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Shissou Shita Tsuma Kara No Netorare Video Letter [English], A “Comic from CG” by Sannyuutei Shinta

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Some pics are good. Taken one by one.

Wow, that’s a first, hats off to R-IC for doing that!! :kickass:

Here is a unique form of release, in which a very long CG pictures set (you know, a large number of computer images are repeated in small to large series, with each time only minor variations between each image in each series, usually it’s either a game or an easy way to produce a huge number of images for a sort of hentai graphic novel) was “transformed into a comic“.
We went from 600+ images to only 24 images, keeping most of the contents, and switching to a narrative more familiar (and easy, not immersion-breaking) to our eyes, in the form of dialogue rectangles.
Now, it’s much easier to read. Imagine the amount of creativity it must have taken, good job with the successful experiment, R-IC! ^_^

Mind you, Netorare Video Letter might still slithly displease most of you guys, as the story is deliberately cringeworthy. A wife disappears on her man, days later he receives a videotape, etcetera, you see the idea? Huge netorare.
But this time, it goes farer than that, the new wife’s “master” loves hardcore play, fisting and asphyxiation fetish are part of the game :shock:
Even the censorship is… weird. Vagina: mosaics censorship of death. Anus: never heard of censorship, enjoy perfectly seeing deep into the abyss :shock:

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Erona ~ Orc No Inmon Ni Okasareta Onna Kishi No Matsuro (“Erona ~The Fall of a Beautiful Knight Cursed with the Lewd Mark of an Orc”) [English, 198 pictures], by Yamada Gogogo

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Kind of a difference from the usual heart-shape made with the fingers

That might have been the most detailed, dedicated hentai manga I’ve read about female mindbreak and orcs. The entire manga revolves around a female knight, with a strong and righteous personality, and the path of domination, corruption, mind destroying, mind breaking path she had to take, under the perverted guidance of a mage orc. All the ingredients are here, netorare for the human male loving her and who thought he and her had a chance at redemption, the woman going from blackmail to mindbreak to finally getting her free will back and choosing the orc…
I can’t say I loved it, but the work and care given by the mangaka deserves praise. Probably, if you’ve got a fantasm for utterly dominating someone, crushing her/his hopes and establishing kingdom over her/his will, that might be a manga you will love greatly.

Graphically, this was very good. Only rare views of the ugly faces of the orcs, hardly noticeable white censorship bars, intense action (almost exclusively vaginal sex). Also, the obligatory weird ahegaos and shit, once again, I can’t be expected to love everything, can I ;)

The manga was scanlated by Darknight, thanks a lot! :jap:

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Junai Orgasm [English, 237 pictures], by Minority

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Some panels are actually well made, which makes the rest of the manga even more of a disappointment, when you realize they're a hard to come by exception

How luck, in the first pages of the manga, Minority already provides a good summary, let’s quote the woman who said it: “Even though you used me like a toilet… This is the happiest… moment of my life!:roll:
There’s be little point in giving detailed summaries, as the entire manga is like a monument to WTF hentai, it’s filled with plot twists, betrayals, surprises and, in the first half, a combo of netorare/netori. But basically, yeah, the women enjoy being used and they’ll gladly take the mindbreak route ¯\_(°_o)_/¯

Graphically… Once again, WTF. Traits of fully adult women combined with traits of underage women (not to mention the 3 chapters with borderline or actual loli, had I seen them earlier I might have not shared the manga), the weird proportions… This is a “hate it or adore it” situation, I guess…
But well, if you like weird stuff, hey, why not, right? If so, enjoy!

Release credits are for Dynellen The Hentai Bringer and Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Negative Kanako-sensei (209 pictures) and Love Handy Phone (217 pictures).

