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TSF Monogatari [English, 235 pictures, now UNCENSORED!], by ShindoL

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 30 comments

Important warning: this image does NOT represent the rest of the manga. The rest is much more crude and shocking.

It took me two days to share this manga but there, I caught up on it. That’ll be my only share of the day, sorry, but I didn’t have much time for hentai (family, friends, springtime, training for work, and bashing criminally dumb trump electors when I needed a break, like here, here or there – don’t rant if I’m triggering you as I clap because you get what you voted for, you’d only broaden my smile).

So, today’s only share is actually a steaming pile of excrement, to be frank. But world class excrement.
The completely DECENSORED version of TSF Monogatari, by ShindoL.

As for the description of the manga, well… There’s one chapter to my total liking, Single Nabe X Double Nabe, another unrelated chapter about girls in a movie shooting club, and, the entire rest of the manga is a huge story arc about a boy turned girl, becoming a cumdump, enjoying his fate of prostitution, mindbreak and corruption, becoming pregnant, and finding salvation in the arms of a girl who liked him/her and who used the reverse thing on her to become a futanari, with a happy bridal ending, shalala.

Don’t trust the summary I just wrote, ten pages of cuteness in the main story arc and one good vanilla chapter (pages 148-183) don’t save a full volume from deserving to be called: crap, a fucking waste of talent. Sex that feels good but isn’t good, women only good to serve as cum dump whores, extreme ahegaos, a pregnant girl cumming from having her womb electrocuted – shit, cut the crap and go fuck yourself, ShindoL !! :gfy:

Anyway. Credits are for Brolen, Fated Circle, Setebos, Accelerant Blue, Saha, Tapsicore from MangaTG, Desudesu, and Devilwithin, with VenoMKO for the decensoring. Thanks for all the time and effort it has taken! :jap:

(For MORE works by this artist, Cf. The List of ALL of ShindoL’s Works !)

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Otome Netoria – Maiden NeTRia [English, 205 pictures], by Carn

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 30 comments


I don’t know. How to say…
Imagine Freddy Mercury becoming Justin Bieber and singing Baby One More Time.
Imagine HentaiRules sold to a guy wanting to turn it into a generic hentai tube channel (no shit, I received another offer last month.)
Imagine the Deadpool movie forced to be rated G with everything censored.
Imagine Game Of Thrones produced by Bollywood instead.

Do you get the idea?
When an incredible, fantastic, awesome potential… is wasted on huge SHIT.
So, yeah, the women are weak and dumb. The men are either (1) fucking dumb herbivores, or (2) immoral scumbags enjoying to humiliate and destroy women, and will gladly steal and impregnate them.

Fair warning, the images are in the low resolution zone, with a size varying around 1350 px.
Doujin-Moe is behind this release, I guess expressing gratitude is an obligation.

The final chapter of the volume exists in a better quality in Joukyu Nightmare. The fact the tankoubon version was more censored than the older magazine version is like the facepalm icing on the facepalm cake; is this manga a tragedy, a comedy, or a fraud, when you go full philosoderpy?

Hey, remember to check the list of ALL Carn’s works on Hentairules!

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Furachina Creampie [English, Uncensored version], by Pish Lover

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

If you find this picture weird, want until you read the manga itself

Let’s pornify the usual magical girls transforming into super magical solders to fight evil demons. Of course, the demons are evil rapists wanting to impregnate women. But let’s push it farer: the magical justice girls don’t know the devices they use to become servants of justice are rigged, produced by the demons, with the sole purpose of training new human female cum dumps.
Dark, absurd humour. I kinda liked it, lol.

The drawings are also a huge WTF, this is with excellent skill that we see the weirdest stuff, the demons are scary, their dicks are scary, the girls sport ahegaos, their clitorises become dicks thanks to demon magic, impregnations last 30 minutes and the girls are good and liberated again…
Skillful, but, wow, WTF :shock:

If you dig rape, futa, or have a very dark sense of humour (don’t forget, in an older manga by Pish Lover, a Justice heroine was taught that « A champion of Justice must sacrifice their ovum for the greater good ! »), you may want to check it. Otherwise, hmm… not sure. We owe this release to 1guy2erections, who compiled the decensored Portuguese version with the English translated version (no idea who is behind it though). Thank you for this :)

–Update: I now share another work taking place in the same universe, but it’s far from being as “good” (airquotes needed) as the present work: , Harahara Heroine Fan Kanshasai.

