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Kaguya-sama Wa Ecchi Saretai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (“Love Is War”) series, by Arino Hiroshi

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An arched back. More promising than a huge pair of tits.

Shinomiya and Kurogane, from the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series, aroused by a porn magazine left behind by someone, do the thing in the privacy of their student council office. Basically, this is it :D
A quite simple scenario, certainly, but with cute enough art; not terribly crude and explicit, but still pleasant, the female MC’s petite body was adorable. You won’t hear me complaining when we don’t have enough (yet?) Kaguya-sama materials :3

Personal opinion, the original manga is a decent romantic comedy, worth a read if you’ve got the time. If you haven’t read it yet, come on, give it a go :)
Thanks to Rookie84 for the release! :jap:

By the same artist, under the Arino Hiroshi and Studio Big-X names, I also share Mousou Theater 56, Mousou Theater 60, Mousou Theater 42, Mousou Theater 41, Mousou Theater 48, Lens No Uragawa, Happy Christmas, a pack of 5 works (Mousou Theater volumes 28, 31, 35, 37 and 43) and Mousou Theater 22.

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Noraneko Shoujo To No Kurashikata (“Living Together With A Stray Cat Girl”) Volumes 1-2 [English, 278 pictures], by Shiina

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I say, let us save the printing market in Japan! If we remove the entire censorship legislation, they'll save a fortune on saved black ink!

The title is spot on: the female MC really looks like a stray cat ^^ Petite, fluffy wavy hair, communication difficulties, longing for caresses, tsundere attitude about aspiring to human warmth but pretending not to, plenty of weak spots to poke at… ^^

Boys, girls, aliens, here is an excellent pair of vanilla hentai volumes, with more incoming in the future! In a slice of life form, we follow the lives of a young salaryman who took under his wing a highschool girl abandoned by her family. She’s hell-bent on being independant and autonomous, but of course feelings grow in fertile soil :) Brace yourselves for mad blushing, for heart-warming feelings of WAFF and untold love not blooming yet, not openly identified as such… I loved it :kickass:

Graphically, this is good without being exceptional; I’m not a fan of petite girls, the censorship was huge (many black bars) and, personal POV, persistant X-ray shots aren’t my thing. I’d say, though, the girl’s adorable wavy hair and her blushing faces alone are making the manga worth reading!

Treat yourselves to this series, I’m confident you’ll love it, folks :)
We owe this release to ObsoleteZero, with the help or commissions ofMariSwann, Varcon, Keiki, PaGe422, Sijui, Brad Lee, SarLe, Keiki, Yuriphiel, Kurosakidude, Slashershot, Kritnich, Sijui, and “a bunch of anons”. I’ll mention Obsoletezero started a crowdfunding to have the entire series translated (currently: 2 more volumes and ongoing :twisted: ), checn it out maybe?

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Ai No Musume Sakurako [English, 199 pictures], by Tanaka Aji

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A confusing pic, just like the manga.

That manga was a lot to take in. The scenarii are confusing and… twisted. The stories aren’t typical vanilla, blackmail, facepalm (but there’s a fair deal of facepalms, oooh yeah), netorare material. Twisted, I tell you. We’re in a semi-permanent story canvas in which three sets of characters lead their own lives, some of them lawful good, some chaotic neutral, some lawful evil, if you’ll allow me the D&D alignments categorization. Despicable scumbags interact with good guys, relationships are built or transformed, girls move from one person to another and/or back…

In itself, after all, this is original, and chances are you’ll like it. The art too is original, not what you see everywhere else, I don’t even find the proper words to describe it, but it’s praise I’d want to express…

Sorry for the unhelpful description lol, that manga is beyond me ^^;;
It’s been released by Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Unsweet Netorare Ochita Onna-Tachi (192 pictures) and Ane Unsweet Miharagi Hiyori (139 pictures).

