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Diablo No Shoyu Monodakara Suki Ni Shitemo IIiyo (“We’re Your Slaves So You Can Do As You’d Like Diablo”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “Isekai maō to shōkan shōjo no dorei majutsu” series, by Punita

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Apologies, I had a disgusting afterthought: her cat ears are so large you can stick your dick in them

I never heard about How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord before, I guess I’ll give the scanlation a chance, maybe it’s an OK read :)

Bear with my lack of knowledge of the series, anyway. The typical isekai scheme applies, a human is summoned into another world in which he’s a powerhouse surrounded by ladies, and this is how the present doujinshi begins, Diablo, the OP male MC wakes up surrounded by a cute pettanko nekomimi and a bakunyuu elf (called Rem and Shera), good mutually pleasant sex ensues =)

The drawings were pretty good, the censorship pretty unnoticeable (white unobtrusive bars), and to my surprise the art quality (I lack the proper vocabulary, we were above usual “industrially made” hentai, there was talent and inspiration, in my eyes) made me more enthusiastic for the pettanko than the meaty busty girl, maybe the cat ears helped ^^;;

Thanks to Venator for the discovery and the release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Love Love Potion, Ijimerarekko Kyousei Shidou, Ecchi Kara Hajimeru Fujun Isei Kouyuu and Kyoukai No Yami.

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Yoruneko-san No Shunkou Raijuu Ikaryaku [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Bleach series, by Bang-You

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Oh, hentai, what have you done to us. We used to not have sexual fantasies on cats.

Oh, that one was nice, the quality of the nekomimi drawings, and the feeling of meeting again old friends, my almost forgotten fetishes for that dark-skinned girl in a nekomimi form… :twisted:

Here’s a Bleach doujinshi, in which Yoruichi is in her nekomi form (usually she’s either fully human or fully cat, but in the late chapters she combines the best of both worlds) with adorable dark skin, and her former lover Kisuke Urahara has to practice treatment on her through – unsurprisingly ^^ – sex.
In terms of art, we had damnably good butt shots, mostly vaginal sex with kinda tolerable censorship (opinions will vary on that topic, I guess), and a bit of anal in the end.

I cannot call it a masterpiece, but that was definitely several grades above the average MacHentai. Enjoy! And thanks to Naxusnl for the release :)

By the same artist, known as Bang-You, Manguri Cannon and Nagaredamaya, I also share Stopwatcher (202 pictures), UrAnus, Uranus-san Vs Toumei Ningen, Shidoukan Future, Shidoukan Crouching + Shidoukan Outdoor, Bang You Collection Vol 3, Degeneration and Lunar Eclipse.

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Gakuen Bath Time [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane game, by Kotengu

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┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I’m not going to promise you marvels, this doujinshi’s got only a small number of sexual pics. It’s cute, allright, a nekomimi Atago enjoying pleasing her admiral, she’s got nice boobs and there’s nylon fetish, but short is short, in addition it’s also heavily (multiple bars) censored, deal with it ^^

Release credits are for 2Cooked4You, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Nama-iki Sakari, Nontan Shinkon Seikatsu, a pack of 2 works (Atago Milk + Atago No Amaama Seikyouiku) and Pure-Heart Girl.

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Honey Cats [English], by Miray Ozaki

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I didn't know that volume existed at all, what a good surprise ^_^

That’s an original idea here, the mangaka took some of his regular girls, turned them into nekomimi, and paired them with male partners taken from other series than their own.
I recognized the Naka-chan we have in You And Me Make Love, there’s of course Ai Sugimoto, but who’s the third girl, Ayumu? No idea ^^

But anyway, there’s pretty much zero scenario here, let’s simply say this is nekomimi hentai with Miray Ozaki’s girls, it looks fine, there’s only minuscule thin bar censorship, and this is it, enjoy! :D
Thanks to Herzer and N04h for this release! :jap:

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules!

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Saimin Shinsatsu (“Hypnotic Treatment”) [English, 179 pictures], by Kinntarou

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Shitty men, high quality women. Pity, but still hot ^^

Here is a complete hentai tankoubon, full with hardcore sex, and with only very moderate amounts of censorship on the images, one or two translucid bars at a time, it’s not much at all :)

… And with that, I’ve depleted every compliment I could give, the rest would be bitching and whining because the manga doesn’t suit my tastes ^^;;
So, yeah, save the last almost vanilla chapter, the rest is entirely about men with sadistic tendencies successfully humiliating, dominating, blackmailing, forcing women to submit, until they’re happy to be fuckholes. The first third of the volume is about a doctor with a gift for hypnotism, and the rest is made of single chapters not varying much though, ending kinda the same :roll:
If you’re into that niche, this is quality material, in my opinion.

Thanks to Desudesu and whoever commissioned him for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, Kinntarou, circle Nanakorobi Yaoki, I also share Musashi-Ryu Seikyouiku, Female Fighter Gangbang Round, Nikuyoku Chikan Sharyou, I Want Yukarin To Devour Me, Delicious Head Maid and Tobikkiri No Senkan VS Senkan.

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Tsugi No Kata Douzo [English, Uncensored], by Kiichi

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Another fine victory for modern medicine

A young human male visits a cat-woman doctor for a consultation: how could be cured of his fear of beastpersons? Honest, he’d want to get along with them, but his fear of them is an instinct he has no control of.
The doctor’s answer: let’s mate, you’ll see we’re fully compatible and can get along very, very well ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The drawings were fantastic. My other recent share by Kiichi, Futari No Jikan was the soft, gentle type, in terms of art. This one’s also very beautiful, but with a more crude, energetic, powerful vibe+. This is quality enthusiastic action, of the highest quality even outside of its niche, enjoy! ^_^

Thanks to SMDC and G-Birkin for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Futari No Jikan.

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Ai De Sosoide [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane game, by Oohira Sunset

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This is also why we need hentai: it's got no obligation to be bound by the boring limits of real world physiology :D

Fusou, a nekomimi shipgirl from the Azur Lane game, has cute drunk sex with her admiral. And this is it ^^
The girl is adorably plump and horny, it was a sweet, not too censored sight, hopefully that will soothe your eyes too. There’s ONE thing you aren’t allowed to miss: the SHOCKWAVE on page 16, that was… worth it :D

Thanks to the persons (sorry, I didn’t find the info) who scanlated the doujinshi! :jap:

For a lot more, don’t miss The list of Oohira Sunset’s works on Hentairules!

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