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Chou One X Pako³ [English, 233 pictures], by Agata

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Yeah, yeah, sigh.

After Mama X Paco, here is a new fully translated tank by Agata, as always featuring the same trope, women with shotacon boys ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘
If, like me, you’re not an absolute fan of the shota theme, please give Secret Olympics a chance, that’s the only manga by Agata not focused on shotaboys, instead showering us under excellent full-colour comedy :)

Look, for Chou One X Pako³, there’d be both great and awful things to mention. The awful first: the boys’ age for fucks sake, ruining any hope to feel arousal, what a fucking waste :( Also: the girls were a lot more forceful than in past Agata works, the boys were rarely asked their opinion, sometimes they were clear as day forced first, and there were even a pair of cases I’d want to label as femdom: not cool, really not cool :(
On the great side: One of the chapters featured a one of a kind mise en abyme, the drawings are excellent, and those tank scans bear only very, very little censorship, it’s got to count, I imagine? Go figure :roll:

Release credits are for Shippoyasha, Desudesu, Axalon, MrWayne, Mysael, Fog, Progste, Miceder and CustomX, thank you! :jap:

You want more? I got more!! See The list of Agata’s works on Hentairules :)

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Joshi Luck / Joshi Lacu / Jyoshi Luck – Girls Lacrosse Club ~ 2 Years Later, chapters 1.5 and 4.5 [English, 53 pictures], + the Complete Japanese volume 2 (261 pictures), by Distance

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A position I like a lot. Pin her down. Don't stop. HAMMER TIME!!

Joshi Luck resumes! ^________^

In a parallel universe there’s an Oliver able to explain stuff in a clear and concise manner. Sucks for you guys, you’re stuck with me instead.

The two chapters that I share here are BOTH:
– Joshi Luck 2 Years Later chapters 5 and 6, and
– Joshi Luck 2 years Later chapters 1.5 and 4.5

That’s because there are 2 publication sources, the “Comic ExE” magazine and the official paperback tankoubon (if you don’t get the tankoubon VS magazine thing, read my glossary).
– In terms of magazine VS Tank publication… Please disregard that the 2 chapters are in the last third of the volume 2’s tank. In the magazine’s publication order, the 2 present chapters followed immediately after the chapters that went into the “2 years Later, volume 1” tank. This is why they were chosen for translation, allow me to quote CellTF: “So they are at the end of the tank, but technically were released in the magazine before the other chapters came out.
– And then, there’s the scenario’s own chronological order, in which, as CellTF had it, “As far as the Jyoshi Luck timeline is concerned, they’re sort of in-between chapters” ( :lol: )
I’ll quote CellTF one last time: “We didn’t edit them using the magazine scans however because of the smaller resolution, so we opted to wait for tank scans. So that’s why they came out recently. They are chapters 1.5 and 4.5 of the “Jyoshi Luck 2 Years Later” series even though they are the 5th and 6th chapters of the “Jyoshi Luck! ~2 Years Later~ 2” tank

Sorry for the wall of text, have a nice fap ;)
Release credits are for Axalon, Palaxius, MrWayne, Pinclic, Salar and CellTF, thank you very much! :jap:

(Remember to view the updated list of all Distance’s works on Hentairules)

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Okebe Na Maid-san Volume 17 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Hanaukyo Maid Team series, by Umineko Akira

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Real world maids look like mob protagonists from Hokuto No Ken, all hail hentai mangas instead!

I had never heard of Hanaukyo Maid Team, so forgive me the very generic summary: two maids have quality sex with the young master of their mansion, first they’re in normal outfits, and then one of the two maids is given a bride maid outfit :D
Hardly no questions asked, just good sex ^^

The drawings are okay (they were lacking impact before I ran a simple levels correction, no need for a before/comparison for just that), not too censored (non-obstrusive white bars), only the few pages with fugly x-ray shots (it can never look good, never!, for fuck’s sake) are bad. I’d say: if you love maids with big breasts, that’s an easy read for you guys =)

Thanks to Delta999 and Tigoris Translates for this one! :jap:

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Losers ~ Kachiku Ni Naru Onna [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kakegurui series, by Maidoll

