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Hotetta Karada O Hitorijime [English, 221 pictures], by Sabashi Renya

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Sigh. Actual scanlators might give up on the manga because of it :(

The same LOL LET US MERDUR ENGLIS LENGWEDGE kind of guys are back, once again with a tank by Sabashi Renya (╹◡╹

So, once again, HUGE WARNING: the English in this volume is DESPICABLE GARBAGE.
I highly doubt any of the BT&E “scanlators” speak English, and, naturally, while the logical solution would have been to ask help from a proofreader natively speaking English, they didn’t and are apparently going to rely on software programs.
There’s insider information in the comments of this post, if you’re curious.

Just as before, I’ll praise the drawing quality, praise the easygoing uncomplicated scenarii (two big arcs, a female teenager with a younger male teenager, from fuckbuddies to lovers, and two sisters lending each other their boyfriend), mention that, after all, we understand what’s going on at least… But I will strongly recommend you try reading the gallery first, before you consider downloading the manga’s zip archive to your disk. Chances are you’ll be so disgusted you’ll give up, and I will clearly not blame you.

By the same artist, I also share Tottemo Hot Na Chuushinbu (235 pictures), Koi No Tyunyu (231 pictures), Hajirai Body (230 pictures), Hokenshitsu No Sagara Sensei (203 pictures), Mitsudaku Kanojo (215 pictures), Momoiro Triangle 1-4 (107 pictures, new 2016 version), Yoi Shimai Series and Ano Toki No Kanojo.

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Ame No Hi Wa Nyotaika Shite Kimi O Matsu (“When It Rains, I Turn Into a Girl and Wait For You”) [English], by Labui

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The universal answer to "what would you do if you briefly changed sex"

A bit like the Ranma 1/2 main character, this share’s featuring a young man who, of course, when it starts raining, becomes a girl. Make it a violent downpour, he becomes a total babe, and with the lustful instincts as a bonus package.
One thing leading to another, I’ll spare you the details (as always: just read it :D ), good sex follows.

I always feel somehow puzzled and estranged with gender bender, but putting the sheer GB aspect asides, there was nothing problematic: good art (not awesome, but good enough), no complications and worries, nothing to regret, and promises for more good moments in the future, so, eh, all’s fine ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

By the same artist, I also share Junai Memory (194 pictures), Nyotaika Shite Hyoui Sarete Kokuhatsu Suru, Nana-san and Nyotaika Shite Bunny Girl Ni Naru.

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Succubus Company [English], by ShiBi

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Jebus hentai christ on a flaming bycicle, that was flaming hot

That should be weird and yet it’s commonplace in hentai: here is yet another succubus who is, at heart, a goofy candid pure girl :shock: :lol:
She’s worried because she hasn’t yet managed to wring out sperm out of humans, the tales of Man’s fearsome organ still shake her up… Which is problematic, it’s her job, it’s a company and all ^^ Fortunately, she finally she meets the right person for her: a feminine-looking young teenager, and then things finally work fine for them both, as she will find out, it was no biggie, and totally worth it =)

There was lots of talent in the drawings, fine paizuri, pretty decent vaginal sex, with only minimal censorship, I won’t complain ^_^
Enjoy! And many thanks to Gian-Carlo and the Patrons of No Hentai No Life! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Arashi No Naka De Kagayaite and Tomatta Mama No Shiawase Na Toki.

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Doutei Ochinchin Ni Katenakatta Kuro Gal (“The Black Gal Who Can’t Win Against The Virgin Dick”) [English], by Musenmai

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Gyarus are awesome, in hentai. IRL, in photos, they look... let's politely say... different.

From “how cute” to “desperately trying to hide he made me cum for the Nth time”. Just your typical gyaru X male teenager hentai story ^^

Here’s another instance of a perfect deflowering, a slightly slutty and very openly sexual female teenager deflowering one of her friends’ younger brother. She takes the lead, but in the end, it’s a balanced game, huhu.
I have greatly loved the drawing style, not original but well done and delivering what was promised, however will you manage to accept this huge amount of censorship, with so much white, that will be up to you!

Release credits are for Desudesu and Taco, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, Musenmai, circle Outou Chieri, I also share Aoi No Sukina OOOO and Abunai Tousou Geki.

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Junren Temptation [English, 197 pictures], by ShAKe

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Would you like an extension? Yes. And extra condoms too?

I’m glad I could read this freshly released complete tank, 197 pages 100% made of vanilla, isn’t it sweet ^___^

In terms of scenario, Junren Temptation is made of chapter-long unrelated stories (save two 2-chapters arc) with simple story canvases, just enough to set up the mood and possess enough information to recognize it’s vanilla between youngsters loving each other (vaginal sex only, no weird kinks here ^^). Simple, efficient, not a masterpiece but good enough.
In terms of art, well, it’s okay, let’s say ^^ The drawing style is a bit funky, showing the mangaka doesn’t have a ton of experience (a super simple example, look at the girl’s butt on page 10, see the idea? Looking good, but still a cute screwup), to put it in a word, it felt amateurish. Good, still, don’t misunderstand me ^^

Just see for yourselves, it’s a good read, in my eyes :)
We owe this release to Brandon, who generously commissioned for this Nekohime and Vilis, from Hennojin. Thank you very much! :jap:

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Yume Utsutsu (“While Dreaming”) [English], by Hitotsuba (circle Futabatei)

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I tried to pick a picture that would give you an idea of how much censorship to expect

Yesssss, a new succubus hentai story :twisted:
The male MC is a male Japanese teenager, and he’s been having those dreams, in which a babe with little wings and a tail has sex with him. A new private tutor arrives, unsurprisingly, it’s the girl. The rest of the manga toys with the idea the border between daytime “being teased” and dream-time full-sex is blurred, hard to tell when one ended and the other begun. I’m not going to feel sorry for the boy, that lucky bastard :D

The censorship could have been way worse, the drawings are full of enthusiasm and somehow remind me of the artist Hisasi, I’d say it’s good, go for it! ^_^
We owe this release to Skaar and Saft, many thanks!

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Nurete Torokete Majiwarite [English, 214 pictures], by Sagattoru

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Woot, short wavy hair!!

Here’s a nice surprise, out of a blue, a complete 214 pictures long full tank, nice! The scanlation was done by a kind soul nicknamed The_56th, thank you very much ^_^

The manga is made of relatively short single stories, with a few returning characters creating loose relations between some of the parts (not all), featuring a variety of situations, from 100% happy sex to various shades of domination over women including a few cases of blackmail and rape (ending with the girls loving it, “of course”, sigh). Among the most common fetishes will be group sex (Royal Koyanagi level), dark skin (plus, the mangaka sometimes draws the fair-skinned girls with tanned skin all of a sudden, it was weird O_o), urination, it’s mostly vaginal sex.

Graphically, I want to say it’s excellent and not too censored, however I’ll give a faint warning.
The pages are crammed with tons of action and dialogues, sometimes not in the “expected” locations, which made it very hard for me to keep track of the situations. It’s more hentai to watch, it’s more opportunities for a feeling of immersion, cool… But as a tradeoff, it’s asking of you, the reader, to give more time to each of the pages, it’s harder to “read” that manga, I feel.
That led me to a feeling of detachment, I frequently stopped trying to figure everything out, and just went with the flow, enjoying whatever action was drawn.

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