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Ran-Man [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Ranma 1 1/2 series, by Solid Air (mangaka name: Zonda)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Yet another dojo yaburi day in hentai Japan.
I know, I could have picked a more compelling big preview image, sorry, I couldn’t resist :lol:

OK, who among you guys has watched the Ranma series, or read its manga? Not too many people, I fear ^^ Me, I discovered it at the age of fourteen and I freaking loved it :D
Here is a relatively worthy parody of this series, the crazy humour is present (pornified of course), the weird personality of the characters… I cracked more than a few smiles while reading it :)

Technically, it’s a dojo yaburi that becomes WTF rape, but there’s no way to take it seriously and dramatically, lol. I’ll let you guys find out ^^ Thanks to Yuripe for that one! :)

By the same artist, I also share Triangle (Uncensored version), Hitozuma X Netorare (209 pictures), Bosei Honnou (with perhaps the best bunny girl sex in a decade), Senpai To Micchaku Shitai Desu, Raikou Ga Anata No Hajimete O Choudai Shimasu and Imekura Kanmusu Takao-san to Shota Teitoku.

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The Girl With The Pigtail is Currently Working [English], A Ranma 1/2 hentai doujinshi, by Kurionesha

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
GAAAAAAAAAAAAY! seals incoming.

I don’t see that share reaching 50 downloads, but I’ll share it anyway, for the fun of it. For, you see, at least for me, this is with Ranma 1/2 (closely followed by Shun/Andromeda in Saint Seiya, lol) that gender bender began ^_^

In this share, because he loves his money, Ranma starts working at a hostess bar. And, some comedy leading to more comedy, he ends up having sex with Hyuga. End of the story, if you’re the kind of person who’ll enjoy reading it, you don’t need convincing anyway ;)

(Before I forget, check RanmaBooks.com for more Ranma materials.)
This was released by Doujin-Moe.us, thank you ! :jap:

By Kurionesha, I also share a BIG pack of 8 works, Syunsyoku Holiday, Love Flavor, I’ll Be The Wife Of The Pirate King, a pack of 3 works (Instincts + Meromero Ha~rem + Nyougashima Yori Warawa Wo Todokeni Mairimasu) and Sexual Desire Cascade Sex Empress (displaying excellent Boa Hancock action).

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Ranma 1/2 hentai doujin [English] : Rablan by Garakuta-Ya.

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

OK, that one won't make zero downloads, but 100 will be a miracle ^^

Ranma Saotome, as a martial expert, wants to experiment all the aspects of his body, including sexuality. Things get more complicated since he turns into a girl when he’s soaked in cold water.
Ranma 1/2 is the epitome of gender bender mangas. The male turns into a female, is surrounded by girls, ecchi is suggested… The present doujin perfectly explores this setup. I could never fap to this (I always picture myself in the action, and the idea that I’d be doing a man, aaaargh, or that I could have my ass suddenly threatened… brrrr !), but I think it’s still worth sharing, and it might please a few of you, who knows :)
This was released by Saha and Viper-San, thanks a lot ! :)

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Shuffle hentai doujin [English] : Rose Pink, by Lunch Box

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

How should I say, it was average, but tolerable

The scenario is mostly empty (a young virgin female teachers gets to enjoy a horny student’s experienced cock), and the drawings have an amateurish feeling (I can’t really describe why, it’s just I feel they’re lacking the polish born from experience). And yet, I still felt this manga wasn’t too bad, after all, if you gave up on having exceptional drawings and a good scenario, there was a chance to find it usable :o
Basically, as always, it’s up to you at this point, I hope at least a few of you will love Rose Pink ! :)

Credits are for Blu Meino and Wrathkal, from Chocolate Scans and Little White Butterflies, thank you ! :)

Update : it appears this is a Shuffle doujin, featuring the female teacher Nadeshiko Benibara. I had no idea, thanks for the commenters !

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Ranma hentai doujin [English] : Inmu 1/3, by Celluloid Acme

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments
Good Ranma ? WTF ?!?

This, dear readers, might be the best Ranma 1/2 hentai doujin i’ve read to this day, and this is no surprise, since the artist drawing is Chiba Toshirou, also known as Celluloid Acme ! :D

It was translated by Saha and commissioned by JD1, thanks a lot !

Free suggestion, check RanmaBooks.com for Ranma stuff.

In short : Shampoo and Ranma Female ver. have sex with Ranma male ver. Don’t ask, it doesn’t make sense and it’s toying with the idea of dream and reality mixing with each other.
I have just one regret, Akane didn’t have sex, we only see her naked :twisted:

(Remember to view the updated list of Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

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Weird Ranma hentai pictures pack : Mother Like Daughter A Diary Of A Slut [English]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 14 comments
That was weird, but it's possible to use it to laugh ^^

I tell you, it’s best/safter to take this picture pack as a chance to have a laugh to try your memory :lol:

This is a pack of Ranma uncensored hentai pictures, with additional texts written below or under the pictures.

Some, if not all, of these pictures are photoshoppings mixing a picture drawn by another artist, and the face of a Ranma character. I recognized Tony’s touch, Satoshi Urushihara, I’m certain one of the pictures is by MMG (even if, weirdly, I didn’t find it in my recent MMG total pack – but I stand to what I wrote, this is 100% MMG style). Maybe something by O.Ri. And a dozen references on which I couldn’t put a name.
Let’s call it a game, if you recognize more artists, throw their names in a comment ? ^^

Frankly, this wasn’t super hot, but I found this alien thing funny in its own way, and if YOU dig it, well, good for you ! :lol: I must also make you a confession, I played the nazi and took it upon me to censor this pack, removing 3 or 4 pictures. They were about bestiality. Flame me if you like, that crap isn’t welcome on my blog, I can even tolerate a small dose of loli if it can’t be avoided, but shit, bestiality, fuck no.
I have absolutely no idea who created this pictures pack, sorry I cant’ give credits.

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