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YoRHa Nigou Pet-gata (“YoRHa Number 2 Pet Model”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR:Automata and Soulcalibur 6 games, by Saiki (circle Paradise Lost)

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I'm reminded of the old saying: ASS IS ASS

OK, so, I have been severely disappointed. I downloaded that one trusting the cover and just one preview pic, and realized only later the contents were, to my tastes, bad.
Let me get this clear, once again, in my eyes, etcetera: This manga is solely for the butt and dark skin fanatics, ready to accept compromise on pretty much everything else. If that’s your fetish, butt, dark skin, okay, go for it. Otherwise, try reading it online first before hitting the zip download links, seriously.

And now that I’ve ensured nobody downloads it, a summary ;)
Simply, here is a dark-skinned version of 2B, 2P, introduced in SoulCalibur 6, with a fine ass and white clothes on top of them, used as a sexual pet. Poor art, except for the ass, but once again, if you like it, hell yeah you’ve got dark skinned ass :D

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for the release! :jap:

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Harmoniodeon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR:Automata game, by Amano Kazumi (AKA Haiiro Koubou, AKA Amanoissui)

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Cute, right? ^_^

Harmoniodeon isn’t the best-looking NieR:Automata doujinshi ever, but it’s already pretty great looking, and it’s one of the best in terms of vanilla topping, so I’m quite glad I can share it with you guys :)

In short, 2B and 9S discover a relic from the past, a video tape, and find out it’s actually a porn vid. They wonder why androids like them were built with genitals at all since they can’t reproduce, conclude it’s to reinforce the bonds between individuals, and decide to give it a try.
In terms of drawing quality, well, yeah, it’s average, it doesn’t even use 2B’s amazing ass to its full graphical extent. But I felt the kissing scenes and ambient atmosphere are making up for it. Your call! =)

We owe this release to Switchloop and Pride, from the E-Hentai Cove, thank you! :jap:

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2B9S + Dark Desire [English, Full Color], a pack of 2 amazing hentai works by Aoin

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Yeah, I totally cropped it just above the huge blob of fugly censorship, not trying to lie about it

I gathered here two works by Aoin:
2B9S (NieR Automata)
Dark Desire (Dark Souls III)
I didn’t even recognize that was the same artist between those two volumes, a third entry in the amazing 9Sx2B NieR:Automata parodies, and a beautiful, moving, harrowing, artistic doujinshi inspired by Dark Souls III. The name of the zips gave it away, I didn’t realize before :shock:

So here we are, I gather together two Aoin scanlations. They’re either absurdly hot (2B and 9S following an “experiment what breeding is like” mission) or so artistic and beautiful you forget it’s porn (the Dark Souls III doujinshi, in which drama leaves little room for compassion, and yet the craving for human warmth can’t be quelled.)

Even if you’ve gotten your dose of porn for today, at least, try reading Dark Desire? It’s worth it, in my opinion :)
I hope I’m not overdoing it, after all, technically, the NieR:Automata doujinshi is much hotter, and it is uncensored, whereas the Dark Souls doujinshi bears hideous blur mosaics censorship. And yet, it gave me an aesthetic impression that is very, very rare in hentai…

We owe those two releases to Thot Patrol Scans, for the NieR:Automata doujinshi, and Axalon, MrWayne, Rotoscopic, CellTF, Progste and Maipantsu for the Dark Souls III volume. Thank you so much!! :jap:

Don’t miss it, by the same artist, to this day, I also share 9S2B anb A29S2B.

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9S2B [English, Full color and Uncensored!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR:Automata game, by Aoin (circle Aoinhatsu)

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Something rare: the game and the doujinshi are, graphically, on the same level of excellence

After A29S2B, here is another NieR:Automata doujinshi by Aoin, and once again it’s so GOOD, in full color, uncensored, erotic and hardcore, it’s a real shame it didn’t last much longer, like, say, around 200 pages at least :twisted:
This time, we watch 9S with the commander, and then with 2B.

