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Zupposhi Inferno [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Dorachefu

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God, his balls are ugly

Ah, I’m not accustomed to seeing that particular girl in hentai, I had to google her out. Tomoe Gozen is an historical figure, I mean, an actual human being, she was a samura in the 12th century, one of the few female samurai in history (wikipedia, Inferno additionally in the F/GO wiki).
Here, hentai version, her breasts quadrupled in volume, she’s a slut, she sexxes her gudao while he’s resting at an onsen, the end :D

If you fancy a girl with an openly slutty nature, ahegao faces, deepthroating with joy, with a near-plump hot body, with moderate censorship above, enjoy, my dear pervs, enjoy! :D
I’m not too sure about something, it’s presented as cheating, and yet it’s explained she is a widow; how could it be cheating if her husband is no more?!?

This has been commissioned by Cuckkoo and scanlated by N04h, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, under the names Dorachefu and Tanuking Sleep, I also share Fubuki ShikoNuki Su and Fubuki, ShikoNuki Su! Kai.

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Ririn-san No Naisho No Kao To Daiji Na Oheya (“Ririn-san’s Secret Expression And Her Precious Room”) [English], by Rokuichi

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Time to ride. YEEHAH!

“- But, Ririn-san, does your husband even fuck you at all?
– Unlike you, he’s not a lecher. And I’m sure he’s exhausted after working. I’ll feel bad for asking him.”

Long story short, this story takes place in a very Japanese household, the kind, gentle and 150% herbivore husband, with a caring, gentle and composed wife; as soon as the husband leaves to work, the good-for-nothing stud from upstairs comes and the fuckathon begins ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Even though there was whiteout censorship, I hardly noticed it, all thanks to that MILF’s enticing super hot body, with a godly ass, a hot face, large lively breasts… Yeah, in terms of eye candy, we’ve struck gold, guys :twisted:
It’s been released by Vlpxr and Einhar, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ikko To Asobo and Amako Ticket.

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BroConflict [English], by Bobobo

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The hentai fairy provides

Alongside with Face Es-All Divide, that I also share today, I had accidentally placed BroConflict in a subfolder of my old downloads folder, I found them while doing some cleanup. It was a good read, so, eh, let’s share them ^_^

The present share is about a tall, fat (come on, at this stage, it’s not plump anymore) and sour-looking sister, hiding the hard crush she has on her brother. You know what, I’ll also call her tsundere, even if she’s only so-so like that.
Naturally, because this is hentai, they eventually become lovers, etcetera. But because it’s done by a skilled mangaka, there’s a certain unique charm to the story, the way it was drawn, presented…

I hope you may enjoy that one, in case you haven’t already read it since its internet release in summer 2017 ;)
And thanks to FatedCircle and Garass! :)

By Bobobo, also known as Abradeli Kami, I also share the excellent PLDK (226 pictures), Kiruko’s Womanly Power-up Epic Battle, Mucchiri Sukebe chapters 4 and 7, followed by their decensored sequel (thanks to JB Random) Indoor Beach de Tsukamaete, Aniyome Milk, the uncensored version of Hetapi White Day, and a good pack of 7 works (Abura Shoukami Tsukane No 04 Hatsukoi Jotei + Abura Shoukami Tsukane No 05 140000000 + Akuma Ko + Chichikage Hanjouki + Chotto Matte To Iwaretatte + Eromance Down (Uncensored version) + Shinsekai). I also made a Crazy Censorship Contest using one of his pictures.

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Pack of 6 full-colour works by the eromangaka Ohigetan [English, 99 pictures]

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Jebus H Christ on a flaming Harley Davidson, that picture was AWESOME!!