By the same artist, known under the Amatake Akewo and Pish Lover pen names, I also share  My Lovely Bitch (Aisare Shouwaru Love Bitch, 234 pictures, Uncensored version), Heroines Tiger Pit, Harahara Heroine Fan Kanshasai (Uncensored version, related to the present share, Furachina Creampie), Delicious Milk, and Ochiteiku no ha Kantan Deshita.

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Urakaze No Gohoubi [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Kuronyan

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments

I could have fun and summarize this share in six words: Urakaze rewards her admiral with boobies. Hey, you know what, that sounds good enough, ENJOY! :lol:

Credits are for YQII, Art, Wavedash, Tetsu, Almond, Mrwayne and 981134, from YQII and Little White Butterflies. Thank you! :)

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Tanetsuke Inferno (“Mating Inferno”) [English], by Marui Maru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

I have had the weirdest boner. You too, you shall, if you’re a man.

So. This guy wakes up in hell, he has died. He’s surrounded by succubi. They shatter his pride in bleeding pieces (hence, I tagged this share as femdom, but, really, the rest isn’t as bad, with the boy treated kindly as a well-liked pet), and next, group sex commences.
But wait, there’s more. Here, succubi become impregnated in minutes, give birth in seconds to a new succubus, and the child grows up to “old enough” in as as few seconds as that. After which she’ll enjoy her daddy’s dick too. The manga ends up with a promise of multiple pan-generational breeding.

Story-wise: Wat. The. Feck.
Art-wise: Aw yiss. Awesome.

Me, I’m embarrassed to confess, but liked it. And you ? ^^
Credits are for our dear Dynellen, an Anonymous who translated it, and Drozetta, many thanks for the hentai! :beer:

For more butts, Cf. The list of ALL Marui Maru’s works on Hentairules!

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Motenai Girls chapters 1-2 [English, Full-Color, NEW EDITION, fucking YAY!!! :D ], by Distance

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

Here comes the chapter 2 of Motenai girls! ^____^
This is entirely in full color, there is bearable censorship (thick black rectangles, not the blur-mosaics of death, allright ?), and we’re shown a loveable mix of comedy, good drawings, funny characters, and hardcore sex with big breasts all around :twisted:
I approve of this :twisted:

Some context, this is a new edition. Three years ago, I shared Motenai Girls chapters 1-2. The series was discontinued when the mangaka started working with a different publisher, Wani, and Distance “branched” the story as a strongly similar-looking series, Girls Lacrosse Club (also called: Joshi Luck), which gave us two splendid shares, Girls Lacrosse Club 1-8 and Anekomori.
At some point since then, Distance signed with another magazine, Comic Ananga Ranga, in which Motenai Girls is published again, in a very different version. There isn’t yet a chapter 3, but Distance promises it will eventually come.
This new version is
– in full color
– showing much less censorship

CellTF jumped on it, asked Axalon, Almond and Mrwayne to retranslate and reedit it with the new scans, and here comes the fruit of their labor, thank you so much, guys! ^_^
Today’s “thing” is:
– the release of the chapter 2
– a new version of the chapter 1

(Remember to view the updated list of all Distance’s works on Hentairules)

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Pathetic Prince And Cat-Eared Maid + Pathetic Prince And Spiteful Preggo [English], by Tsukino Jyogi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

How come there were so few Beelzebub hentai doujinshi, and none of them looking great ?

— Update: pleasant news, that share is now obsolete! ^_^
You will now find it in that full-volume compilation:
Pathetic Prince And Spiteful Maid (“Zannen Ouji To Dokuzetsu Maid”)

Or click this dropdown list to choose a precise page: