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Imouto Kansatsu Nikki (“The Record Of Sex With My Sister”) [English, 210 pictures], by Eba

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Take it! Take my facepalm!

This is a manga by Eba. Sooo…
Manipulate them, dominate them, force them, hypnotize them, blackmail them, the means don’t matter, as long as those sisters become obedient cum dumps for their fucking ugly despicable brothers.

I’ll mention the art is pretty good when the mangaka forgets to suck, but that’s not enough of a redeeming quality here, at least for me. If, you, you dig that stuff, hey, treat yourselves, why not.

Additionally, I must add this warning, the scanlation quality is horrible. Bland at best, otherwise there’s hardly a page without elements that are either weird or totally wrong (I turbo-facepalmed when one million yen became one million dollars, FFS at the moment 1 million yen is 7367 dollars).

Usually, I’ll add heartfelt thanks to the scanlator, but this time, even my weakest “thanks are an order” seems excessive, I’m not sure I want to thank anybody despite the time it must have taken :-/

By the same artist, I also share Noryoku Gakuen Gekokujo ~ Boku Ga Gakuen O Seisu Made (236 pictures), Datsu Imouto Sengen (“Sister Removal Declaration”, 196 pictures), Sister Island (198 pictures), Hitozuma Ga Ero Sugite Shigoto Ni Naranai! (194 pictures), Forbidden Fruit ~ Kindan no Kajitsu (180 pictures), La Paix Corpo No Yuuutsu (201 pages) and Aspiring Sex Slave (187 pictures)

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Kuro Gal-chan Wa Kimi Dake O Miteru (“This Tanned Gyaru Only Has Eyes For You”) [English, 201 pictures], by Toba Yuga

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Examination time!

Eleven adorable gyarus with attractive caramel skin, either teens or young adults, have easygoing sex with caring partners.
Basically, this is it ^^

Here we are, with a pleasant 201 pages long manga, full of nice girls having great sex, in simple setups in which there’s always happy sex, very well drawn and with very easy to ignore censorship. Although there wasn’t sex with strong and official mutual love, I still tagged it as “vanilla”: there was plenty of sex with mutual care for the partner and plenty of cuteness, it was obvious those weren’t mere flings, in my book that was enough :)

Anonymous and Shiromaru#5048 from ShiromaruTL are behind this release, thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, whose name I’ve seen written as “Toba Yuuga” and “Toba Yuga”, I also share Yuki Ga Tokeru Made, Tsukiyo No Hatago and Yokushitsu Ni Nureru Boshiai.

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Sparta Sensei Ga Oshiego No Bitch Gal Ni Ecchi Na Koto Sareru Hanashi vol. 3 (“The Story Of A Strict Teacher Who Got Fucked By Her Gyaru Bitch Student vol. 3”) [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-2-3 together, by Pandacorya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Don't look at the toes... Argh, too late, right?

That moment when you finally decide you can, indeed, add the “vanilla” tag… HNNNNGGGYESSS!!!

Here is the third and final volume of the Sparta Sensei Ga Oshiego No Bitch Gal Ni Ecchi Na Koto Sareru Hanashi series, in which a slutty gyaru and her stern female teacher finally manage to have good chemistry around each other :3

At first, the teacher actually attempts to stop her slutty student from sleeping around and selling her body, but instead she discovered the joys of depraved lesbian sex. What a liberation that was.
In this final volume, a falsely respectable female of the public morals committee, a slender brunette with glasses, attempts to dominate the gyaru, before the teacher shows up, knight in shining armor mode, and turns things around. And then, once the storm has calmed down… I melted :)

Graphically, that was A-MA-ZING. And unique. The artist instills crazy energy in every panel, the blatant disrespect for perspective and, often, anatomy, allows to produce tremendous erotic waves, and then there are all the idiosyncrasies. This might be the most impactful yuri hentai manga I shared on Hentairules, hats fucking off!! :kickass:

We owe this release to Yuri, DaiChimpo, FlatRetainer, Princess_Daphie, from YuriYaki, and Oshiri_315, thank you very much!! :jap:

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Mucchiri Chin Ochi (“Thick Cock-Loving Girls”) [English, 216 pictures], by Saint Shiro

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Just roleplay. Not his daughter. Sorry. Wait, why am I writing sorry?!?

