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Ippai Itte Ne Yuusha-sama (“Please Cum Lots, Lord Hero”) [English, 190 pictures], by Fei (AKA Maidoll)

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A hard choice. The demoness, you can pull on her horns. The elf... well, she's an elf. HNNNG.

We’re in an heroic fantasy universe, in which there are demons, elves (here, called “fae”, for faerie) and humans. The male Hero is affected by a curse that turns him into a younger version of himself and afflicts him with near-endless sexual stamina.
On the rare occasions he is not drawn having sex with a castle’s maid, queen, knight, scientist, nun or demon queen (there’s not a single male in sight, save for himself, funny, eh?), the male MC will find there is a keikaku behind his curse, which will lead us to a surprisingly well-thought ending I had not seen coming.

Enough of the summary, who cared? ;) You’re getting thick hyper-fuckable babes, from meaty to plump (damn, that queen), with madly lusty faces, huge breasts, loving vaginal sex.
You may rant the male MC is a shota, the censorship is horrible, the mangaka takes frequent liberties with both anatomy and the laws of perspective (with sometimes weeeeird results), you’ll be right, but what can we do, deal with it :D

That’s an 11-chapters long complete story, 190 pages long, nice! It’s been scanlated by 3 persons/groups, namely: Cgrascal, Tigoris Translates, and Baran, Jac and Nekohime, from Hennojin. Thank you very much! ^_^

Moar! Don’t forget to check The list of ALL Fei/Maidoll’s works on Hentairules!

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Ankai No Matou Gapogapo [English, 166 pictures, Uncensored], by Jeanne DA’ck

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Anyone's got some bleach? I must rinse my eyes

Oh god. My eyes. This is the most WTF manga I have read in many years.

Jeanne DA’ck is used to drawing WTF mangas based on emotionless sex, but this one is worse (or better, matter of point of view, of course) than before. The scenarii go from happy emotionless sex to preposterous netorare emotionless sex, the girls are drawn kinda grossly and they come out of the same mould with just variations around body weight, hairstyle and face.
At best it’s plain, at worst it’s filthy and, frankly, revolting.

Still, a 166 pages tank, completely uncensored, it’s got to count, and I know there’s such a variety of tastes a good number of people are going to love that. Good for you, you freaks :D

Release credits are for: AT4R1, Cammy23, and Ongokakashi, Mav9, Gansta, Aquaterraventus, Lordfrisk, Bungeelove, Jonavrek, Azertyporto, Klorpa, and Saintcdzxd. Thank you!

By Jeanne DA’Ck (that I also sometimes read as Jeanne D’Ack), I also share Toukai No Kotou PuriPuri (169 pictures), Melomelo Melon Bread (172 pictures), Muchi Muchi Princesses (183 pictures), Hamo Hamo Harmony (173 pictures), and Hug Hug Boing (169 pictures).

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Sabishii Seijo [English], by Nokishita Negio

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The more I look, the more I think of Thomas, the mangaka

A good-looking young nun provides food and shelter to the poor. At first sight. Eventually, one of the vagrants she helps sees through her, she’s a fallen noble and there’s a burning need inside of her, to be defiled, to be fucked. He will kindly help her with that =)
(Well, “defiled”, it’s not exactly that. But you’ll have to read to get the exact idea, because here I don’t find the proper words myself.)

The drawings are rather unusual, very rich with blacks, very contrasted, and somehow reminding me of the mangaka Thomas. It may take a few pages to get you accustomed to them, me, I liked how they packed a punch.
CrowKarasu and Angry Food, from Crow Karasu Translations, are behind this one, thank you! ^_^

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Harem Wedding The Sweet Honeymoon [English, 227 pictures], by Sinbo Tamaran

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The ONLY scene with anal in the whole volume. Enjoy it ^^;;

This is clearly part of a series, but (a) I have no clue, and (b) I didn’t like what I read enough to make me want to take the time searching until I found relevant information. So, whoever knows, you’re welcome to leave a comment with explanations for everyone to read, thank you :)

