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Kaikan Horotopia [English], a Shaman King hentai doujinshi, by Shoco / Sco Labo

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

"that-weird-and-guilty-boner.jpg" -- Sometimes the names of my big preview pics are better that my description under them

Oh god lol, that brings back some of these old feelings I had in my first times with hentai, when I kept on thinking “this is really seriously weird, I shouldn’t feel aroused by this stuff, like, seriously not” :lol:

Let’s take the sinister Hao Len from Shaman King, let’s make him brew a potion to grow tall and muscular, and make the preparation fail, so that he becomes a petite woman. Let’s add a much-needed ellipsis (at least the time it takes to go buy a Chinese dress and a g-string… unless Hao Len always had them on hand to wear privately at home ? :D ), and start a sex scene between her(him) and Horohoro. This is it, this is weird, but I reckon this is well drawn and a Chinese dress, even on a genderbent character, is hot :D
Credits are for Neptise Scans, thank you :jap:

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