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Soul Eater hentai doujin [English] : Rabi2 3rd, by Rabbit Labryinth

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Liz ? Patty ? I can't tell

It would have been even better without the censorship, but still, it’s quite agreable to find a decently pleasant Soul Eater doujin :)

More precisely, Tsubaki is very well drawn, Liz and Patty and their male partner (Kid) are correctly drawn… but Black Star, ew, what happened to him, did a monkey curse his face ? Oh well, for fap’n’go materials, that’s more than I was expecting already :D

If you haven’t read Soul Eater yet, there’s a 101% probability you didn’t understand what I meant. Is there any chance I can convince you to try reading Soul Eater ? I honestly think it is worth reading, even if you don’t care about shonen battles, there are fine pieces of art here and there :)

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Soul Eater hentai doujin [English] : Tonpuson Shimai No Are , by Vista

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Double DP, yay !

<– Funny remark, don’t you have the impression the picture is taller than wide ? Ask your browser, my brain simply refuses facts :lol:

So, with many thanks to Rookie84, here’s a pleasant Soul Eater doujin, featuring happy scenario-free groupsex with lots of double penetrations :D

There’s one thing troubling me, who is this Hiro guy ? I’ve read every chapter there is of Soul Eater, but I don’t think I saw that character…

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