For me, it feels a bit like when, after the rain, you extend your arm out of the window to see if there aren’t anymore droplets of water coming down. Apparently, I can safely do my Ohigetan repack now, for the moment that’s all there is to share after last week’s new releases, that I’ll add to a few other ones that were waiting in my older downloads folders ;)

I gathered here those volumes, showing, as always, meaty teens enjoying sex. On the one hand it’s badly censored, on the other hand the girls are fantastically gorgeous, so, eh, it evens out ^^
Those works I share today are:
Ohigebon 27.5 C81 Omakebon
Ohigebon 42
Ohigebon 45.5 C84 Omakebon
Ohigebon 73
Ohigebon 78 Man In Densha
Ohigebon 79 Ohigetan Works 3

Enjoy! And thanks to White Symphony, Lord Of Evil and Anonymous from Scantastic, SXindy27 from the Tsukuyomi Project, Shakezoola, Scantastic, Laruffi (yikes), Ranzu, EroGPX, N04h, Biribiri, PureEnergy and SuperShanko, this time :)

There’s much more for you, on The list of Ohigetan’s shares on Hentairules

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Ori (“Cage”) [English], by Kusui Aruta

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Looking good, at least

It doesn’t count if this is a long-term widowing stepmother, no party pooper will ruin it for me, yiss :D
Ahem. So, yeah, this share, the stepmother finally accepts her late husband’s son feels more than filial love to her, and the rest is plenty of sex with mutual love. Why complain, it could almost look romantic, and it’s drawn very well, juicy, intense, packing a lot of quality in those 18 pages :)

It’s been commissioned by Blue Moon Circle and released by Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

For more, please see The list of Kusui Aruta’s works on Hentairules =)

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Harapeko Cinderella (“Hungry Cinderella”) [English], an hentai doujishi (unsurprisingly) parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Junpuumanpandou

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Meat is love, meat is life, especially on girls

I wonder if the title is a reference to the Hungry Marie / Harapeko Marie manga, drawn by Tamura Ryuhei, the mangaka who made the super popular Beelzebub series. Hungry Marie was kind of a flop, a huge disappointment in my eyes, but just in case, here’s online reader links: Beelzebub and Hungry Marie :)

In this share, Kanako’s producer finds a genius trick to help her control her weight, he takes advantage of her addiction to gacha games, and prepares her a lottery in which she can either win super rare sweets, or “win” the obligation to exercize. Fortunately, as this is hentai, I’ll leave the detail of the exercizes to your imagination ;)

The drawings won’t blow your mind, but they’re not too censored (black bars surrounding stuff) and good enough to do the job, let us say ^^
This is a Doujin-Moe release, thank you! :)

By the same artist, known as Junpuumanpandou (manga circle) or Hida Tatsuo (actual artist’s name), I also share Kyun Harapeko Princess, Melancholic Heart (in its uncensored version!), Manpandou Tabechauzo and Limited For You.

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Dolls + Extra [English, 255 pictures, Complete], by Fan No Hitori

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Sigh, what a heap of horseshit

Fair precision, this isn’t an actual tank, with tank scans, but a compilation of separately released short arcs, from various scanning sources, some of them I suspect being actual tank scans, to which were added the purely tank materials such as the cover.

Next, a fair warning. Fan No Hitori’s style is to treat women like cattle, made to be broken, not just dominated but utterly crushed, to be betrayed, and used with cruelty and contempt. I personally view it as a huge pile of despicable stinking shit, but I can respect your tastes in porn may differ, etcetera.

In the Dolls universe, law is that women can be stripped of their human rights and become official braindead cump dumps for public use; a variety of girls will try to resist or oppose the system but will end up broken and join too, once again: etcetera. Sigh. It’s almost a pity this is drawn with great skill, intense, hardcore and varied enough to not look boring. The censorship goes from almost invisible to full lightsaber mode, it will depend.

Sorry for the long rant, either you were gonna love it anyway or you already got the point, so my wall of text must have been useless, as of usual :lol:
Release credits are for Tigoris Translates, Optitron, Desudesu and Sailor1980, Hentaicore and Philoer, thanks for the fans! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Voodoo Squad (64 pictures), Parasite Queen and Dropout (192 pictures.)

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