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Gitei Otoshi – Trap – Younger Brother-In-Law Pack [140 Pictures, English] by Cannabis

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By DeltaOblivion on 9 comments
in Categories: English Translated, Incest

Free Image HostingHey Troops! Delta’s back with another Trap Pack. Honestly this one I forgot I even had it, so Kudos to sanzo1 for throwing ideas in my “Elf Brothel” Share. Here’s Cannabis Trap Qua-trilogy: Gitei Otoshi.

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Shibuya Rin SM [English], an Idolm@ster hentai doujinshi, by Kojima Saya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

The cake title is a lie. There is no sado-masochism (SM) in this Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls hentai doujinshi.
Must I add “I’m sorry” or “don’t fear“? ;)

What we have, instead, is simply Shibuya being in a hardcore relationship with her producer, she willingly made herself his thing, and he has been training her ass with dildos, also making her (gladly) keep a dildo inside her anus during rehearsals and public performances. Eventually, we watch them having sex, P-kun penetrating her vagina while keeping her backdoor busy with plastic things.
Happy sex, crude drawings, anal, it’s up to you to like it or not. And me ? Me gusta, great job, Na-Mi-Da! :D

(Look, for SM, you’d better check Sunstone, Nana To Kaoru and Escape Creator.)

And for more, don’t miss The list of Kojima Saya’s works on Hentairules!

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Midarana (“So Obscene”) [English], by Aino Chie

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 11 comments

I sincerely hope this kind of "super perverts" actually really exists, out there, in real life. Who knows ^^

Haaa, I like stories going the deliberately excessive route :twisted: Here comes a respectable-looking female student council president, overflowing with pride and self-confidence, who is a super pervert on the inside, walks commando with vibrators inside her and dreams of finding at last the man of her dreams who will treat her like she fantasizes about (basically: as a walking sex toy).
Under a strong comedy vibe, she finds, at last, the good boy who, although unimpressed and not very willing, was kind enough as to give her some dick ^^

So, OK, the drawings may be censored as fuck, but please, give that one a chance, it’s an amusing read, with a good-looking heroine ^_^
For this release, my thanks go to Kitsunetsuki, Palaxius, Cadenza, Ta-Aikah and Freudia, from Team Koinaka! :jap:

EDIT: in the comments, a cool dude called Hands Solo (I have no idea why the nickname!) mentioned this cool comic by the artist Nebezial (once again, no idea why ^^), that one could name “Run, Tony, Run!” ;)

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I’m Just A Little Perverted [English], by Rakko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Call a huge pussy, but the girl was SUCH a pervert I felt kinda pushed back O_o

Any hentai artist can take a cliché story, but only the really talented ones will bestow brilliance upon it and make it once again unique, original and worth reading :D
Here comes I’m Just A Little Perverted, a manga in which a boy dares confess to the school’s well-mannered idol, the confession is accepted… after which he finds what his new girlfriend considers to be first steps is, well, huhu, not what you’d expect from anyone that age :D Let us mention multiple piercings, multiple dildos, leater, a portable whip, and tales of hidden serial orgasms in class :kickass:

The sex inevitably following the confession is good and enthusiastic, hardly hindered by almost unnoticeable censorship. So, all good ? Yeah, unlike you’re a bit of a pussy like me, I felt put off, in imagination, at the idea of placing my weewee in, metaphorically speaking, a busy sex toys high-usage industrial motorway O_o
Still, I enjoyed the crazy comedy feeling (« – Miyamori-senpai!» « – No… Stop calling me that… Please… » « – So, uh… Madoka ? » « – No! Please just call me “cump dump!” » ^^;; )
Credits are for Desudesu and Abys, thank you! :)

For more goodness, please cf. the list of ALL Rakko’s works on Hentairules!

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Beropi (“Tongue Piercing”) [English], by Blmanian

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

And now I think I should have instead chosen a picture in which we see the girl's piercing... Oh well, that one was good =)

A delightful, agreable feeling of corruption comes from this manga, when you can’t even trust the angelic-looking role-model student, behind her calm composed face is hidden a lewd creature ready to take you into depravity… and you’re going to like it!!
… This is how I felt with the first pages of the manga :D Usually, that feels “bad”, but this time, nope, I was more than glad :twisted:

I must mention I’m not even high, this manga felt nice, that’s all ^^ The story, if you wonder: a perfect student reveals to a teacher she’s a bad girl with a tongue piercing… The art was quite good, with a stronger focus on oral than vaginal and censorship not getting too much in the way (except at the bottom of page 10, LOL!). All in all, it’s a worthy read, so thanks a lot to Desudesu and Abys, his commissioner! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the awesome Buruman (216 pictures, Uncensored), a pack of 3 works (Kan Ochi + Seishokusha No Sei + Takeshiryuu Shin Kenpou Gaiden Yurika Ikimasu 1-2), Fumi Fumi Fukujuu Meirei, Black Community Service, Sakura Motto H Mo Ganbaru, Sakura H Mo Ganbaru and Gyaru Katekyo Maji Mawaii.

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Poyo-Chichi [English, 194 pictures], by FCT

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

I was extremely lazy, I chose that picture only because it was natively decensored ^^

Kindly brought to us by Tadanohito (thank you! And the donators too, you rock!), here is a nice manga, full of happy carefree sex with mutual respect, liking or love (mostly with only friendly feelings), in which each chapter is a single story. Don’t waste time searching for strong emotions or worthy scenarios, it’s all about the happy sex ^^

Now, more importantly.
Tadanohito is retiring.
Yes. Soon, when his current projects are over.
I imagine a fairly high number of you guys already knew, but not everybody.
I’m saddened of course, but not entirely surprised, I feel it’s natural to want to move on in life and turn a new leaf, at some points, would you agree ? So ,I don’t want to pretend to cry loudly or anything. I was glad when Tada was around, and grateful for the amazing value he brought to us all, and yet I’ll be glad when he quits too, knowing that means he’s in control of his life and loving the turn he’s giving to it – what better thing to wish for him :) If you had contacts with him, or if you want to leave good grateful notes on his website, how about it, he deserves lots of love :)

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Ochinchin Busoku (“Not Enough Dick”) [English, 76 pictures], by Saiyazumi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

I would welcome many more works by this artist ^_^

That one seriously made me giggle, although I should give you a warning, it’s happy sex based on a mix of consensual relations and of female domination over a bound male.
The story… it’s a highschool in which the heroine (guess what, yeah, a disciplinary committee member) is burning to have sex, thinking of it all the time. At last, she meets a usable comrade. And in the second part, a female teacher with similar “preoccupations” joins to make it a threesome.

The story was original, and the good, generous art… AW YISS ! In 2015, reading something with so *little* censorship (only very thin and rare bars) is a great source of joy!! :twisted:
Credits are for Marien, Tenchi20, Josellillo and Hentaieyebr, thanks a lot ^^ The scanlation also had a “personal touch”, maybe sounding amateurish here and there, but making the thoughts of the characters much more convincing, much less fabricated…

–Update: good news, my share has become obsolete.
It’s now part of Mon-Oka, a 234 pages long manga :)

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