I sometimes wondered, when I played the game (with very poor quality settings, one day, in many years, when affordable hardware is several times more powerful, I’ll play it again, for the moment I make do with the wealth of excellent games that can be played with my 750 Ti), is there a reason every woman wore such sexy clothes, was there some lore behind it, or simply the Japanese folks who made the game are openly proud perverts with whom we can sympathize?

Don’t miss it, by the same artist I also share A29S2B and a pack of 2 works (2B9S + Dark Desire).

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A29S2B [English, Full color and Uncensored!], a splendid hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR:Automata game, by Aoin (circle Aoinhatsu)

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I hope you unlocked the slutty outfits for 2B

Honestly: do NOT read this doujinshi if you haven’t played NieR:Automata yet, but intend to play it in the future..
I don’t care that my zips make less downloads because of that warning, I’ll insist, if you think you’ll play the game one day, I recommend you move on to another post.

This doujinshi liberally adapts one of the game’s endings, enough to allow a threesome between 9s (the near-shotaboy, male) and A2 (delinquent attitude) and B2 (a bit submissive, a divine ass.)
And the rest is SPLENDID full-colour art, uncensored, intense, damn, I wish it lasted ten times longer :shock:

We owe this quality NieR:Automata release to Anon, Vilis and Herreis, from Hennojin, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share 9S2B (chronological sequel to the present share) and a pack of 2 works (2B9S + Dark Desire)

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NieR _ 2BR18 [English, Uncensored!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR Automata game, by the artists Abi Kamesennin and Hirame (making the “Bear Hand” circle)

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One day, I'll play the game. I must. For that body.

That was super intense, and a bit crazy, that NieR Automata doujinshi ^^
The story, basically: 2B (if, like me, you didn’t play the game: the megababe with a godly ass) provides sexual relief to a lot of men, 9S (the near-shota) watches with envy, another woman from their organization takes advantage of his pent-up lust, and in the end 2B and 9S prefer to do it together etcetera. Nothing special, but it does the job =)

And graphically? This is overkill :twisted: Each panel is cluttered to the maximum with action. It’s like it would have been a sin to leave blank spaces without half naked bodies copulating :shock:
Somehow, it makes the action a bit hard to “read”, it requires greater focus to get a hang on of what is happening, I felt. But that wasn’t much of an issue, in exchange, to have such intense action, and fully uncensored to boot, YUM!! Of course, having a blindfold and/or shapely ass fetish, it helps :)

By the same artist… … oh shit, what a mess, hang in there. The Bear Hand circle was first called Turtle.Fish.Paint. Its two members are Hirame, also called Fishine, and Ireading, also called Abi Kamesennin, also called An zheng ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So, by the Bear Hand circle/artists, up till now, I also share Chaldea Mania – Kuro And ShiroChaldea Mania – Oni & Ma, JINX! Come On, Shoot FasterSoOO Sensou, Trial of The Falsely Accused, Tennen Delivery (“Airhead Delivery) and the buttastic Overtime volume 1 and volume 2.

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Android No Ecchi Na Yatsu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR:Automata game, by Ogadenmon

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There is more FREEDOM in those boobs than in an Apache helicopter flying over oil fields.

At first, there was a slow start (sex comes relatively soon, but it’s at low intensity and not something to get wild at), so I was close to diching the doujinshi, discarding it as one of those countless average productions. Fortunately I stayed long enough, to find it became huge in the last third, intense and very good :twisted:

Ahem, the story, now: the two androids in NieR:Automata, 2B (the ass babe) and 9S (the shota), become interested in sex, until it’s a frenzy and there’s nothing else on their mind. Rather good art turning excellent once 2B’s boobs are set free and she at lasts displays facial expressions. Plus, her blindfold makes it even hotter :3
We owe this release to Axalon, MrWayne, Dark Mac and CellTF, thank you very much!! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Gyaru To Kuso Gaki.

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