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Love Gome [English, 224 pictures], by Pon Takahanada

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By oliver_the_admin on 6 comments


Haaa, that sweet feeling when I read a Pon Takahanada manga ^^
There are sweet caring feelings, the girl and boy (it’s always around a young adults couple’s circumstances) have their own realistic and interesting characters (something more rare than I’d like to reckon), and the drawings (the girl is the “candid slutty” type, there is regrettably white hole censorshipo) are a pleasure to the eye :)

In Love Gome, to my delightful surprise, it was the GIRL who was doing all the work, the sexual advances, the best initiatives, she was also bringing the most unexpected out-of-character comic relief attitudes. On the other hand, the guy was, well, playing the “straight guy” figure if you’re familiar with Japanese humour (and if you already know Gintama, have a good time re-reading their best straight man chapter ^^;;). This was unexpected, and pleasant !

Thanks a LOT to the admin of CowsRKool, helped by Kevadu ! GO COWS !!

By Pon Takahanada, I also share An Angel’s Marshmallow Volume 1 (I’m late with the volume 2, more chapters were released), and also Pythagoras Bitch, Blind Love Susume, Like A Rat [English, not his best], a Japanese mega pack, and another japanese manga. FYI, I fixed the links to the English volumes.

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Houkago Strawberry Dildo [English, 212 pictures, Complete], by Yurikawa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 15 comments
That might be the most beautiful blowjob picture I've seen in several months !

Half of the manga is happy sex with love or with mutual liking, with a carefree merry spirit, right down my alley :D

For the other half of the manga, however, there’s a faint femdom/crossdressing/dafuck note, sometimes it’s very funny, sometimes I’m afraid a few of you will find it a bit unsettling.

I ought to develop the “unsettling” half, I don’t want you to regret spending time and bandwidth and regretting later. It’s that the dominant ones are the ladies (THAT part applies to the whole manga, but it’s much stronger in the femdom/dafuck half), and that the males look that weak and even sometimes girlish, they’re crossdressed and a bit femdom’ed.

All in all, I really liked this manga, so thanks a LOT to Conan (4dawgz) and Schmidt for this massive release, and for all the time and effort they spent into it ! :)

Out of one of the chapters, in which a fashionista with bleached hair reveals her natural megane dark-haired side, I made a bonus picture, my first hentai gaijin 4-koma :D
If that doesn’t ring the slightest bell to you, you ought to read that explanation – it’s a BIG popular meme, even japanese hentai artists occasionally take inspiration from this (for instance). The very first gaijin 4-koma I saw, that made me laugh hard, was this one (and, ironically, this precise one isn’t in 4 panels ^^;;) I also recommend you, once again, the Omake Theater, while I have the chance to.

UPDATE : I had completely forgotten one of the chapters was available in an UNCENSORED version, the bikini megane chapter, starting page 98, sorry ! I replaced that chapter with its uncensored version.


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Menkui In Resort (bonus full-color story following Menkui) [English], by Tosh

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 7 comments
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I love you, Tosh =)

My last share of the day is a cool surprise, a full-color bonus story gathering six girls from Menkui (the hyperpopular manga by Tosh), having more sex, nothing more, but, oh boy, nothing less :)

My thanks go to YQII for the great release, may tax collectors never catch him as a reward :twisted:
Graphically, it’s Tosh, so you have super-cute faces, bodies with meat on the bones (but not plump, OK), and happy brainless sex ^^;;
I’m glad, we meet again (he doesn’t do anything special, though), mister Super Superficial !

You’ll find download links for Menkui In Resort just below, of course, but you may be interested in the news, I added Menkui In Resort to
My complete Menkui archive, on THAT page :)
If you haven’t read it yet, come on, Menkui is one of the best mangas out there !

Fore MORE goodness, Cf. The list of ALL the works by Tosh on Hentairules

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