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DIE REI KAI [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Occultic;Nine series, by Nekoi Mie (AKA Manga Super)

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I was very tempted to choose, instead, as big preview pic, the one with the Touch of Life, hehe

I can honestly say I have NO FUCKING CLUE what has been going on in this doujinshi, lol.
From what I could gather, Touko and Asu, from Occultic Nine, are in their “spiritual bodies” (died) but still have sex, very intense sex overflowing with erojoules, all the while sustaining long conversations that made zero sense to me.

You have hot realistic bodies, paizuri, vaginal, anal, DP, entranced faces, and an undefinable impression you read some top notch quality shit, stemming from the mangaka’s talent and experience.
Just check it out, me, I give up, here ^^;;

We owe this release to SaigouSan, Osura, Danky, Kago, Axalon, Meterion and Hayate, from RedLantern TL, thank you! =)

For MORE works by Nekoi Mie/Manga Super, Cf. the list of all his shares!

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Syoku [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Occultic;Nine series, by Hyoco Road

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That even got me curious about the story behind Occultic;Nine, wikipedia seemed to make it interesting...

For what it’s worth, if someone here has a forehead fetish, this is THE hentai release you’ve always dreamt of ^_________^
No kidding, on multiple panels the girl has an additional floor added to the head department lol ^^

Ahem. Other than that, it’s an original release we’ve got here. Both arousing (you can trust Hyocorou for that) and mildly spooky (Halloween, bitches!! :D ). We get excellent very energetic sex, with a tad of the feeling that something abnormal is happening, later on developing into potential supernatural stuff, with an additional whiff of guilt and sense things did go wrong (spoiler: male netori.) I can’t tell how much it reflects the “real” Occultic;Nine story line, though.

Glasses-kun, Axalon, Danky, ODJ, Shikise, from RedLanternTL, are the ones to whom we owe this release, thank you! :jap:

For MORE, cf. The list of Hyocorou’s shares on HentaiRules!

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Opaitic Boin [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Occultic;Nine series, by Onomeshin

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FIRE IN THE HOLE! - But boss, there is no hole? - MAKE ONE THEN!

Hentai logic strikes again: the male MC in this share (“Gamotan”) reads weird reviews that a clearly sham air humidifier makes people horny, so he tests it on a woman he knows (“Ryo-Tas”. No idea. Find yourselves.). Next thing he knows, he’s assaulted by a creature whose breasts have quintupled in volume and only thinks about sex. That’s as far as the “scenario” goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;)

Other than that, we’ve got unrealistic-looking megaboobs, paizuri with smiles, happy vaginal sex. I felt a bit put off by the too too large breasts (kinda nuking my willing suspension of disbelief), but other than that, for a simple fap’n’go, it’s good stuff ^^
Thanks to Desudesu and his commissioner Demorgan325 for this release ^_^

(Fore more of this, Cf. The list of the works by Freaks/Onomeshin on hentairules)

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