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Honmono No Yukue [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Saekano series, by Mukeikaku (circle Yumeya Honpo)

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Yeah, with only two pages in uniform, I chose that one for my big preview pic, in case you missed it ^^

I’m a bit lost with the Saekano series and its spin-offs, if you’ve read the novels and the mangas good for you, otherwise there’s wikipedia for everyone else ^^

In this doujinshi, Utaha, a brunette with a great body (large breasts, long legs, hourglass figure) goes to a massage salon managed by your typical hentai joe, and his skillful massages make her fall into a spiral of lust. Nothing unusual, right? ^^ Putting aside the netori note (she was in love), the drawings are fine, bearable censorship, nanobikini fetish (and not enough of it, schoolgirl uniform in the end), a flushed horny female face…

A very good fap’n’go volume, in short =) Thanks to Doujin-Moe! :jap:

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Classmate [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Saekano series, by Akame

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Technically, this is a Doujinshi (ever heard of Saekano?), but it could as well be called an artbook, it looks gorgeous and artful :)

The contents: girls from Saekano, looking beautiful, show their beautiful bodies and have sex. That’s all there is to it ^^
Graphically, I regret to say I lack the proper vocabulary to describe it, it feels like watercolor-painted, with soft, not hard lines, it’s really worth the look… Come on, try reading it, just for the eye candy ;)
And thanks to KFC Scanlations!

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Saenai Futari No Itashikata (“How A Boring Couple Makes Love”) [English], a Saekano hentai doujinshi, by Machida Cherry Boys

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This time, knowledge of Saekano would be a huge plus to understand what is going on, and really enjoy the story. I felt left out, with the impression I was missing most of the good vibes I could have gotten from reading it.
What we have, here, is a girl trying to make a boy detest her, but totally failing as their love cannot be stopped anymore and they have sex, with love, and a shining future with better resolutions, that kind of vague stuff. Well, that was already nice ^^

This is a Team Koinaka release, thanks a lot to Noraneko, Palaxius, Cadenza, HayateKBL and Freudia :)

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