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Yuuwaku Office (“Love Office Scramble”) [English, fully TANK version, 216 pictures], by Tohzai

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Hehe, I love it when we reach the completion of an ongoing serialization, and even more when this is something awesome like Office Love Scramble! ^__^
So, boys, girls, there you are, it’s complete at last :D

–Update: and now, thanks to the efforts of CopyOf, this is a TANKOUBON reedit.
Meaning: the same scanlation, but applied to a new scan source, the official paperback, with additional pages (translated by CopyOf) and very, very little censorship.
See: we have gone from THIS… to THIS :kickass:

The plot: for reasons, a good-looking young adult man (understatement, he could turn some of us gay) is hired into an all-female company. One by one, he will “tame” the female employees, gaining their trust, doing his best every day, and seducing many of them over time. There is no actual romance, but mutual respect and cute liking.

The drawings are really good as always with Tohzai, the women (they look 25-ish) show beautiful faces and breasts, with real clothes and lingerie looking great on them. Only few artists draw so well. It was gorgeous! :kickass:

Thanks a lot to NecroManCr for the considerable work, chapter after chapter, it has been! I’m grateful :)

For plenty more, why don’t you see The list of Tohzai’s works on Hentairules :)

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Okumiya-san Wa Otearai Ni Iru (“Miss Okumiya Is In The Restroom”) [English], by Bifidus

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Honest precision, only 4 pics in the manga are in full color, okay

A good looking young adult female has sex on her workplace with a handy male colleague glad to be able to lend assistance. Simple as that :D
Perhaps more than anything, I’ll remember the woman’s eyes, her confidend and slighly flushed expression when her determination to have sex peaks… Haaa, it’s good to read, hentai by a skilled mangaka =)

Thanks to for this release! :jap:
EDIT: good news, this share has become obsolete. It now belongs in a complete volume, a 214 pages long tank called Kimi O Sasou Uzuki Ana :)

Cheers volume 12 [English, 183 pictures], by Charlie Nishinaka, + a repack of the 12 Cheers volumes [2243 pictures]

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She's the rich heir in the series, it shows, right?

After, what, nearly three years?, here comes the sequel of the Cheers! series, with its finally complete 12th volume, enjoy; folks! ^_^

Same story, a lucky male hero surrounded by a harem of cute office ladies, part of a corporate cheerleading group. Light comedy, cute tsundere moments, constant cheerfulness :)

Graphically, though, it should count as ecchi. No genitalia at all, so it’s a “take it or leave it” package.

Release credits are for Saha, McFate, Omega999, Anonymous and Keko, for the whole volume, save the two final chapters. In the end, however, Saha 99.9% retired from taking commissions as he undertook scanlating thousands of pages every month for Fakku‘s subscriptions (yep, they cost you money, but provide tons of quality stuff every month, friendly push), and for Cedr777 and Rudy Omega, from Triple Seven Scans, for the two final chapters. Thank you! :jap:

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Onee-san No Junai Karte [English, 171 pictures], by Azuma Taira

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I picked the most hardcore image in the whole manga. Which is saying a lot.

Onee-san No Junai Karte is a tankoubon about adults finding solace, human warmth and reassurance in each other’s embrace. Sometimes, a new relationship is formed for the long term, sometimes, just for a night, what matters is that wounds are healed, solitude is repelled, and our characters are able to move forward again with a smile. And it’s heart-warming enough :)

As far as the art goes, I wish I could promise you long hard dicks in super-detailed pussies with bonus double dildos uncensored foursomes and stuff, but unfortately, not quite so, this is an ecchi manga in which genitalia are fully whiteout-censored the very rare times they are *supposed* to appear anyway. The woman look good, at least ^^
Also. Ranters, don’t freak out about the “cheating” and “adultery” tags, it’s only ine one chapter, pages 130-145.

I had a nice time reading it, all thanks to and, who commissioned our good old Lazarus-H folks, good job! ^.^

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Callin! Kourin! [English], by Oberon

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Sales done right.

This… ah, what can I say, it’s another hentai UFO. The main character is a stern office lady, in charge of a customer relations team, who suffers from pent-up professional and sexual frustration. She’s strong, competent, qualified and unfucked; her job has her surrounded by insufficiently performing coworkers and forced to apologize to customers.
Basically, a hentai ticking bomb that’ll eventually stop being a normal adult under our eyes.

Call that customer care, call that vengeance, call that a successful sales conversion, call that WTF hentai, I don’t care, it was funny, weird, disturbing, amusing and cheerful ^^;;

Side note. I worked for many years in phone call relations with sales prospects (individuals and – much better – professionals), business partners and in customer care (only individuals, regrettably). So I kinda sympathize with the heroine, in this job you end up wanting to murder EVERYONE, incompetent colleagues and dumb phone relations equally. You spend your days wanting to yell “YOU . DENSE . MOTHER . FUCKER!” ^^;;

We owe this highly original and absolutely worth reading release to Dyjin, thank you! ^_^

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Uchiawase de Good Job! by Tatsunami Youtoku is now available both translated and decensored!

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Uchiawase de Good Job!

Hello, J.B.Random talking (I can post on Hentairules now!) and today I present to you not a singular story, but a third piece to a larger series. You can read two previous chapters here which I highly recommend you to do before enjoying the current share.

This third chapter is not too long (15 pages only) and doesn’t have much sex, but it is a nice addition to the overall story with even more funny situations and good feels in it. I believe voluptuous office ladies’ lovers should be quite happy with the release at hand.

By the same artist, under the Madam Project and Tatsunami Youtoku pen names, I also share Bijin Henshuu-chou No Himitsu (“Beautiful Editor-in-Chief’s Secret”, 214 pictures, partly Uncensored), the decensored versions of Zangyou De Good Job + Keitai De Good Job, Milk Teacher (178 pictures), Twin Milf volume 1 (184 pictures) and Twin Milf volume 2 (160 pictures).

1 2 3

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Public Training [English], one of the chapters of Kouzen Waisetsu Kanojo, has been Decensored!

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During office hours. Japan's productivity is doomed.

How about a bit of decensored hentai, folks? :)
Higashi and Wervy, from Munyu Heavy Industries, have taken upon themselves to retranslate and decensor of the of the chapters of Kouzen Waisetsu Kanojo, and also to colorize one image, thank you! :jap:

–Update: good news, this share is obsolete.
The complete Kouzen Waisetsu Kanojo manga has now been released, in its decensored form :)

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