to DP), of beautiful blushing female faces, with three girls, the “normal” one, a slutty AV actress, and a bald pettanko nekomimi. The censorship stays to a low level, like two thin white bars per shot.

It was a fine read for me, I sure hope you guys may find pleasure with too, either for the art, the story, or both =)
Release credits are for Constantly and the glorious Anon who commissioned him, thank you very much! :)

By the same artist, known as Simon, Saimon and NS Craft, I also share Last Battle + Secret Price, Completed + Two Of Us, Gyouretsu No Dekiru Youkai Shoudanjo, Beast Max, Kaede To P, Heisei Hourouki, TransSisters + Entendu Omake Booklet, Rin To P, a pack of 3 works (Entendu, Frick X Frick and Last Battle Extra), Beast max and Irony.

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