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Missionary Position [English], by Tuna Empire

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 18 comments

If there is ONE picture I must call "death-by-snu-snu.jpg" in my life, this is this one.

Haaa, AT LAST a share by Tuna Empire in which the story is perfectly easy to understand.

oh god why did read it

Allright. Fair. Serious. And MASSIVE warning : this is beyond fucked up.
More details below.

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares)

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Pure Days [English, 236 pictures, Fully UNCENSORED version based on TANK scans], by Makinosaka Shinichi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 12 comments


After various versions of this manga (gradually from magazine to tank scans, that even made me offer you a Hentai Game Of The 7 Differences between this picture and that other picture), at last, yesterday, a kind soul called Aphral posted on the internet his DECENSORED version of Pure Days, based on the tank scans ! KICKASS ! Thank you Aphral ! :kickass:

Pure Days is a fine, brilliant hentai manga, I am very fond of it, and I really hope lots of you will have a great time reading it :)

There are cheerful and energetic girls in love, their characters are usually “over the top” (leading to this epic quote : «Now scram, you pile of boobs !»), there’s a good sense of humor all along, an effort to create original storylines (sometimes, it’s still 250% cliché, though ^^).
Physically, the girls can be petite or tall and busty with wavy hair, or as tanned as if heaven had decided to open a branch on Earth. A peculiar note, the drawings are actually full of flaws when you really pay attention, but even those flaws make the drawings more arousing, the faces more attractive, the girls cuter, it’s good alchemy, I say :D The penises are another topic, they look like giant living organisms plugged to the males, they looked SO unreal :lol:

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Boy Meets Harem [English, 211 pictures], by Tachibana Omina

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 27 comments

If I could have made it suddenly *work* with women in real life, oh boy... :D
(When life gives you harem girls, make a hentaiburger.)

My heartfelt thanks go to Loplop, he is the one who contacted me with this tankoubon repack he had personally made, for you all to enjoy, great job man ! :D

More precisely, Loplop gathered the 4 long stories that make the complete Boy Meets Harem tank : Southern Harem, Mountain Snow Harem, Tropical Harem 1-2, and Deatte Harem. He then added the tank-specific images, and ran level corrections especially in Deatte Harem (I just added 1 thing, the credits pictures that were missing). And that makes the present share :)

As for the story… For no explainable reason (other than “Because hentai !” of course :razz: ), we’ve got a male hero who attracts women all around, and, bam!, harem sex. Needless to mention in details how good he is at sex or how inexhaustible his stamina and semen supply are. Be they modern dark-skinned amazonesses, office ladies, housewives, plane attendants, teachers or schoolgirls, no woman can resist the call to join a harem. Oh well :roll: :lol:

Save the last chapter, done by Biribiri and Afro Thunda, the rest of the manga has been translated by BlackRussian and LustyLady00, from The Lusty Lady Project. Thanks a lot for all the work :)

Do you want more harem? Check the list of Tachibana Omina’s shares! ^^

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