This manga is about a brave knight marrying four noble/powerful/warrior/magician/somethin women, and living the traveling harem life afterwards. He also blesses other women with his dick along the way, always with the blessing of his wives, while some of the wives also engage in yuri time as an occasional bonus.
They all love each other, so I suppose I should call it vanilla, but in my eyes it’s suuuuper bland, as if it lacked soul. Still, let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, 227 pages drawn with decent skill (almost exclusively vaginal sex with a few bonuses such as paizuri), it’s pretty nice already :D

For this release, my thanks go to Cedr777 and Rudy Omega, from TripleSevenScans (hey, when did the group die?!?), commissioned by and (they’re a single entity or collaborated, no idea?)

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Shoushouruten [English, 189 pictures], by Chuuka Naruto

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Urgh, the warts. Jebus hentai christ, THE WARTS!

(╹◡╹) Yay, a new Chuuka Naruto manga is out! (╹◡╹)

If you were too high and didn’t get the “screaming inside” atmosphere, allow me to state the obvious, this is yet another manga about evil old men using deception, blackmail, force and (this time) drugs to mindbreak women, this time a widowing nun mother and her teenage girl. By the end of the manga, the two women are proud cum dumps, mission accomplished, yay! (╹◡╹)

That said, I can briefly stay neutral and mention the art is better than before (the men are still fugly of course, but the women looked okay, it’s technically an improvement).
To each his own tastes, etcetera, deal? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It’s been released by Biribiri and commissioned SL-Gundam, thanks for this!

By the same artist, I also share Hitozuma Yukie (187 pictures), Seitokaichou Mitsuki (190 pictures), Gichichi ~Yuriko~ (188 pictures), Wedge Of Lust (181 pictures), Harai No Reika (Exorcist Reika) (190 pictures), Slavery Contract (174 pictures), Female Teacher Kyouko (191 pictures), Woman Investigator Training Link (185 pictures) and Adoptive Father (182 pictures).

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Pururun-Pulling [English, 178 pictures], by Oohira Sunset

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Niiiice, that was a very good manga, that one :twisted: In Pururun-Pulling, a tank made of single unrelated chapters, you’ll find tons of intense and hardcore sex (mostly vaginal, but with a good deal of paizuri, anal and double penetrations) with very little censorship, in “minimalistic” (very little time before sex begins) but nonetheless very original storylines. How to say… The mangaka’s imagination makes the “slutty nun” and “turning the tables on a succubus” chapters the (comparatively) most boring chapters in the volume, doesn’t it tell a lot already? :D :lol:

If you love generous asses, huge breasts and drawings with almost unnoticeable censorship, this should be right up your alley :)
Although, honestly I must mention it, not everything’s perfect to the eye. The proportions and anatomy are sometimes all over the place (an example? Look at page 60) and, quite often, the breasts look kinda fake, deflating when they’re pressed (think: the end of a paizuri motion). But I’d say those are only minor issues in comparison to the tons of awesomesauce the manga carries :twisted:

Enjoy! And thanks a lot, a whoooooole lot, to Doujin-Moe and Dynellen, for this very long stream of quality hentai tankoubon releases! ^____^

For a lot more, don’t miss The list of Oohira Sunset’s works on Hentairules!

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Ikusa Otome Kairaku Ni Nomareiku [English, 193 pictures], by C.R.

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The best pic. No doubt.

Eh, I’ve seen worse.

What? This isn’t enough for a description?!? ^_____^

Okay. It’s basically the usual, chapter-long stories or small arcs in which warrior or magical girls (who must wear sexy revealing outfits, none of them ever learnt from Samus) are dominated/trapped/subjected and raped/mindbroken/betrayed with mostly tentacles (two thirds of the chapters, let’s say) or with futanari dick (a small third of the action). There’s the occasional surprise when the mangaka, perhaps by accident, throws a plot twist in our face, which would mean there was a plot :shock:
More: there’s even occurences of non-rape sex :shock:

And for the art, once again, eh, I’ve seen worse ^^ Very little censorship, all holes drilled, it was okay.
If you dig this stuff, merry christmas, you freaks! ^_^
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for the scanlation!

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