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Sigure Soak Wet [English], an adorable hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Amakuchi/Umakuchi Syouyu

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I'm so touched by the WAFF I can't find a dirty sick joke to write here

In this share, the Admiral and Shigure, from Kantai Collection, contemplate the unexpected pouring rain ruining their long-expected holiday, and more than make up for it in each other’s arms, in the comfortable peace of their hotel (resort?) room. The feelings of mutual care, of love, of passion they felt for each other, were both extremely arousing, and wonderfully heart-warming.

I may be biased by my love for vanilla, but I want to say the art is at Homunculus level (which is saying more than a LOT), save for the quite bearable censorship bars, huhu. And yet, superb and intense as it may be, the two characters weren’t fucking, they were making love, through each page the WAFF feelings of mutual love were renewed, it was a-do-ra-ble :)

Jaycie and Tenshi are behind this quality release, thank you very much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Shigure Hide And Seek.

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NeuTRal Actor volumes 1 and 2 [English], by Hitoi

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Not gonna feel pity or sympathy for any of the characters

Personal point of view: that was too predictable but correct netorare, I didn’t like it as a theme but I have to praise it as it was delivered well, it’s good in its own NTR niche.
However, the volume 1 was translated with the ass, it’s hardly decipherable at all, an abominable cancerous crime against English, the typesetting is also all over the place, a rewrite would have been better (which is saying something).

Let’s lay it to you: a boyfriend is bored with his sexual life with his too perfect girlfriend. So, what does Mister Brilliant think of, he pushes her “just once” into having sex with other men, to clarify his feelings or something like that.
Naturally, the girl is now hooked on alpha dick and on making sure her, airquotes, “boyfriend” is an humiliated witness to it.

I was briefly tempted (because why the hell not!!) to reedit the speech bubbles with a grammatically correct version of the dialogues, but I gave up, plenty of speech bubbles simply didn’t make sense and I had no idea what the original “normal” meaning ought to have been. However, the images in the volume 1 looked bad and, about that, I could do something, my usual retouching routine: before / after.

The volume 2 was scanlated by Ruruscanlations, thanks a lot for the quality work!

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[email protected] [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 5 game, by Majoccoid

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I know I shouldn't ask for fear of receiving answers, but why does she keep her headphones on, as a fashion statement, or for some other reason?

I’m more in favour of hourglass figures, breasts large enough to fully envelop a dick, and women meaty enough that you won’t feel prickled by their hip bones during sex or that you can grab by the bonus meat during doggystyle. But, well, to each his own, etcetera, here is a full-pettanko version of Futaba, from Persona 5. Flat as a washboard, lol :lol:
There’s not much to add, Futaba has come to enjoy life again, her relationship with Persona 5’s male MC is ready to evolve to the next level, they have a chance, bam, vanilla hentai scene :)

Release credits are for Tabibit0, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Dakitsuke Nuigurumer, Konogoe Wa Todokanai, Love Me Tendeloin, Evil Scream, Ookami-san No Oshigoto (“A Wolf’s Job”, chapters 1-4, it’s a complete story) and Boku Wo No Inari-sama.

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Hore Tokidoki Nukumori [English, 227 pictures], by Doumou

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Cheerful, joyous, proudly horny: the perfect Doumou girl :)

OH YEAH!! A whole, complete tankoubon by Doumou and, to my surprise, not made of works I’ve shared in the past, no, this is 100% new stuff!! :kickass: :woot:

The manga is made of a small-size arc at the beginning, a large-size arc in the middle and the end, and single chapters in between, featuring only happy sex with simple but “efficient” story canvases, and an occasional sense of light comic relief.
Two of the storylines struck me, one of them sucked, a son with his mother, and yet, on the contrary, the other was really good and even oddly touching, about a daughter with her father (that was the large-size arc.)

In terms of art, we can rely on Doumou to give us excellent action, drawn with a luxury of details, an impressive erotic intensity, with quite low censorship (a few thin white bars only!!), and my favourite trait would be the proudly horny smiles on the faces of the girls :3

Definitely, an excellent tank, enjoy! ^_^
And thanks a whoooole lot to Alexey, Potato and Vilis, from Hennojin! :)

And for more, don’t miss My updated list of the Doumou shares on Hentairules!

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