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Hitozuma Haramu [English], by Meme50

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Sure, if you love them slim and small, you've opened the wrong blog post

I hope you have grown as desensitized as me and won’t care that the story’s based on adultery just because the husband isn’t available often enough.
‘Cause if you don’t mind, here comes some glorious milf for you. The female’s MC cute, plump, has heavy huge breasts, cute large glasses, and a slutty face during sex (as one could expect from Meme50, the talent’s there.)

In terms of story, a MILF and a teenage boy become buddies through in-game chat and IRL meetings, eventually they’re lovers, etc. Their relationship evolves, in the end the girl is proud to let the boy impregnate her and all. I’m no fan of preggo sex, so here’s for the warning, there’s 4-5 pages of that in the end.
Before that, it’s simply a cute plump 30 yo-looking woman enjoying life =)

Enjoy! And thanks a lot to Axalon, MrWayne, Mysael, and Misty :jap:

By the same artist, with working links, I’ve only got Asobizakari.

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Ore To Imouto No Nichijou (“The Daily Lives Of My Sister And Me”) [English], by Kai Hiroyuki

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Who wouldn't

I have an XXL déjà-vu impression, and it’s no accident, I’ve read a crazy number of times stories in which the same “plot” ingredients were used. Good luck finding anything original in this share.
And… you know what? WHO CARES, it’s fine! :D

A comparison. When my longing grows stronger than my sense of guilt (and I promise myself to hit the rowing machine and elliptical bike a lot more afterwards), I simply adore a McDonalds meal, fries, Big Mac and the fish burger. I know in advance how everything will taste, nothing will be a surprise, and it’s perfectly OK, it will be delicious nonetheless. Same with hentai, but you can fap to it. (This is not a challenge, I beg you don’t find me sources about McDonalds sexuality.)

So, yeah, here’s a freshly released Kai Hiroyuki in which a brother and his busty twintails sister have hot sex in secret at home, etcetera ^^
Release credits are for Potato, Shell and Vilis, from Hennojin, thank you for the McHentai menu, and I write it without sarcasm :)

For much more, please see The list of Kai Hiroyuki’s works on HentaiRules

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NTR-EX Kare Ni Wa Ienai Mesu Ochi Life (“A Shameful Life I Can’t Tell Him About”) [English], by Bonten

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The thighhighs: a masterful move.

It’s that kind of hentai in which, graphically, the boobies are larger than the head, basically. A large amount of censorship made of multiple black bars, intense crude sex with the girl clearly loving it.

And as for the story, honest warning, they may be stereotypical, it’s still quite dark, a scumbag teacher blackmails a female student into becoming his cum dump otherwise he gets her and her boyfriend expelled for sex at school, and in the end she totally falls for his dick, poor boyfriend-kun didn’t stand a chance, etcetera.
Well, there, you have it. Your call, at least it looked good ^^

It’s been released by Philo, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 works (Anzu Destruction + Hissatsu Ane Gokou), Moratte Kudasai! Azumi Sensei, Three-point reversal, Hinako-Senpai One O One and BBS – Big Boobs Sisters.

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Wagaya No Setsuden Taisaku (“One Family’s Plan To Save Electricity”) [English], by N.O. Chachamaru (AKA Heisei Chachamaru Dou)

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The first time I saw that pic, I was under the impression she was wearing a sweaty shirt ^^;;

What the fuck, this hentai manga doesn’t make sense. Not because a mother and her son are fuckbuddies, that’s hardly worth lifting an eyebrow in hentai. No: because we’re in the peak of a summer heat wave, the A/C is not an option, and they decide to have sex to cool themselves and feel fresher O_o

The story is not worth mentioning, however the art struck me as unique, original, outside of the usual releases material. The woman’s plump and drawn very crudely, with very little censorship, and there was this impression of watching a pencil drawing (something that becomes rarer now that everyone’s using a computer/tablet to draw).

Maybe you’ll like it, thanks a lot to Amoskandy and Hentaieyebr! :jap:

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Yoi Ga Sameru Sono Mae Ni (“Before The Drunkard Wakes Up”) [English], by Nanao Yukiji

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Oh, the boys of MILF deepthroat. An experienced woman turns it into something else. Not gonna boast but technically my wife is a MILF.

Pzykosis666 and Coffe, thank you for the good work, bring us this pleasant simple release, about a MILF drinking alcohol for the first time with her now adult son and his friend. The son falls asleep, drunk, while the MILF discovers the friend is actually an experienced skilled playboy specialized in MILFs, as chance has it :D

The censorship is strong (whiteout), the woman’s quite plump, so I can’t promise everyone will love it. But I suspect this should please a greaaaat number of readers, call it a hinch ;)

By the same artist, I also share Musume No Kawari Ni.

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NTR-Sexersise [English], by Ojo

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... Hans?

There’s always this dimension, in netori and netorare hentai: we feel threatened in our normie lives. A vague but threatening gut feeling no other hentai genre gives us. It gives the message it could happen to anyone, ourselves included. Apparently, this adds a unique spice that some people seek. Not me, but, eh, to each his own ^^

Here we are with a story in which a good wife, married to a good (not undeserving or anything) husband discovers there’s more to sex than being cozy and a bit intense without excess (there were hints, she kept on asking “harder, harder!” during sex with her husband.) As soon as some random douchebag fucks her with a vague excuse (losing weight) and treats her very roughly, she finds herself a new (first?) kink. By the end of the story, she’s only a wife on paper, etcetera.

The drawings had a pleasant intensity, however the amount of black bar censorship was enough to be a pain in the ass. Your call =)
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Hatsujou! Namaiki JK (“Horny! Cheeky Highschooler!”, 213 pictures), Natsu Ni Tabetai Ecchi Na Oniku and Love Note.

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Hitozuma Netori Surprise ~Danna No Me No Mae De Chitsunai Shasei~ [English], by Otoreko

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plump and juicy

My reaction to the male MC’s herbivorous reaction, in one image.

It’s just a prank, brooooo! – sort of. In this new netorare share, a prank kinda gets out of hand, a wife is fucked hard (and better, naturally) by another husband as part of a “let’s prank your husband when he’s back from work by pretending we’re having sex below the sheets” joke that would have never been funny anyway.

It’s weird, somehow, if you view it as a matter of immersion.
Girls with boobs bigger than their head: difficult, but okay. Fully whitened dicks and pussies because of excessive censorship: difficult, but okay. Catgirls with ears and a tail, succubi with wings and horns, mythical creatures: difficult, but totally okay.
However: that prank? Well, no, THAT is the kind of of thing that destroys my willing suspension of disbelief, it’s far too ridiculous to work.
I can’t rage, I can’t feel immersed, I felt nothing from reading that story O_o

Still, let’s praise the good things, graphically it’s quite okay. A plump woman looking like she’s between 25 and 30, with a strongly flushed face, I’ll reckon it should please plenty of readers.

Release credits are for Mahoraking13 and Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

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