If you’ve had a long day, you won’t need to think too hard with that manga :D

Mucchiri Chin Ochi is made of single unrelated stories in which every woman has an inner slut barely hidden under the surface. Honest warning, Most of the chapters are “ugly”, the women are either blackmailed (until they’re honest with themselves, the usual motto, right?), hypnotized, or have already been previously broken in (urgh, I hate the expression, but unfortunately sometimes it’s accurate).
When the stories don’t suck, you’ve got for instance excellent enjo kousai with a dark-skinned slutty gyaru, or a horny highschool girl finding herself the perfect fuckbuddy, then, yeah, it was pretty great.

Graphically, as the title says, the girls are on the thick side, heh. From highschool girl to young adult, they’ve got plenty of nice meat to enjoy. It’s essentially vaginal sex, and the censorship remains quite moderate, if the art strikes your fancy, you’re in for a good ride, I’d say.

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Natsu O Tanoshimimashou and Seijo No Mita Yume.

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Dorei Saimin ~ Sanbiki No Mesubuta [English, 260 pictures, Uncensored!], by Minor Boy

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Coming up with westernized versions of SFXes must require a certain amount of creativity

I had big expectations from the few preview pictures I opened, until reality hit me like a brick wall: that wasn’t going to be a manga I would remember fondly.

Dorei Saimin ~ Sanbiki No Mesubuta is about women working in television, falling prey to an evil mastermind using the almighty power of hypnotism. For him, women certainly don’t need dignity and self-esteem. With an accomplice (who I’ll quote: ““Fujiko-san, welcome… Today is a memorable day, you will cease to be human…:roll: ), he works tirelessly at turning women into his private sows.

The ending was creative at least, but… yeah. I wouldn’t recommend this theme for everyone. Me, I sighed far too often.

Graphically, I’ll mention the manga is fully uncensored (hats off O_o), and there are a few creative and/or worthy panels, although the average quality is rather low in my point of view.

Well, see for yourselves, but you’ve been warned.
Release credits (translating, typesetting, however no idea who made the decensoring) are for Lodhel, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Gakuen No Nie (225 pictures).

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Beatrice Brothel volumes 1-2 [English, 112 pictures], by Endou Okito

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

I struggled to find a good enough picture for my big preview pic. I STRUGGLED! With Endou Okito?!?

We’re not just selling bodies, we’re fulfilling dreams.

And so, the alluring and refined maids working at a certain private manor serve the wealthy and the aristocrats with their bodies, in a a dreamy uncertain setup as only Endou Okito can create.

… Usually, that’s where I start piling up praise, but this time, I’m less enthusiastic. Yes, the art is unique, yes the mangaka’s bursting with talent, yes the subtle colourization makes each page worth discovering, yes the story is rich with potential and a lot more might come if chance allows it.

But the art quality has declined (I picked an example here), the bodies are less proportionate, where I used to view idiosyncrasies in former volumes, I have seen drawing mishaps this time.

I’ll leave it for you to judge, cheers!
Release credits are for Val, Nomnom, Robocoop, Rei, Wannaslep, from Project:Valvrein, for the volume 1, and CuteGyaru TL for the volume 2. Many thanks!

By the same artist, I also share Coppélia Brothel, Succura No Takkei, The Virgin Knights’ Secrets, Shoujo Najimi, a pack of 4 works (Elven Bride 1-3 + Dragon And + Kaiserin To Ikkakujuu), Elves and Elven Bride 4-5.

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JK Anal (“Anal Fuck With Highschool Girl”) [English, 218 pictures], by Kuon

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Time to plow. Hard.

Here is an entire tank, 218 pages no less, about teenage and young adult women loving anal sex.
There’s no way I’ll complain lol :lol:

The scenarii (each chapter is a new story) are simple and yet sometimes manage to be nicely creative (the isekai-ish one: genius! ^^), while the art is damn GOOD!
The art is powerful, intense, at times creative with perspective, with only minimal amounts of censorship, and a bit of vaginal sex too.
Again, I still have no complaints: ENJOY!! :twisted:

We owe this excellent release to CastleTL, Omigoto and Spicykestrel, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Hatsuiki and Radorado.

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