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Ecchi Na Tengu No JK Onee-chans [English], an hentai doujinshi (loosely) parodying the Touhou series, by Kotoba Ai

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Congratulations if you found the boy at once, me, I had to check twice to realize he was in the picture

A male teenager uses his father’s phone to hook up with 2 Touhou girls serving as highschool prostitutes.
Personally, I would find it cringy as fuck, as an idea. But, eh, it’s hentai so let’s not fret over the little details: despite acting annoyed, the girls enjoy deflowering a shy boy who consumed every last drop of his courage to simply even come meet them.

And this is it ^^ See if the art suits your tastes (bakunyuu, very little censorship, it’s a no-brainer fap product), and enjoy! ^^
Cgrascal is behind this one, thank you :jap:

By the same artist – I had completely forgotten O_o – I also share a pack of 2 works (Osake Ni Yotta Souryuu To Hitobanjuu + Atago Onee-san Ga Shite Kureru).

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Nisekime No Urakaze [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Dam Labo

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I respect the girl's moral fortitude, though

Quoting: “This is me, the second Urakaze. Surplus girls are made to work as prostitutes. This is a horrible naval base.”
Long story short, this is a sadness-coated doujinshi, in which the surplus girls are denied the right to have happiness, and if they dare show human qualities they’re trampled even more. The art style suits it, with heavy blacks giving a stifling atmosphere.

And yet, in terms of sheer drawing quality, this is great hentai, intense, graphic, crude, detailed, quite suited for, ahem, private purposes, hats off in that regard.
The doujinshi was scanlated by N04h and Herzer, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sorede Ii noka Tenryuu-chan and Tenryuu (Ore) Wa Shuusekichi (Omae) No Nan Nano Sa.

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Tinderbox [English, 206 pictures], by Monorino

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Repeat after me: anuses aren't made for sex so there is no need to censor them. Woot!

Oh boy, I had missed the release of this tankoubon. Sorry!
So, here we are, with a relatively uncommonly-themed volume. It’s made of 1 or 2 chapters long unrelated stories, all but 2 of them sharing a common theme: the fast falling into sexual corruption. It’s a context in which sex feels super good, is chosen as an act of free will, but is perceived as a falling from grace, it has to be degrading, there’s gotta be humiliation, shaming, outrage, feeling like an outcast, tick the boxes with each new chapter. The freedom to have sex, yeah, the joy of being used by men, and to feel like it’s the only important thing while the rest is discarded, would you see the idea?

Those girls were hopeless cases for various reasons: genuinely fucked up in the head and finally meeting the “right” people to continue the path of corruption, sad and wanting to forget sorrow…
But I’ll insist, it’s not bad in itself. It’s a free choice, and a life of kink isn’t the worst that could happen after all.

Graphically, this is fucking excellent. Hardcore sex with only a few black bars, vaginal, anal, tons of double penetrations, faces of pleasure (almost ahegaos on the occasion, but not fully fortunately), young girls with highly ready bodies… just for the drawings, I’d say, the manga is worth it :twisted:

We owe this release to Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Pinkerton (202 pictures), Dekiwaku Destination and Tsugai Ni Nante Naranai Mon.

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Bitch Library [English], by Hori Hiroaki

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I can't tell if she's amoral, or immoral. Just one voyel, and yet, an immense difference.

It’s easy to say “don’t put your dick in crazies”, but when the girl’s not crazy, simply batshit kinky, maybe it’s tolerable to walk the weird path for a while, no, consider it a learning experience?

Or maybe not. I am extremely confused. In this share, the male MC is a barely adult young man, led by the tip of the nose and by another tip, too, by a strange girl. She doesn’t mind showing him how men purchase the use of her body and it makes her climax hyper hard, apparently all of this would be to set him into condition for a grandiose first time with her…
And then there’s the ending, that left me with even more questions, WTF.

Still, graphically, hard to complain, we get our fill of double penetrations, there’s not too much censorship (however, being partial to ahegaos would have helped.)
Anon and Desudesu are behind this one, thank you! :jap:

(For more works by this artist, cf. The list of Hori Hiroaki’s works on HentaiRules)

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Cletia-jou Ageha Ranbu (“Ingenia Castle: Butterfly Bacchanalia”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest Heroes II game, by Forester

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Spectacular boobs, and yet I catch myself watching the faces with even more arousal.

No need for a complex scenario this time, we’re simply watching a brothel evening, in which Minea (Mina, Meena, Minea, pick your preference), her sister Manya (or Maya, to hell with name variations with Japanese, English and Romanized names), and the queen of Ingenia (a google search later, I found it was a Dragon Quest Heroes II doujinshi /ok) spend a pleasant evening, raking in the the coins and having good hard sex :)

Minea goes straight for the sex, Manya starts selling sex toys, and the queen is in full gangbang mode during the few pages she’s gifted in the end.
Basically, it looks good, the censorship is not so obvious, it’s quality fap material, I daresay ^^

Release credits are for Pride and Ultimaflara, from the E-H Cove, thank you! :jap:

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Onnanoko Ni Naru Appli Bangaihen Zenpen [English], by Tetsuna

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Don't go like ew it's gay, you must be honest, this is a nice butt

Would you remember my previous share by Tetsuna, Onnanoko Ni Naru Appli? Here’s the sequel! :)
A loose sequel, this is simply the same universe in which an app to change sex appears on random people’s phones, and requests that lots of sex is had before the subject may revert back.

A new guy becomes a woman, and resorts to prostitution to earn points fast. However, it is clearly implied by the end, that the change will probably remain: mesmerized by the easy money and the waves of pleasure, what point would there be in becoming a man again, etcetera ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Just a side note, I allowed myself to slightly retouch the images, grayscaling the images and lightly enhancing the non-white areas to strengthen the contrasts and the visibility.

Thanks to Espeon and Desudesu for this one! :jap:

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Elf Refle [English], by Kasei

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Pity this kind of elf onsen doesn't exist on Earth ;)

We’re in an heroic-fantasy setup, a band of adventurers invit a new member into their party to visit an onsen with them, as if it were a fantastic reward for a rookie. He soon understands why: the personnel is all elves, and the hospitality services include those of a sexual nature: YAY for hidden elven brothels! :lol: :D

That was cute sex, intense at peak times, and almost tender otherwise, taking the time to enjoy each other’s presence. The female MC was cute, too, a slender, very finely drawn Elf…
I lack the proper vocabulary to properly convey how good it felt because was normal without anything extraordinary, she was sime, but beautifully so… Ah, it’s frustrating, sorry ^^

It’s been released by Tracesnull and FreeloaderV, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Okitsune Winter and Maid-san To No Seikatsu.

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