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Pack of 466 amazing erotic pictures by the artist LoganCure

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I didn’t know of that artist, LoganCure, until I found one of his pics on Reddit’s delicious /rule34/ board, and then I googled for more.
There’s a LOT of talent here, LoganCure takes girls from popular games (first of all Overwatch, but there are plenty more) and series, and shows them in advantageous poses, with less and less clothes from one shot to the other, basically. All of that, with fine, fine traits, truly excellent art :kickass:

Honest warning, you won’t watch actual sex or penetrations, at best the girls will have exposed breasts of vagina, and the poses aren’t exclusively sexual, frequently it’s all about putting their original natural beauty under the best light, and not about making them sexual objets. In my eyes, this is perfectly OK =)

If you care, LoganCure has Patreon, where there’s more pictures, tutorials, etc. Check it out maybe? He deserves love :)

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Pack of 333 adult pictures, by the ero-artist Cian Yo (or Cianyo)

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You may breathe: this isn't bowsette

I’m sharing here a pack of pictures I found, created by a skilled ero-artist called Cian-Yo, or Cianyo, or 千呦 :)
There’s a a certain aesthetic sense, and tons of talent, geared towards drawing ecchi or actually hentai shots of popular heroines from Overwatch, LoL or a few other iconic sources too. It’s splendid eye candy, I’m confident you should enjoy browsing them, at the very least ^^

A few relevant links if you want, the artist’s Patreon, Pixiv (I noticed at first glance a few pics not in the pack I share, deal with it lol), Facebook (wait, how can you have a Facebook page for porn?!?” I thought even linking to it meant instaban?!?) or DA.

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Pack of 398 AMAZING adult pictures, by the ero-artist Firolian

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I could fap a dozen times to that picture alone. AND THERE ARE 397 MORE

Just… WOW! :shock:
The quality of the images in this pack is simply astouding :shock:

The artist Firolian has a very realistic and hardcore style, featuring plenty of videogame girls (overwatch, and a good number of others), and the girls are shown using the CG technique in which they swap various clothings and/or gradually remove them, plus a few pages in which the girl is also having sex. Meaning: if one of the pictures catches your eye, take a closer look and you’ll find plenty of variations with different outfits or a bit more or less clothing, plus the final hardcore bit :twisted:

You should check out Firolian’s Patreon, and also there is Firolian’s Tumblr blog, his Deviantart home and, it doesn’t show the same pics or are they simply arranged differently I’m not sure, his Pixiv page.

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Overtime Vol. 2 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Overwatch game, by the artists Abi Kamesennin and Hirame (making the “Bear Hand” circle)

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The more D.VA hentai we get, the better, anyway :D

Frankly, I was much more impressed by the previous volume, Overtime volume 1. This new release suffers from drawings that aren’t as good (in my subjective opinion, etc), the scans are also more “damaged”, and I feel the comedy is lacking.
It’s still good, mind you. But I can’t call it awesome, not like the volume 1, there’s the idea :)

Anyway, if you care for a good few laughs, and for maximum badass pounding inside a D.VA that will welcome any fucky situation initiated by a Sombra gradually losing all hopes, go for it ^_^ There’s a policewoman D.VA VS Roadhog scene in the end, featuring the heaviest anal in an extreeeeemely long time :shock:
This has been released by Atomicpuppy, thank you! :jap:

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Overshoot [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Overwatch game, by Ringo Koubou (Also Known As Shirokiringo)

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Dibs on Mercy

I never played Overwatch (I kinda would like, but you gotta cough up the money first, I might find I suck, and there’s always the matter of not having enough time in my life), and yet I find myself very attracted to the girls in the game. The devs made a good job on their looks ^^
So this new translated Overwatch hentai doujinshi is more than welcome :D

First, this is Mei (a thick girl with glasses, generous boobs, oh how lovely is she!), and next is a scene in which Mercy and Ana work at a soapland and provide sexual service to a shota. Lots of paizuri, and decent vaginal, all of that in decent full-color art :)
Thanks to Atomicpuppy for that one! ^^

Side note. Page 8. What the fuck.

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Pack of 323 uncensored pictures by the hentai artist Evulchibi

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Who is she, Batgirl? I always get lost with comics characters.

I found this pack of pictures, and wanted to share them almost at once, most of them are really good, both hardcore and conveying an artistic feeling. There’s more anal than vaginal sex, a good number of futas, and oh god the girls have BUTTS – my fave being the Piper Wright (from Fallout 4) pic, in the butt regard :3

The girls come from tons of different sources, lots from World of Warcraft, a fair number from Overwatch and Mass Effect, and in smaller number, from the Marvel and DC universes and many different video games and cartoons. A Siri X Yennefer X Geralt pic (from The Witcher 3) caught my eye, too ^^
Well, see for yourselves, it’s amazing eye candy. And I googled the artist’s name, to find Evulchibi has a Patreon, where you can support him, access high-res versions of his new and past works, and even contact him to commission him drawings of your choice :)

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Overtime Vol. 1 [English], a buttastic hentai doujinshi parodying the Overwatch game, by the artists Abi Kamesennin and Hirame (making the “Bear Hand” circle)

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Hilarious and hardcore? Marvel!

Totally fappable, OH GOD THOSE BUTTS.
Boys, girls, I have here something you may like :3

Welcome to a sort of Overwatch Academy, in which the popular male game characters are teachers, and Tracer is having sex with them to ensure she gets good grades.
Seriously, imagine Reaper here:
– Trying to get acquainted with your third gun, teach!


The drawings have a delicious side to them. Full of life, drawn with skill, freaking Uncensored (woot!) and closely resembling the original characters. The godly butts were rendered with fidelity (save Genji’s lol). Just one exception: the penises look like they’re coming from western comics, they’re giant, bulging, and uncensored O_o
In the second part of the volume, Tracer focuses on Widowmaker. With dildos, everything is possible. Oh god that was fantastic for the eyes and it was comedy gold too.

I hope you enjoy the read ^_^
And many thanks to Atomicpuppy for this release!! :jap:

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