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Kouhai-chan Ni Eroi Koto Sareru Hon [English], by Rodiura

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Sliiiiide... and heaven opened.

A pettanko highschool girl decides it’s time to tease the sempai she likes. You wouldn’t imagine her petite body hides that amount of lust, and this devilish ability to tease her male partner, and reduce him to a passive role. Till the very end, even when – at last ! – the boy feels his inner beast awoken, she is in control, bestowing rapture upon her mesmerized male partner… that was a good job :shock:
Graphically, there’s huge black bar censorship, so I hope you’re really into mischievous eyes, braids, school uniform and petite bodies to partly make up for those black bars. As for the scenario, well… maybe you only like stories with the male in power, if so, move on ;)

Credits are for Crystalium and Izur, thank you ! :jap:

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Boku Wa Kanojo No Marmot (“I Am her Guinea Pig”) [English, 229 pictures], by Zucchini

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

Seriously ? Nylon, perfect breasts, and a great face ? YAY FOR HENTAI !

Allright, for today, a VERY pleasant complete tank, much better than the two mangas I shared yesterday ! :D
In the present share (save two chapters, pages 126-155 and 198-222, one fifth of the total, it still yielded one bonus picture), everything is coated in comedy and/or vanilla =)

We have original female characters (my favorite one was the crazy female scientist experiencing on her brother, every one of her inventions was excellent and lead to great sex ! Plus, she looked amazing, in “alpha as fuck” male mode, you’ll understand ^^) knowing what they want and making the first steps. On top of all, the art is top-notch, the girls are blessed with a thin waist, finely curved hips, large wonderfully shaped breasts… YUUUUM ! :twisted:

A clarification : you may think you’ve seen some of it in the past ? Yep. But then it was in much inferior quality, here these are tank scans, less censored, better printed, and this is a new translation, looking better and using better English ! (Just compare this and that…). Also, to be frank, even the best artists can screw up : Zucchini committed one, only one, anatomical atrocity ^^

For MOAR, I recommend you check the list of Zucchini’s works on HentaiRules :)

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Only You – Template And Chocolate [English], by Aoki Kanji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

don't worry, she gets the D just after this image

Awwwww, is that even allowed, to be so tsundere ? Let’s add twintails to make the picture even more perfect :D
I won’t enter into too many details, it’s best to preserve the freshness of this simple scenario based on happy sex with tsundere love =)

As for the drawings, they’re nice, the girl is a pure pettanko (as in : breasts ? Where ?), there’s only vaginal sex (but, hey, it was a first time) and the censorship, though relatively large, doesn’t hide much, so it’s cool as it is.
This has been released by Nandeyanen, Peppermint and Patamon, from Flatopia, thank you very much :)

(For MORE, please see the list of Aoki Kanji’s works on Hentairules :) )

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Sexy Stream [English], by Shimimaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments
If only virginities were so easy to bid goodbye to ^^

There’s a surprising and agreable mood in this one, Sexy Stream, the male and female protagonist are unusually open about their sexuality and the fact they enjoy solo sex, without blushing or anything like that.

And that leads to carefree first time happy sex, with, as added spice, the fact this is webcam-streamed live to a lucky online audience :)

The drawings are – honestly – average, the girl is a pettanko, fortunately the whole streaming idea added enough spice to make it, in my eyes, worth reading :) (And possibly worth doing whatever you wanna do in private, this isn’t my business, ew ;) )
Credits are for SDMC from SMDC Translations, thank you :)
By the same artist, I also share Junk Land chapter 2 and Receiving Guidance Counseling (I found out just now that the present share is Junk Land chapter 5) and the uncensored version of It’s For The Data, Okay.

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Touhou hentai doujin [English] : Kazehafuri, by Ark Emerald

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

pettanko, not loli, sorry to disappoint ;)

A pettanko female Touhou goddess (Suwako) has sex with a human male. Gee, I like it when I can summarize a scenario in 11 words.

Graphically, this isn’t loli (pettanko = “petite”), but if you dig big butts and older women, shoo, shooo ! ;) The censorship is bearable, several black lines but they are thin enough to not really hide anything. As for the sex, the woman is dominating, she’s extremely pleased with what she gets, there’s oral followed by vaginal in various standard positions, end of the story and don’t forget to wash yourself in the end :o
I toyed with the cover during two minutes, trying to make it look better. I’m proud to confess I royally failed, lol, I only successed with minor improvements :lol: Credits are for Cgrascal :)

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7th Dragon hentai doujin [English] : Flore Magique (“Magical Flora”), by Redrop

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
there are good things and bad things

I still share it because this is a new translated work by a GREAT artist, but, well, don’t get your hopes too high, OK ?

Two candid female characters from the Nintendo DS RPG 7th Dragon, aged 16 and 18, decide to make ingame money by selling their “spring”. Blah, blah, blah, sex, sex sex. Thanks to Conan :)

The scenario is weak as it is with practically all doujinshi (a “captive” audience is targeted, that’s enough for the sales, I guess), it’s the graphics that are lacking (intensity and details, mostly). I’ll let you decide by yourselves, after all :)

(Fore more ReDrop, Cf. the list of ALL his works on Hentairules!)
(If it’s your first time discovering Redrop, the rest of his works KICKS ASS !)

english hentai  english hentai english hentai

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