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Pack of 2 [English] works by Takeshi Ohmi, focused on revenge on adulterous wives

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Bet you didn't notice there was a dick and an actual act of penetration on that picture

I gathered here two works by Takeshi Ohmi:
Probable Affairs Between Men And Women (Please: read carefully the last page.)
Very Lewd Urban Legends Real 14 The case of Kitano Miyoko

All those netorare mangas over the year may give us baseball bat, shovel or power tools fantasies. But we never get what we aspire for.
Here is a non-violent version, in which the betrayed husbands find out and plan their revenge. In the 2 works I share here, the stories take place at this pivotal point where their soon ex wives discover they’re fucked beyond relief and try to plea for forgiveness with their bodies. But in the end, their husbands don’t forgive, fucking them one last time was only the hentai bonus :twisted:

Revenge well deserved, it felt good to read. That said, even if the drawings are artful, I’ll warn you they’re hyper-censored, full white halo with nothing visible at all, it’s a pity.
Anyway, if you’re lusting for revenge and can tolerate occasional bad English, it is nice ^^ Thanks to InsanePraetor!

By the same artist, I also share Monthly Aikawa ,The Chief Editor (185 pictures), Kirishima Ni Kokuhaku and Yonimo H Na Toshi Densetsu Ladies – Ladies 01 – K.N-san.

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Summer Halation After Episode [English], by Abgrund

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Oh, look, a jerrycan of oil

Damnit, it wasn’t over. A new final episode has come. In my eyes, this is a new bucket of manure poured over an already huge stinking pile of manure, but you are absolutely welcome to disagree, to each his own tastes.
As for the summary, bleh, think of a wife fallen into corruption, available for the taking as long as the former male can be cucked enough? Something shitty like that, it annoys me to have to even deal with that cow again.

Graphically, at least it’s good stuff as always with Abgrund, moderate enough censorship, vaginal, anal, DP.
Thanks to the anon who scanlated it, and if you want the rest of the Summer Halation story, it is available here.

For LOTS more, please see The list of Abgrund / Saikawa Yusa’s works on Hentairules!

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Tane No Nai Hachi (“A Seedless Flowerpot”) [English, 116 pictures], by Shirono Mahiro

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The petite wife was hotter, IMO

Oh, for fuck’s sake, that was such a bore to read, I’m glad this is over.

To each his own of course, so I’ll still give more details, Tane No Nai Hachi caters to the audience who loves watching a male MC cucked hard. First he and his wife are presented as hopeless idiots who ignore how sperm donation works. And then, all along the manga, his wife is gradually stolen by an alpha male, and the other woman to whom he starts feeling attached is stolen back (and even better, he is “used” in the process to unlock the achievement.)

I get it, I get it, plenty of people love it, sure. But me I was rolling my eyes so much it started to hurt :roll:
Anyway. Enjoy if you dig netori/netorare/cuck themes. Thanks to Yad-Scans for the release.

By the same artist, I also share Kaika ~Ninenme no Aki~ (104 pictures, complete with its parts 1-3), Dandan Fukaku and Shinshou Shini.

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Closet [English, 234 pictures], by Yamakumo

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I thought I'd choose a pic that shows in full horror what you can expect, godly art but despicable censorship.

Let’s be clear, this is not a tankoubon, aka a complete official manga. What we have here is a compilation of non-tank sources. The difference, in a word: censorship, either abominable blurry mosaics shat out of Satan’s anus, VS thin darkened lines. There’s only one chapter that is done with the tank images, in the end.

At the center of the manga is the “closet”, a mental space in which some people shut away their sexual urges. It takes a fellow pervert to recognize one, and open her door to become lewd together. Around that is built a relatively good netorare scenario, in which the male MC is a huge scumbag, determined to make his the female MC, he will recognize the closet in her and gain entrance (in a scumbag way, of course), thoroughly enjoying to trample on the feelings of a too timid male childhood friend.
In the end is a bonus chapter with quality tank scans (and little censorship) in which the female MC’s mother gets dick too.

Graphically, if it weren’t for the repulsive censorship it would have been amazing. Your call :)
Thanks to whoever is behind this release! I got the manga from an anon, I apologize, but I don’t know who to credit.

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