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Skaði Wa Aisaretai (“Skaði Wants To Be Loved”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Inukami

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Isn't she adorable? ^_^

When I saw the title of this release, the weird “ð” D-sounding character reminded me of the Skálmöld band, one of the only 3 music bands I like with such weird titles for their songs ^^
For instance, there would be Kvaðning and Dauði with that “ð”, huhu. But my preference would still go to other songs such as Loki and Gleipnir. And for a softer touch, there would be their “Skálmöld og Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands” album, same songs but with choirs and less electric.
If you’re into that kind of pagan/folk metal, check out other bands by the way? Svartsot’s Midsommer is a must, Finntroll’s Jaktens Tid is fun, and there so much more so I’ll stop here ^^

I please guilty, that doujinshi was a convenient excuse to share some of the music that I love. But apart from that, it’s still plenty cute. The goddess Skaði is all pouty and cutely jealous that “her human” (her gudao) is friendly with other women, so she goes with the typical punishment route. The doujinshi is hugely focused on her nylon-clad legs (footjob incoming!), her petite slim body, her proudly pointed small breasts, her long beautiful legs, all of that was very sweet on the eye :twisted:

Thanks to Crabble for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also shareMash Kyrielight No Makuaigeki.

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Wa-chan Sunao Ni Naru Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls’ Frontline game, by Fumi Miyabi

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I'm on the verge of entering my Aphex Twin mode

This share’s female main character is actually called Wa2000 O_o I know, I know, it’s the trend of those last years, games with girls impersonating battleships or weapons, and thus named after them (here, the Walther A 2000, you can view images of how she is in the Girls Frontline game here), but it still feels weird O_o

In the present doujinshi, Wa2000 is a cute tsundere girl too shy to express herself properly and tell her male partner how she feels about him, but fortunately (1) he reads her like an open book and (2) when horny, he assumes she agrees to anything :D
Which gives a nice sex scene, especially pleasant if, like me, you’ve got a torn nylon fetish :twisted:

Thanks to L-san and M-san for the scanlation! :jap:

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Mai Senpai To Ichatsukitai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Aobuta series, by Oryou

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My wife would never agree, sadly

Here’s a simple and pleasant hentai doujinshi, in which two youngsters of highschool age have a gentle first time together. As I know nothing of Seishun Buta Yarō, I must have missed stuff, but the ambience is set to warm vanilla, basically, with mutual care and all ^^

The drawings are great (vaginal, thin white bars), as expected of the mangaka Oryou, and to make it even better in the second half the girl wears a bunny girl costume :twisted:

We owe this release to Guraphe, Mat, Marv, Constipat8, Osura and Grey, from Marv and Red Lantern TL, thank you very much! ^_^

For more, please see The list of Oryou’s shares on HentaiRules

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Pururun-Pulling [English, 178 pictures], by Oohira Sunset

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Niiiice, that was a very good manga, that one :twisted: In Pururun-Pulling, a tank made of single unrelated chapters, you’ll find tons of intense and hardcore sex (mostly vaginal, but with a good deal of paizuri, anal and double penetrations) with very little censorship, in “minimalistic” (very little time before sex begins) but nonetheless very original storylines. How to say… The mangaka’s imagination makes the “slutty nun” and “turning the tables on a succubus” chapters the (comparatively) most boring chapters in the volume, doesn’t it tell a lot already? :D :lol:

If you love generous asses, huge breasts and drawings with almost unnoticeable censorship, this should be right up your alley :)
Although, honestly I must mention it, not everything’s perfect to the eye. The proportions and anatomy are sometimes all over the place (an example? Look at page 60) and, quite often, the breasts look kinda fake, deflating when they’re pressed (think: the end of a paizuri motion). But I’d say those are only minor issues in comparison to the tons of awesomesauce the manga carries :twisted:

Enjoy! And thanks a lot, a whoooooole lot, to Doujin-Moe and Dynellen, for this very long stream of quality hentai tankoubon releases! ^____^

For a lot more, don’t miss The list of Oohira Sunset’s works on Hentairules!

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Hoshuu No Ojikan (“Time For Extra Lessons”) [English, Uncensored version], by Shou Akira

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I can't even define what old school entails, but there's no way it isn't old school

With an old-school drawing and inking style, here’s a story in which a female teacher “helps herself” to a highschooler, basically. On her flushed face, the thrill of doing something forbidden; on the boy’s face, bewilderment and pleasure: that was a good deal, let’s say ^^

The sex is kinda standard, but at least it’s decensored, which is nice, so hopefully it may please you enough to give you a good time reading the manga :)
Credits are for some glorious anons, I’m sorry but I have no idea who, help with that would be welcome =)

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Mash Kyrielight No Makuaigeki [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Inukami

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Even with the censorship bars, nylon fetish keeps me above such trivialties

Here’s a nice fap’n’go doujinshi featuring Mash, from Fate Grand Order, offering a footjob to her master and then proceeding to having quality sex with him, simple as that =)
The art is good, Mash is thinner than in other doujinshi so I was less thrilled, but to make up for the lack of meat I had my fill of nylon fetish material :twisted:

We owe that one to Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Skaði Wa Aisaretai (“Skaði Wants To Be Loved”).

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Uketsukejou No Himitsu Na Irai [English, Uncensored!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Goblin Slayer series, by Ginhaha

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And next, please mangaka-san, the farm girl!! :D

I finally read Goblin Slayer (try Mangadex), and it’s pretty good, as a manga. Dark, but not uselessly dark, more realistic than most other fantasy seinen series, baiting us nicely with glimpses of a bigger picture… I don’t believe it will reach Berserk level heights, but maybe it can reach an actual ending at some point ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

So, in this doujinshi. The adventurers guild’ lady, the one holding the office with a crush on the male hero, invites him to her office and has a serious talk with him. The topic: he needs to understand women better to protect them better. Aaaaaaaaaand they’re having sex, yeah, that was her plan ^^;;
The art is excellent, uncensored, and if like me you’re a huge fan of nylon on women’s legs, you’ll have plenty here :twisted:
Additionally, there are bonus pages in the end with – oh, the heresy! – the same sex but without the thighhighs.

By the same artist, I also share Sei No Daishikyou To Koware Yasui Otome.

Oh, yeah, also: the artist has a Patreon, under the ぎんハハ / Ginhaha names, and check his Pixiv for more lewds :)

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