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This is almost the same scenario as in Inomaru’s Hamegurui, for fuck’s sake I had to double-check to make sure it really was another take by another mangaka :lol:

So, yeah, Yumeko Jabami and Mary Saotome from Kakegurui lost at gambling and now must live a life made of sexual servitude, but it’s cool, looks like it suits them just fine and they’re happy with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In this share, we watch the two girls with two men, bah, this is it ^^ There’s not too much censorship (relatively thin black bars, not that numerous) and, on top of all, damn, those bunny girl outfits made the girls shine :twisted:
Enjoy! And thanks to Cgrascal :)

Just a note, I retouched the images, doing my usual, correcting spotty, dirty surfaces, and adjusting the levels. When you get visual pollution everywhere and “theoretical” blacks are dull grey, in my eyes it’s evil because it breaks immersion.

Moar! Don’t forget to check The list of ALL Fei/Maidoll’s works on Hentairules!

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Naomi Kaede Wa Majime De Sukebe [English], by Alice No Takarabako

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Happy Merchants for the win! Thanks to whom we have a new Mizuryu Kei release, sweet ^_^
EDIT: my apologies, I made a confusion. The female MC isn’t one of the Souma sisters, my memory was clouded and wrong.
She is the class prez we meet in Oideyo! volume 4, see her there.
EDIT2: is it a fail contest or what, I was wrong again. Mizuryu Kei sensei explains this is a lookalike, but NOT the girl from Oideyo 4, explanations here. Thanks a lot to Kurzwaltz Messer and Kayna for the comments about that ^^

Basically, it’s about a highschool girl, brune, with glasses, still in highschool, and we discover an endearing side to her, she may he a huge slut, and very open about it, she’s still got an earnest, organized, busybee side, scheduling her gangbangs and studies with a strict eye on the clock, taking appointments and all ^^

Well, apart from that, yeah, a group of boys, Naomi-chan, group sex, no DP or anal but pretty good vaginal, you’ve got it, enjoy! :)

For more, see the list of Alice No Takarabako’s (also known as Mizuryu Kei) works on Hentairules

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Skaði Wa Aisaretai (“Skaði Wants To Be Loved”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Inukami

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Isn't she adorable? ^_^

When I saw the title of this release, the weird “ð” D-sounding character reminded me of the Skálmöld band, one of the only 3 music bands I like with such weird titles for their songs ^^
For instance, there would be Kvaðning and Dauði with that “ð”, huhu. But my preference would still go to other songs such as Loki and Gleipnir. And for a softer touch, there would be their “Skálmöld og Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands” album, same songs but with choirs and less electric.
If you’re into that kind of pagan/folk metal, check out other bands by the way? Svartsot’s Midsommer is a must, Finntroll’s Jaktens Tid is fun, and there so much more so I’ll stop here ^^

I please guilty, that doujinshi was a convenient excuse to share some of the music that I love. But apart from that, it’s still plenty cute. The goddess Skaði is all pouty and cutely jealous that “her human” (her gudao) is friendly with other women, so she goes with the typical punishment route. The doujinshi is hugely focused on her nylon-clad legs (footjob incoming!), her petite slim body, her proudly pointed small breasts, her long beautiful legs, all of that was very sweet on the eye :twisted:

Thanks to Crabble for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also shareMash Kyrielight No Makuaigeki.

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Wa-chan Sunao Ni Naru Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls’ Frontline game, by Fumi Miyabi (AKA Bunga)

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I'm on the verge of entering my Aphex Twin mode

This share’s female main character is actually called Wa2000 O_o I know, I know, it’s the trend of those last years, games with girls impersonating battleships or weapons, and thus named after them (here, the Walther A 2000, you can view images of how she is in the Girls Frontline game here), but it still feels weird O_o

In the present doujinshi, Wa2000 is a cute tsundere girl too shy to express herself properly and tell her male partner how she feels about him, but fortunately (1) he reads her like an open book and (2) when horny, he assumes she agrees to anything :D
Which gives a nice sex scene, especially pleasant if, like me, you’ve got a torn nylon fetish :twisted:

Thanks to L-san and M-san for the scanlation! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kimi No Shiranai Ichimen.

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